File Title
1 Alien tech or dust? A strange star gets stranger
2 Astounding: the Moon once had an atmosphere
3 Genetic link to durian's stink
4 Strange paired asteroids behave like a comet
5 Schrodinger's fridge: physicists find the act of observation can make heat flow backwards
6 Volcanologists lose their lives in pursuit of knowledge
7 Scientists give psychedelic drugs to tiny brains in petri dishes
8 World's reptiles mapped for the first time
9 Cannabis and mental illness link to violence
10 What a lark: bird collections reflect air pollution
11 Confirmed: cosmic rays blast from supernovae
12 Physicists solve extreme electron puzzle
13 Australia's extinct giant chickens had relatives in Europe
14 Biotech solution to heart surgery for kids
15 Insects are getting faster at developing resistance to GM crops
16 Just 10 rivers may be to blame for millions of tons of ocean plastic
17 Study fails to discover why old women exist
18 Dolphins suffer in extreme weather
19 Cracking the mystery of human variation, at last
20 Smallpox vaccine mystery persists
21 No contact between Easter Island and South America, study finds
22 This honeycomb material could power a leap in quantum technology
23 Could eating enough dukkah defer diabetes?
24 Last common ape ancestor was much smaller than thought
25 Species may be saved by microwaving sperm
26 The science of bushranging
27 Analysis shows slow change in media ideas of beauty
28 Warm weather and wet snow may have doomed Scott of the Antarctic
29 Mediterranean tidal wave risk overstated
30 Gene therapy for blindness heading for approval
31 Queen ants bury their dead rivals
32 Shellfish pump out greenhouse gases
33 Young star provides a glimpse of how planets are made
34 Buddy, can you spare a bat tooth?
35 Cosmic fireball sheds light on source of gravitational waves
36 CSL hands over $2.5 million for research
37 No evidence popular pelvic exercise works
38 People should organise independent tests for medical marijuana, says UK doctor
39 New hope for leukaemia treatment
40 Volcanoes spurred the fall of ancient Egypt
41 Child-bearing women make riskier blood donors
42 Genes and teeth win the day at Prime Minister's Science Awards
43 The Prime Minister's Prizes for Science: The envelopes, please...
44 Live fast and die young: prey animals stay put as predators increase
45 Mining takes toll on Amazon
46 New evidence for the mysterious Planet Nine
47 Gender study withdrawn after boys and girls mixed up
48 World's greatest game-playing computer thrashed by its next-gen
49 Marine sponges' glass skeletons offer tips for future electronics
50 Sabre-toothed cats survived 200,000 years longer than thought
51 Great tits show natural selection at work
52 Millions of deaths linked to pollution
53 New quantum entanglement record but still no Schrodinger's cat
54 Opana ER Voluntarily Withdraws Painkiller Because of Drug Abuse
55 China Starts 200-Day Outer Space Isolation Experiment; Four Students Live Solely on Resources They Have on Moon or Mars
56 NASA Studies Fungi Composition Changes to Be Used to Explore Other Planets
57 Eating Raw Eggs Might Not Be Safe at All Times, FDA Warns
58 NASA Spots 75,000 Mile Wide Hole in the Sun that Could Knock Out Earth's Communications Satellites
59 Smartphone Lights Can Disrupt Functions of Brain & Body, One Study Claimed
60 Pluto's Largest Moon Had Globe-Spanning Ocean, New Research Suggests
61 People with Alzheimer's May Have Higher Levels of Bacteria in their Brains, New Study Claimed
62 Getting Good Sleep Can Prevent Alzheimer's Disease, New Studies Claim
63 NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Captures Tiny Moon Orbiting Mars
64 Combining Soda with Burger Can Make You Add More Pounds, New Study Suggests
65 FDA Proposes Nicotine Content at Lower Levels in Cigarettes
66 Study Reveals the Desired Amount of Calcium People Need & Where They Can Get It
67 FDA Approves Celgene & Agios Oral Treatment for Leukemia Patients
68 Hubble Spots Enormous Planet with Hot Glowing Atmosphere
69 US Sends Marines to Fight Against Islamic State in Raqqa, Syria
70 Scientists Decode Mysterious Aspects of Human Heartbeats
71 Scientists Have a New Explanation for How Life Could Have Evolved on Earth
72 Scientists Want to Build a Super-Fast, Self-Replicating Computer that "Grows as It Computes"
73 Next Xiaomi Phones to Include Samsung AMOLED Screens While Apple to Start Using OLED Displays Exclusively
74 Apple Is Already Developing iPhone 9; LG Tapped as the Exclusive Battery Supplier
75 The New Ford Mustang GT Will Hit 60 MPH Within Four Seconds
76 Trump Says Apple Commits to Building 3 Big Plants in US; Might Be a Big Investment for the Company if True
77 Neutron star collision heralds arrival of a new era of astronomy
78 As an asteroid approaches, NASA carries out a cosmic fire drill
79 Buzzworthy space rocks: Asteroid hunters prep for near miss
80 How a new era of astronomy will ride on gravitational waves
81 SpaceX designs smaller rocket in continued effort to put humans on Mars
82 Mars simulation ends after eight months of isolation
83 How the Cassini mission led a 'paradigm shift' in search for alien life
84 Ringing success: How Cassini brought Saturn's swirling mysteries into focus
85 Lightning injuries dwindle with more time spent indoors, safety education
86 Why are there still Nazis? These eight questions can help explain.
87 Hunt for other worlds: 3,500 exoplanets and counting
88 Robot communication: It's more than just talk
89 Beyond flattery: Why imitation could be humanity's most distinctive feature
90 Scientists say ravens display foresight, a trait thought unique to apes
91 Through citizen science projects, anyone can be a scientist
92 Newly discovered particle outshines protons, neutrons with double the charm
93 Possible evidence of Norse parliament site near Thurso
94 Ancient grain reveals the development of the earliest cities
95 Viking Fort Reveals Secrets of Danish King's Elaborate Military Network
96 11,500-year-old settlement unearthed in Hasankeyf
97 Meet the hominin species that gave us genital herpes
98 Crossing the Alps in the Neolithic age
99 Bones reveal social differences between the people buried in dolmens and those in caves
100 Gypsum head of King Akhenaten statue unearthed in Egypt's Minya
101 Egypt unearths 4,300-year-old Pharaonic obelisk in Giza
102 Ancient wall markings of wild animals uncovered in South Aswan
103 Antikythera shipwreck yields bronze arm--and hints at spectacular haul of statues
104 Archeologists discover Bronze era pottery in western Iran
105 How to feed an invading army thousands of miles from home
106 Mysterious Stone Tools Unearthed at Bronze-Age Site in Wales
107 Archaeologists Surprisingly Find Western Fortress Wall of Roman Colony Ratiaria in Northwest Bulgaria Has Survived Treasure Hunters' Bulldozers
108 Ancient humans left Africa to escape drying climate
109 Santa dead, archaeologists say
110 Incredible find of classical statues at Antikythera shipwreck in Greece