File Title
1 Tool-wielding monkeys push local shellfish to edge of extinction
2 Sacrificial virgin spiders let their nieces eat them alive
3 Mexico hit by second huge quake caused by same tectonic strain
4 Kids everywhere have damaging gender stereotyping set by age 10
5 Our closest star system may be home to a stolen star and planet
6 Hundreds of UK women are seeking illegal abortions online
7 Infamous three-body problem has over a thousand new solutions
8 3D-printed alloys could lead to lighter planes that fly further
9 Old fathers pass on more mutations to kids than old mothers
10 Why has a UK team genetically edited human embryos?
11 Handheld scanner divines how nutritious your food really is
12 Robots can hitch-hike on sharks thanks to ultrastrong sucker
13 Dinosaurs that seemed veggie also ate the odd bit of shellfish
14 Lightning storms triggered by exhaust from cargo ships
15 Gravity may be created by strange flashes in the quantum realm
16 Even jellyfish get sluggish if they don't have enough sleep
17 Star nicknamed Kronos after eating its own planetary children
18 There is no way to spot big earthquakes ahead of time
19 Far-off galaxies are firing rare high-energy cosmic rays at us
20 Walking to work or doing the vacuuming can extend your life
21 Uber loses its licence to operate in London
22 New Zealand's iconic kiwi birds may be losing their sight
23 Plan to save Great Barrier Reef from encroaching farm pollution
24 OSIRIS-REx spacecraft zooms by Earth on its way to an asteroid
25 Two-color pixels let you draw pair of images in the same space
26 This AI reads the news to keep tabs on US police shootings
27 AI could put a stop to electricity theft and meter misreadings
28 Health body warns many UK areas have high Lyme disease risk
29 Huge space rocks could have helped start Earth's plate tectonics
30 Electric zap 'wakes' man after 15 years in a vegetative state
31 N/A
32 Meet the team who 'woke' a man from 15 years in vegetative state
33 It takes 30 seconds for your fingerprint to grip your smartphone
34 Kidney donors swap organs for transplant vouchers for loved ones
35 Super-Earths draw asteroids to other worlds, which may seed life
36 Alligators versus sharks: Who wins this ultimate showdown?
37 A cheap pollution sensor will keep you off the dirtiest roads
38 Genetically-modified wheat used to make coeliac-friendly bread
39 Energy from evaporating water could rival wind and solar
40 Amniotic Sac in a Dish: Stem Cells Form Structures that Could Aid Understanding of Infertility & More
41 New Battery Is Activated by Your Spit
42 Researchers 'Count Cars'--Literally--to Find a Better Way to Control Heavy Traffic
43 First Winged Mammals from the Jurassic Period Discovered
44 Crank the AC, Cut in-Car Pollution
45 Night Vision for Bird- & Bat-Friendly Offshore Wind Power
46 Now Showing: Researchers Create First 3D Movie of Virus in Action
47 New 3-D Simulations Show How Galactic Centers Cool Their Jets
48 Video: Dark Matter Hunt with LUX-ZEPLIN
49 MTSU Preps 150-Plus City, County Teachers for Solar Eclipse
50 Drug-Delivering Micromotors Treat Their First Bacterial Infection in the Stomach
51 Ocean Exploration Uncovers One of Cuba's Hidden Natural Treasures
52 Injured Bobcat Back Home in the Wild After Treatment at Cornel
53 Researchers Create Molecular Movie of Virus Preparing to Infect Healthy Cells
54 When Fish Swim in the Holodeck
55 New Funding for High Frequency Radar Sites at the Mouth of the Mississippi Will Help Make Gulf Safer
56 ShAPEing the Future of Magnesium Car Parts
57 Stretchable Biofuel Cells Extract Energy from Sweat to Power Wearable Devices
58 Johns Hopkins APis 'Dragonfly' Dual-Quadcopter Aims to Explore Titan, Saturn's Largest Moon
59 High-Resolution Modeling Assesses Impact of Cities on River Ecosystems
60 Scientists Develop Novel "Dot" System to Improve Cancer Detection
61 Big Bang--The Movie
62 Given the Choice, Zebrafish Willingly Dose Themselves with Opioids
63 VIDEO: "One Giant Leap" for Endangered White-Winged Ducklings
64 Video Shows Dramatic Dolphin Rescue by Bangladeshi Fishermen
65 Study Uses Robot to Probe Mystery of Prehistoric Sea Creature's Swimming Style
66 Artificial Intelligence Analyzes Gravitational Lenses 10 Million Times Faster
67 Columbia Engineers and Clinicians First to Build a Functional Vascularized Lung Scaffold
68 Nature Imagery Calms Prisoners
69 NSU's Guy Harvey Research Institute Tagged Tiger Shark Breaks Distance Record--And Is Still Going!
70 Getting Hook Bending Off the Hook
71 Artificial Intelligence Thinks like People with Autism; Being Used to Develop Educational Tools
72 A Touch of ERoS
73 Water and Air: Flying Fish UAAV Can Go Anywhere
74 Argonne Efforts Accelerate 3-D Printing Journey
75 New dental imaging method uses squid ink to fish for gum disease
76 Cotton Gin Trash Finding New Life for Electrical Power
77 The Turbulent Healing Powers of Plasma
78 Engineering Research Center Will Help Expand Use of Therapies Based on Living Cells
79 Pulsar Jackpot Reveals Globular Cluster's Inner Structure
80 Smart Label Spots Spoilage Before It Happens
81 Research Experts on Flood Impacts to Infrastructure, Contaminants, Flood Policies and FEMA
82 Expert: Rethinking Where and IF to Rebuild after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey
83 UW Team Shatters Long-Range Communication Barrier for Near Zero-Power Devices
84 People of Color Exposed to More Pollution from Cars, Trucks, Power Plants During 10-Year Period
85 Biologist Reaches into Electric Eel Tank, Comes Out with Equation to Measure Shocks
86 Northern New Mexico Forest Restoration Project Includes Wildlife Study
87 Skin Patch Dissolves "Love Handles" in Mice
88 DNA Triggers Shape-Shifting in Hydrogels, Opening a New Way to Make 'Soft Robots'
89 The Sublime Challenge of Jet Noise
90 One Step Closer to Lifelike Robots
91 Running Roaches, Flapping Moths Create a New Physics of Organisms
92 Nonlinear Physics Bridges Thoughts to Sounds in Birdsong
93 Leading Researchers Explore Boundaries of Biological Science at Inaugural Symposium of Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University
94 Comet or Asteroid? Hubble Discovers that a Unique Object is a Binary
95 Snails Bred in Lab Help Species Crawl Back from Brink of Extinction
96 Heart-on-a-Chip: Influence of Static and Perfusion on Cardiac Cells
97 SBP Scientist Receives $10.8 Million Grant to Advance Potential Drug for Substance Abuse
98 With Mock Space Capsule, Kansas State University Researchers Partner with NASA to Study Astronaut Fitness
99 Fisheries Sustainability Linked to Gender Roles Among Traders
100 Study shows impact of global warming on coffee production
101 Ancient tree exposes cause of hike in Arctic temperature
102 Scientists work to keep NASA's space telescope in the dark
103 Elephants alter their behavior to avoid poaching threat
104 Fox squirrels organize their nuts by quality, quantity and preference
105 Prehistoric crocodile species discovered in Texas
106 Wax could help roads de-ice themselves
107 Graphene makes spider silk even stronger
108 Scientists map water across moon's soil, a first
109 New Martian map: Gravity data suggests Red Planet has a porous crust
110 New 3D supernova model uncovers secrets of massive star deaths