File Title
1 Parkinson's disease involves degeneration of the olfactory system
2 Paper: Don't rely on mixed messages to change health behaviors
3 Immeasurable hardiness of character
4 Fever during labor may present risk to mother
5 New triage tool helps doctors save lives when resources are most limited
6 Tracking the body's mini-shuttles
7 Computer model showed an optimal anti-amyloid treatment
8 Study finds driving speed affected when a driver's mind 'wanders'
9 Small scale energy harvesters show large scale impact
10 Scientists create endocytosis on demand by 'hotwiring' cells
11 Abusive bosses experience short-lived benefits
12 Bursting with starbirth
13 Scientists from RUDN University have analyzed the chemical bonds that shape proteins
14 Delayed diagnosis, not gender, affects women's treatment for heart disease
15 Chimpanzees can learn how to use tools without observing others
16 Biodegradable microsensors for food monitoring
17 Women with suspected HPV adverse effects more often suffered from psychiatric disorders
18 How do zebrafish develop their stripes?
19 Did rapid sea-level rise drown fossil coral reefs around Hawaii?
20 Mapping the thylacine's mysterious loss from mainland
21 Medication that treats parasite infection also has anti-cancer effect
22 The 1-good-neighbor diagnosability of alternating group graph networks
23 Secrets from inside the womb that could provide clues to miscarriage
24 Study explores the biology of mending a broken heart
25 Achieving National HIV/AIDS Strategy targets would save lives, be cost effective
26 Researchers identify intriguing link between sleep, cognition and schizophrenia
27 New mechanism points the way to breaking ribosome antibiotic resistance
28 How tuberculosis hides in the body
29 Exploring an ancient event in pumpkin, gourd and melon evolution
30 Early babies face lifelong fitness risks
31 Researchers from KAIST and NTU Singapore unlock Parkinson's disease
32 Study confirms large earthquakes along Olympic Mountain faults
33 Study suggests an answer to young people's persistent sleep problems
34 University of Hawaii awarded nearly $6.3 million to develop trivalent Ebola vaccine
35 Strong family ties improve employment options for people with childhood-onset disabilities
36 Examining the lifestyles of microbes
37 New gravitational wave hits Earth--For the first time, 3 detectors zoom in on location
38 Mini-protein rapid design method opens way to create a new class of drugs
39 New class of molecules may protect brain from stroke, neurodegenerative diseases
40 Earliest evidence for a native African cultigen discovered in Eastern Sudan
41 Atomistic simulations go the distance on metal strength
42 Back from the brink
43 New test rapidly diagnoses Zika
44 New study released on nontraffic injuries and fatalities in young children
45 Band gaps, made to order
46 Mapping black hole collisions gives astronomers (and hitchhikers) a new guide
47 The hormone that could be making your dog aggressive
48 Study allows establishing a timeline of obesity
49 Opioid crisis in Staten Island affects all races and socioeconomic backgrounds
50 Study shows high cost of truckers not having enough places to park and rest
51 Working group urges better access to safe abortion, in developing world
52 Army refines recipe for quantum-enhanced technologies
53 Editing genes one by one throughout colorectal cancer cell genome uncovers new drug target
54 The volatile processes that shaped the Earth
55 A RAVAN in the sun
56 Increased arterial stiffness linked to restrictive spirometry pattern and reduced forced vital capacity
57 Ancient ink for cancer treatment
58 Study examines characteristics of mobile mammography patients
59 Iron supplements have long-term benefits for low birth-weight babies
60 The economic case for climate action in the United States
61 Penn Medicine develops model to predict ER visits in lung cancer patients
62 Olive mill wastewater transformed: From pollutant to bio-fertilizer, biofuel
63 Study reveals troubling disparities in prescribing opioids for patients with nonmalignant chronic pain
64 Scientists discover rogue messengers that hinder body's immune response to cancer
65 Unlocking the mysteries of memory--and potentially enhancing it
66 Citizen science can predict butterfly population trends
67 Academic performance shapes student social networks
68 Anxious moms may give clues about how anxiety develops
69 The benefits & dangers when genetic testing companies partner with orphan drug developers
70 People think harder and produce better political arguments when their views are challenged
71 The Cherenkov Telescope Array releases its updated science case
72 RUDN chemists propose new beneficial catalyst for initial materials in pharmacy
73 Two new crustacean species discovered on Galician seabed
74 Modeling brain connections to understand Parkinson's disease
75 RUDN chemists obtained new compound for molecular machines
76 On a collision course with game theory
77 Preservation of floodplains is flood protection
78 Brain cells that control appetite identified for first time
79 What happens when nerve cells stop working?
80 Plant substance inhibits cancer stem cells
81 Computer scientists address gap in messaging privacy
82 How old does your computer think you are?
83 Monetising time savings makes toll roads financially stack up
84 Purple plant is on the defensive
85 LIGO and Virgo observatories jointly detect black hole collision
86 Summer could be one long heatwave if planet hits 2 degrees C
87 Printed meds could reinvent pharmacies, drug research
88 Removing nitrate for healthier ecosystems
89 Case Western Reserve University researchers design soft, flexible origami-inspired robot
90 Unexpected discovery leads to new theory of liquid streaming
91 Research sheds new light on how Earth and Mars were created
92 No evidence to support claims that telephone consultations reduce GP workload or hospital referrals
93 Gravitational twists help theoretical physicists shed light on quantum complexity
94 Having an older sibling poses risk of serious flu for babies and toddlers
95 Black holes with ravenous appetites define Type I active galaxies
96 Cellular 'message in a bottle' may provide path to new way of treating disease
97 Pass the salt: Mapping the neurons that drive salt cravings
98 High rate of prescriptions for new cholesterol medications never filled
99 What is the optimal length of a prescription for an opioid pain medication after surgery?
100 Melanoma cells rewire to resist drug treatment, Penn-Wistar team finds
101 Defining optimal opioid pain medication prescription length following surgery
102 Health and social care changes 'paving way for fewer services' warn experts
103 Should we welcome plans to sell off wasted NHS land?
104 'Telephone first' approach is no panacea for reducing GP workload
105 Battling belly fat: Specialized immune cells impair metabolism in aging
106 Researchers uncover the source of diabetic pain
107 Expectant mother's elevated blood pressure raises child's risk of obesity
108 The strange structures of the Saturn nebula
109 Move towards 'holy grail' of computing by creation of brain-like photonic microchips
110 Interventions for alcohol and hypertension could save hundreds of lives across EU