File Title
1 Tree-climbing geckos that use narrower perches have longer limbs than expected
2 Isotopic analyses link the lives of Late Neolithic individuals to burial location in Spain
3 Saber-toothed kittens may have been born with thicker bones than other contemporary cats
4 That cup of coffee may not relieve Parkinson's symptoms
5 Study shows minimally invasive valve replacements hold up well after five years
6 Arrowhead data reveal important considerations for future hepatitis B treatment
7 Early 'full-term' babies may have poorer respiratory fitness through adolescence and young adulthood
8 1 in 3 older adults take something to help them sleep but many don't talk to their doctors
9 Red blood cells for transfusion like a good red--a little older, a little better
10 Tree-dwelling, coconut-cracking giant rat discovered in Solomon Islands
11 Epigenetics of addiction: Epigenetic study untangles addiction and relapse in the brain
12 Songbird populations may indicate trouble in northwestern forests
13 A first look at geographic variation in Gentoo penguin calls
14 Brain disconnections may contribute to Parkinson's hallucinations
15 Researchers uncover our brain's filing system for storing experiences
16 US-Russia-China cooperation could hinder the proliferation of hypersonic missiles
17 Researchers have a new twist on asymmetric catalysis
18 Physicists achieve rapid magnetic switching with lasers
19 How to grow a spine
20 Committee aims to facilitate more expeditious design and conduct of nephrology clinical trials
21 Caribbean praying mantises have ancient African origin
22 Lost continent of Zealandia: Scientists return from expedition to sunken land
23 In plain sight
24 Portland State study links cancerous toxins to cannabis extract
25 Illinois researchers develop gene circuit design strategy to advance synthetic biology
26 New study funded points to unexpected benefits of rabies vaccination in dogs
27 Warming climate could increase bacterial impacts on Chesapeake Bay shellfish, recreation
28 Notre Dame cancer researchers publish new papers on ovarian cancer tumor growth
29 New study shows aggressive policing link to major crime
30 Genetic testing can help determine safest dose of blood thinner
31 Research led by PPPL provides reassurance that heat flux will be manageable in ITER
32 Scientists unlock mysteries of how Ebola uses people's immune defenses to cause infection
33 New system proposed for logging physician experience in robotic surgeries
34 Amount of water in stem cells can determine its fate as fat or bone
35 Antibiotics warranted for kids with minor staph infections
36 Some marine species more vulnerable to climate change than others
37 Gender, racial, and ethnic disparities persist in academic emergency medicine
38 The 3-D selfie has arrived
39 Drug combo gangs up to take on triple-negative breast cancer
40 A fresh set of eyes: Rotating plant inspectors reduces risk of medical device recalls
41 Warm Northwest waters draw spawning fish north
42 Fisheries sustainability linked to gender roles among traders
43 Injection alternative
44 Two Caribbean bird-catcher trees named after 2 women with overlooked botanical works
45 Biochemists discover mechanism that helps flu viruses evolve
46 Need for enhanced nursing and post-acute transitional care models for rising obesity levels
47 Does your back feel stiff? Well, it may not actually be stiff, UAlberta study finds
48 A record number of Americans viewed the 2017 solar eclipse
49 Applying research advances to improve cardiovascular health in women
50 Arthritis advocates urge Congress to take action to address drug costs, access issues
51 One in 5 teens report having had a concussion in their lifetime
52 Chronic wasting disease
53 'Hypermutators' drive pathogenic fungi to evolve more rapidly
54 Poll: Majority of Americans support legalization of sports betting
55 Caribbean spiders named for Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders David Bowie, and others
56 Doctors gain a greater understanding of skin cancer using tattoos
57 School, health and behavior suffer when children have TV, video games in bedroom
58 Nerves control the body's bacterial community
59 No evidence of hidden hearing loss from common recreational noise
60 Teachers report weaker relationships with students of color, children of immigrants
61 Preschool teachers need better training in science
62 The drying of peatlands is reducing bird diversity
63 Household chores: Women still do more
64 Russian scientist finds a new way to predict cancer development
65 Graphene forged into three-dimensional shapes
66 Older drivers adapt their thinking to improve road hazard detection
67 Novel route to polyamide 6: Catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane with ferrocene in ionic liquid medium
68 Agent Orange still linked to hormone imbalances in babies in Vietnam, study suggests
69 Interventions for reducing hepatitis C infection in people who inject drugs
70 Higher risk of heart failure in cold weather, study suggests
71 Understanding football violence could help the fight against terror
72 Artificial intelligence for obtaining chemical fingerprints
73 General practitioners' home visit habits determine where patients die
74 The connection between nitrogen utilization and groundwater quality is clear
75 How has society adapted to hurricanes? A look at New Orleans over 300 years
76 Even open-label placebos work--if they are explained
77 Scientists recalibrate the traditional Chinese Solar Terms with big meteorological data
78 Drought--a cause of riots
79 A little tension yields enormous solar crystals
80 Pigeons better at multitasking than humans
81 A new role for insulin as a vital factor in maintaining stem cells
82 Finland's wetlands are an internationally significant archaeological repository
83 A majority of medical professionals improperly share log-in credentials to EMRs
84 Quantum communications bend to our needs
85 Researchers identify possible biomarker for diagnosing CTE during life
86 Clinical trial reveals genetic fault that reduces the effectiveness of leukemia treatment
87 How forest fires spoil wine
88 ACA Medicaid expansion cut disparities in cancer care for minorities, poor
89 Weight loss for adults at any age leads to cost savings, study suggests
90 Restoring breathing capacity in Duchenne muscular dystrophy by activating the brain
91 Milk-alternative drinks do not replace the iodine in cows' milk
92 Opening up a new chapter for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's
93 Discovering potential therapeutic protein inhibitors for Chagas disease
94 New study analyzes causes of 2010 landslide in Saint-Jude, Quebec
95 Uninsured cancer patients saw increased coverage for care following Medicaid expansion
96 UA Cancer Center team identifies a switch that may help target dormant cancer cells
97 Serum Institute's vaccine demonstrates significant efficacy against severe rotavirus
98 New payment models for radiation therapy should consider impact of behavioral health costs
99 Percent of teens who report having had a concussion in their lifetime
100 Using genetics to guide warfarin dosing after hip, knee replacement
101 Genetic factors may explain most of risk for autism spectrum disorder
102 Large increase in rate of death from chronic respiratory diseases
103 Patients who get opioids in the ER are less likely to use them long-term
104 Noise pollution found to be disruptive for schooling fish
105 Larger-dose opioid prescriptions not coming from emergency departments, study shows
106 Post-heart attack: How can scar tissue be turned back into healthy heart muscle?
107 DNA-level biomarker can predict overall survival for rare brain tumors
108 Genetic testing helps set safe dose of common blood thinner
109 Umbilical cord stem cells show promise as heart failure treatment
110 Influence of C-section, formula feeding and antibiotics on infant gut microbiome
111 A beautiful wing design solution inspired by owl feathers
112 Discovery: Bernie Sanders spider
113 Predatory bacteria found in study of cystic fibrosis patients' lung microbiome
114 Energy harvested from evaporation could power much of US, says study
115 Researchers identify novel way to target Ebola
116 Postpartum depression risk, duration and recurrence