File Title
1 Chemists develop optical imaging tool to target cancer cells
2 Can nanotechnology heal scar tissue?
3 Researchers discuss the future impact of today's nanotech research
4 Morphologies of porous molybdenum disulfide prepared by researchers show good performance in hydrogenation of phenol
5 Researchers image perfectly smooth side-surfaces of 3-D silicon crystals with a scanning tunneling microscope
6 Nanoparticles that stick wounds together
7 New microcapsules to enhance the efficiency of genome-editing
8 Chemically stabilizing atomically flat materials improves their potential for commercial application
9 Imaging agents developed to better monitor growth of tumours
10 Confined within tiny carbon nanotubes, extremely cold water molecules line up in a highly ordered chain
11 Pressure between layers of stacked graphene oxide nanosheets increases with heat
12 'Egg-based electronics' offer surprisingly good electrical performance
13 Tracking the body's mini-shuttles
14 Ancient ink for cancer treatment
15 Faster imaging at the nano level
16 Engineers create atomically thin superlattice materials with precision
17 Graphene forged into three-dimensional shapes
18 NJ May Cap Pharma Gifts to Docs (The Record)
19 Device Supplies from Puerto Rico Under Threat (FDA)
20 Medical Marijuana Legal in Peru (Reuters)
21 Pharmacist Charged with Murder (Reuters)
22 Sugar Taxes Alone Won't Stop Obesity (Scientific American)
23 Preop Antibiotics Cut SSI Risk in Left-Colon Surgery
24 This Week in Zika: CDC Updates Guidance for Infants with Virus
25 'Find a Niche that You Love'
26 Vaping Elicits Immune Response in Lungs
27 All-Time High for Obesity; Aortic Stenosis AUC; Prognosticating Cardiac Arrest
28 EndoBreak: Artificial Pancreas Success; SSRIs and T2D Risk
29 'Nearly 42% of Users Are Satisfied with their EHR Systems'
30 Opioid Blocker as Good as Suboxone in First Head-to-Head Trial
31 Morning Break: Ebola Legacy; Death Thoughts; Obamacare Fix Gains Sponsors
32 N/A
33 9 Million Global Deaths Annually Attributed to Pollution
34 Thumbs Up to Latest CAR T-Cell Approval
35 Senate Hears Mixed Testimony on Corporate Wellness Programs
36 Fentanyl Dulls Brilinta Efficacy During PCI
37 In RA, COPD Admissions Rise
38 Hospital-Acquired AKI Costly for Healthcare Systems
39 All the Best Intentions on the ED Night Shift
40 Seeing the Patients Behind the Numbers
41 Nivolumab Versus Docetaxel in Previously Treated Patients with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
42 First Reported Response in CNS Lymphoma to CAR T-cell Therapy
43 Did Big Pharma Fund Iraqi Terrorists? (Washington Post)
44 CDC Updates Infant Zika Tx Guidance
45 Patients with Rheumatic Diseases Bail on Biosimilars
46 Opioid Not Best Migraine Choice
47 Lying Down Better for Delivery with Epidural in First-Time Moms
48 FDA Okays Another CAR T-Cell Therapy
49 Obese Kids with Asthma at Higher Risk for Hospital Readmission
50 Eyedrop Wastage High, and Companies Know It (NPR)
51 Trump Nixes Bipartisan Senate Deal (Washington Post)
52 Cancer Drug Prices Outpace Inflation (Reuters)
53 Do Obesity and Depression Have Immunometabolic Ties?
54 Reference: What Is Synesthesia?
55 A Soft Touch Can Soothe Hard Feelings of Rejection
56 Clumsy Dinosaur or Attack Survivor? Injuries Plagued Ancient Beast
57 Skilled Animal Fighters May Have an Edge in Brawls
58 Is Youth Football Past Its Prime?
59 In Photos: 8 Toys that Embrace Diversity
60 Cancer Linked to Breast Implants Is on the Rise
61 How Would We Talk to Aliens?
62 Statue of Egyptian Queen Unearthed Near Giza Pyramids
63 How the Plague Outbreak in Madagascar Got So Bad, So Fast
64 Did a Baby Really 'Kick Through' Her Mother's Uterus?
65 'Soonish' Predicts World-Changing Tech: Author Q&A
66 Reference: Nostradamus: Predictions of Things Past
67 Extremely Rare Case: Man's Artificial Hip Infected with 'Rabbit Fever'
68 VR Experience Takes You into Famed WWII Shipwreck
69 Walking, Even a Little, May Help Older Adults Live Longer
70 Your Dog Doesn't Want Just Your Food--He Wants Your Attention
71 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: It Helps Them Consolidate Memories
72 Say What? Computer Game Improves Hearing in Noisy Situations
73 The Best Coding Toys for Kids
74 How Blood-Bloated Mosquitoes Stealthily Avoid a Swat
75 California Bill: What Is Water Cremation?
76 Bacteria in Your Mouth Could Fuel Gut Diseases
77 Reference: Astral Projection: Just a Mind Trip
78 Reference: Almonds: Nutrition & Health Benefits
79 Snake Head Pops Out of Frog's Maw in Mesmerizing Photo
80 Baby Arachnophobia: Tots' Fear of Spiders and Snakes May Be Innate
81 This Week's Strangest Science News
82 Church that Worships AI God May Be the Way of the Future
83 54-Million-Year-Old Baby Sea Turtle Had Built-In Sunscreen
84 When Your Body Needs Nourishment, Your Brain Eats First
85 City-Size Lunar Lava Tube Could House Future Astronaut Residents
86 Woman's 'Missing' IUD Turns Up in Her Bladder
87 Sea Lilies on Twitter Are Mesmerizing...And Not What They Seem
88 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
89 Watch Acetone Vapor Melt a Calculator like a Salvador Dali Painting
90 European drug regulation at risk of stalling as agency prepares to leave London
91 Male scientists share more--but only with other men
92 FDA advisers back gene therapy for rare form of blindness
93 Global networks of small telescopes will chase companion signals of gravitational waves
94 Colliding stars spark rush to solve cosmic mysteries
95 Japanese research leaders warn about national science decline
96 Brazilian Amazon still plagued by illegal use of natural resources
97 Mysterious particles spotted in Saturn's atmosphere
98 Top Chinese university to consider social-media posts in researcher evaluations
99 Efforts to save leading Hungarian university hit hurdle
100 New definitions of scientific units are on the horizon
101 Epic star collision, asteroid fly-by and journal resignations
102 The shape of work to come
103 The future of work
104 Self-taught AI is best yet at strategy game Go
105 Sleeping sickness can now be cured with pills
106 The science of puppy dog eyes
107 Sabre-toothed cats prowled Europe 200,000 years after supposedly going extinct
108 Quantum machine goes in search of the Higgs boson
109 Jupiter's stormy winds churn deep into the planet
110 Photons pair up like superconducting electrons
111 Eye in the sky offers clearest vision of Earth
112 Blue is in the eye of the bee-holder
113 Science must examine the future of work
114 Give researchers a lifetime word limit
115 Lessons from history for the future of work
116 The Human Cell Atlas: from vision to reality
117 The second Renaissance