File Title
1 Researchers mimic two natural energy processes with a single catalyst
2 Training managers can improve workers' mental health
3 Ketone nutritional supplements: Good or bad for athletic performance?
4 Omega-6 fats may help prevent type 2 diabetes
5 Bycatch responsible for decline of New Zealand sea lion
6 A safe optical fiber for delivering light and drugs into the body
7 WSU researchers document one of planet's largest volcanic eruptions
8 New study mapping pandemic potential could help prevent future disease outbreaks
9 Aging slows perception of falls
10 Hispanic children and exposure to adverse experiences
11 'Resilience' to adversity determines if a child survives or thrives when bullied
12 What do Americans fear most? Chapman University releases 4th annual Survey of American Fears
13 Deciphering biological meaning from an atlas of gene expression across 42 tissue types
14 Mitochondrial DNA could predict risk for sudden cardiac death, heart disease
15 Two beaked whale species take very long, deep dives for their size
16 Experimental Ebola vaccines elicit year-long immune response
17 Esophageal cancer 'cell of origin' identified
18 Scientists develop tool which can predict coastal erosion and recovery in extreme storms
19 Cities taking narrow approach to start adapting to climate change see benefits
20 Ben-Gurion U. announces new School of Public Health and U. Michigan partnership
21 Study shows removing invasive plants can increase biodiversity in stream waters
22 Government apprenticeship schemes are 'fragile,' according to new research
23 A defense mechanism to kill intestinal worms
24 Discovery of peripheral neuropathy cause suggests potential preventive measures
25 New type of stem cell line produced offers expanded potential for research and treatments
26 Gel to fight rheumatoid arthritis
27 Ceramic pump moves molten metal at a record 1,400 degrees Celsius
28 Unraveling the genetics of disc disease in dogs
29 Allergy drug improves function in patients with chronic injury from multiple sclerosis
30 Grazing horses on better pastures
31 Frailty associated with increased risk of complications following common, outpatient operations
32 Research letter examines evolving standards of beauty
33 A specific protein regulates the burning of body fat to generate heat
34 Researchers identify gene to help hybrid wheat breeding
35 Injecting electrons jolts 2-D structure into new atomic pattern
36 New clues on the historical origin of the vaccine used to eradicate smallpox
37 Study: Risk factors on rise among people with stroke
38 Traumatic events take toll on the heart
39 Once a lesbian always a lesbian, right? Or not?
40 Scientists develop machine-learning method to predict the behavior of molecules
41 New conservation method empowers indigenous peoples
42 Herbivores help protect ecosystems from climate change
43 Tai chi holds promise as cardiac rehab exercise
44 A fashionable chemical and biological threat detector-on-a-ring
45 Better managing plastic waste in a handful of rivers could stem plastics in the ocean
46 How serious is postmenopausal bleeding?
47 Painful sex and bladder problems take toll on women's libido during menopause
48 Storage is renewable energy's greatest challenge--this low-cost sulfur battery may help
49 Gut fungi could play a role in obesity epidemic
50 We should start planning for large lithium-ion battery demand, say materials scientists
51 Pumas living near human development expend more energy
52 NIH completes atlas of human DNA differences that influence gene expression
53 Confusion about long-term treatment of osteoporosis clarified
54 Lack of CLOCK protein appears key in severe epilepsy forms
55 Move over e-cigarettes, meet heat-not-burn tobacco
56 Safety, not food, entices geese to cities
57 Grassland sparrows constantly searching for a nicer home
58 Mice delivered by C-section gain more weight than those delivered naturally
59 Despite effectiveness women remain skeptical of hormones at menopause--what's the problem?
60 Women can breathe sigh of relief when using vaginal estrogen to treat menopause symptoms
61 Phone calls work better to remind people about colon cancer screening
62 Transdermal estradiol shows promise in treating and preventing perimenopausal depression
63 Getting a good night's sleep and feeling better could be all in your head
64 Hormone therapy may benefit migraine sufferers without increased risk of heart disease
65 Misperception from WHI prevent women from benefitting from hormone therapy
66 Web-based treatments helping people with severe mental illness return to work
67 Drivers are less cautious at railway crossings
68 What is a safe following distance?
69 Solar flux: From bug to feature
70 Morphologies of porous MoS2 show good performance in hydrogenation of phenol
71 Research reveals how rabies can induce frenzied behavior
72 Lying in bed for the sake of science
73 New smell test could aid early detection of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
74 Hibernating ribosomes help bacteria survive
75 Homicide is the largest contributor to years of lost life among black Americans
76 Menopause triggers metabolic changes in brain that may promote Alzheimer's
77 Better mini brains could help scientists identify treatments for Zika-related brain damage
78 Concussion: How the NFL came to shape the issue that plagued it
79 Without a nudge, old prescribing habits die hard for clinicians
80 The right women for the job
81 New breast cancer drug defeats the Ras genes notorious for causing many types of cancer
82 New study is a step toward creating planes that travel at hypersonic speed
83 How the cone snail's deadly venom can help us build better medicines
84 Raging Bull: First study to find link between testosterone and stock market instability
85 The costs of transporting petroleum products by pipelines and rail
86 Kent State professor works with NASA Glenn & others to improve Lake Erie's water quality
87 Unexpected regulation of transcription factors critical to development
88 Bright light therapy at midday helped patients with bipolar depression
89 When the brain's wiring breaks
90 Study identifies whale blow microbiome
91 Army researchers point to early warning signs in military vehicle structural 'wellness'
92 Growing human brain cells in the lab
93 New Zika serotypes may emerge, researcher warns
94 Flexible sensors can detect movement in GI tract
95 Being unaware of memory loss predicts Alzheimer's disease, new CAMH study shows
96 Religious beliefs alone don't motivate people to political action, study finds
97 Army finds promise in tough manmade rubbers for future Soldier protection systems
98 Changes in perspective may affect how useful drones really are
99 Call to action on food justice and overcoming disparities in infant nutrition
100 Mum's immune response could trigger social deficits for kids with autism
101 New report offers framework for research on organ transplantation
102 Moffitt researchers discover new targets for approved cancer drug
103 Detecting mental health conditions in women veterans assists in identifying risk for CAD
104 Antibiotics before low-risk operations do not seem to breed postop antibiotic resistance
105 State laws requiring autism coverage by private insurers led to increases in autism care
106 BU: Stepped care beneficial after hurricanes
107 Breeding salt-tolerant plants
108 Study shows antibody-biogel partnership can be stronger defense than previously thought
109 Forget about it
110 Exposure to environmental chemicals is an important risk factor for breast cancer