File Title
1 New microscopy method for quick and reliable 3-D imaging of curvilinear nanostructures
2 Newly-discovered semiconductor dynamics may help improve energy efficiency
3 Protein 'rebar' could help make error-free nanostructures
4 Carbon nanotubes lower the transformation temperature of glassy carbon
5 Toward a smart graphene membrane to desalinate water
6 Fast heat flows in warm, dense aluminum
7 Honey: a cost-effective, non-toxic substitute for graphene manipulation
8 Assembly of nanoparticles proceeds like a zipper
9 A new way to enhance the capacity of memory devices
10 Straining the memory: Prototype strain engineered materials are the future of data storage
11 Getting to the heart of the matter: Nanogels for heart attack patients
12 Graphene and other carbon nanomaterials can replace scarce metals
13 Novel strategy for chirality controlled synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes
14 New quantum phenomena in graphene superlattices
15 The key to ultrathin high-efficiency sensors and solar cells could be materials covered with tiny trenches
16 Filtering molecules from the water or air with nanomembranes
17 Multifunctional nano-sized drug carriers based on reactive polypept(o)ides
18 Bringing atomic mapping to the mainstream
19 New technique lets doctors predict disease severity
20 Graphene based terahertz absorbers
21 Sensor awakens only in the presence of a signal of interest
22 A novel and practical fab-route for superomniphobic liquid-free surfaces
23 How diseases can be targeted using nanotechnology--and why it's difficult
24 Insoluble dietary fiber could help make antioxidant quercetin more soluble
25 N/A
26 N/A
27 We may finally understand why tropical plants have huge leaves
28 This is how some blind people are able to echolocate like bats
29 Pioneering gene therapy approved for leukaemia in the US
30 We still don't really know what CRISPR does to human embryos
31 We've just seen 15 new mysterious cosmic radio bursts from space
32 Bee larvae fed beebread have no chance of becoming queen
33 Fallen leaves could be turned into devices that store energy
34 Why the ostrich is the only living animal with four kneecaps
35 'Highwaymen' beetles rob ants of the food in their stomachs
36 It took these monkeys just 13 years to learn how to crack nuts
37 Seismic tests hint North Korea's nuke is its first hydrogen bomb
38 Controversial footprints suggest we evolved in Europe not Africa
39 'Impossible' star explosions made by gas and solar wind pile-up
40 Asteroid Florence buzzes Earth in closest fly-by since 1890
41 We ignore what doesn't fit with our biases--even if it costs us
42 Some of Uranus's small moons are doomed to collide
43 Why poor countries often stay poor--and how they can get rich
44 We may be able to use Zika virus to attack brain cancer cells
45 Computer knows how much pain you are in by studying your face
46 Alzheimer's and smoking genes suggest we're still evolving
47 Enter the world of virtual dating with pigeons and dream daddies
48 This qubit redesign may make it easier to make quantum computers
49 Want to make your vote really count? Stick a blockchain on it
50 Jupiter's powerful aurora is surprisingly different from Earth's
51 Cancer pen could tell surgeons where they should cut in seconds
52 Need a creativity boost? Try listening to happy background music
53 A type of sleep therapy reduces depression, anxiety and paranoia
54 Eight low-lying Pacific islands swallowed whole by rising seas
55 The sun just belched out the strongest solar flare in 12 years
56 Facebook AI learns human reactions after watching hours of Skype
57 No, your genes don't determine whether you love or hate Marmite
58 Baffling ABC maths proof now has impenetrable 300-page 'summary'
59 Siri and Alexa can be turned against you by ultrasound whispers
60 Weird fish fossil changes the story of how we moved onto land
61 Even a mask won't hide you from the latest face recognition tech
62 Bats crash into windows because of a glitch with their 'sonar'
63 Box jellyfish will destroy future oceans by gobbling up the food
64 Mexico on tsunami alert after biggest earthquake in 85 years
65 We seem to be getting stupider and population aging may be why
66 Equifax data breach hits nearly half of US--and isn't over yet
67 Gel-like ice is the lightest form of water ever discovered
68 Low-oxygen dwarf galaxy shows us how the early universe looked
69 Ankle fossil suggests our ancient ancestors leapt like acrobats
70 App creates augmented-reality tutorials from normal videos
71 Our sun probably didn't steal Planet Nine from outer space
72 Slingshot around Titan is the beginning of the end for Cassini
73 Thousands of new lifeforms discovered that redraw tree of life
74 Tiny worm burrows may reveal when first complex animals evolved
75 Rat brains seen replaying scary memories as they sleep
76 If NYC subways obeyed quantum maths trains wouldn't be delayed
77 Shoe sensor will protect your back from heavy lifting
78 Extreme wildfires in the US could lead to long-term lung damage
79 Meet the vampire ant from hell with huge jaws and a metal horn
80 Air pollution changes what bugs colonise our airways
81 Why the iPhone X's Face ID is a terrible way to secure your data
82 The hottest place ever recorded on Earth's surface was 2370íC
83 Cassini to live-stream its final moments in Saturn's atmosphere
84 Mysterious lights in the sky seen after Mexico's huge earthquake
85 Wolves and bears to be slaughtered in Romania once again
86 History of zero pushed back 500 years by ancient Indian text
87 AI spots Alzheimer's brain changes years before symptoms emerge
88 Christmas Island's only echolocating bat has gone extinct
89 It's too easy for bioterrorists to access dangerous research
90 Tears for Cassini: why it's OK to well up over a lump of metal
91 Cassini's 10 best pictures from its 13-year voyage around Saturn
92 Ultrafast lasers catch electrons relaxing after brief excitement
93 Robot made from a DNA strand could deliver cargo in your blood
94 Plastic cubes injected into the body could replace booster shots
95 Tumour bacteria sabotage chemotherapy by destroying cancer drugs
96 Third-hand smoke in furniture and clothes damages mouse organs
97 There are hardly any old fish left in the ocean--and that's bad
98 World hunger is on the rise again due to climate change and war
99 Facebook allowed adverts to be targeted at 'Jew haters'
100 Cassini takes last look at the ring patterns made by mini moons
101 Final pictures from Cassini as probe smashes into Saturn
102 Brown dwarfs have strong magnetic fields just like real stars
103 Watching Cassini's last moments from inside NASA mission control
104 The NHS is using a chatbot to do tedious corporate team-building
105 End-of-life chatbot can help you with difficult final decisions
106 Blind people repurpose the brain's visual areas for language
107 Mysterious flashing star seems destined for an explosive end
108 Sex and aggression linked in male mouse brains but not in female
109 Could we store carbon dioxide as liquid lakes under the sea?
110 Secrets of butterfly wing patterns revealed by gene hacking