File Title
1 Lunar volcanoes and lava lakes gave the early moon an atmosphere
2 Seal pups get separated from their mums by icebreaker ships
3 Phone calls can be beamed right into your central nervous system
4 Light-filtering paint cools your home when exposed to hot sun
5 Anti-doping agency to ban all gene editing in sport from 2018
6 Nanoflares in the sun's plasma may cause its scalding atmosphere
7 Kuwait's plans for mandatory DNA database have been cancelled
8 Evolution's rules mean life on Earth isn't that varied after all
9 Cold climate may have driven ancient humans' move out of Africa
10 Father of 'nudge' psychology wins economics Nobel
11 Smartphone lets you see round corners by light flicker on floor
12 Half the universe's missing matter has just been finally found
13 Drone designers accidentally explain color of albatross wings
14 Female dolphins have weaponised their vaginas to fend off males
15 Giant black hole seen flickering on and off after galaxy snack
16 California's wildfires powered by perfect storm of fire hazards
17 A house has been bought on the blockchain for the first time
18 Google's new earbuds act as two-way translators in your ear
19 Most versatile stem cell ever may help us understand miscarriage
20 Distant dwarf planet near Pluto has a ring that no one expected
21 Caesarean sections cause obesity and microbiome changes in mice
22 Case Western Reserve University Researchers Design Soft, Flexible Origami-Inspired Robot
23 Turbocharging Engine Design
24 Sensible Driving Saves More Gas than Drivers Think
25 JHU Undergrads' 'Nasal Relief' is Finalist in Collegiate Inventors Competition
26 Helping Communities Weather the Storms
27 Cell Signals that Trigger Wound Healing Are Surprisingly Complex
28 Researchers Demonstrate Engineering Approach to Combine Drugs, Control Parasitic Worms
29 SLAC Invention Could Lead to Novel Terahertz Light Sources that Help Us See the World with Different Eyes
30 Columbia Engineers Invent Breakthrough Millimeter-Wave Circulator IC
31 Imaging a Killer
32 Prototype Shows How Tiny Photodetectors Can Double Their Efficiency
33 Size Doesn't Matter--At Least for Hammerheads and Swimming Performance
34 Timber Bridges Viable Option for Local Roads
35 Star Tortoise Makes Meteoric Comeback
36 What's in that Smoke?
37 Las Vegas Massacre Highlights Need for ER Plans and Drills
38 Eye on Repeal/Replace: Selling Insurance Across State Lines
39 Surgery Bests Transcatheter Repair for Paravalvular Leaks
40 Breakfast-Eaters Have Less Atherosclerosis
41 Food Safety Advocates: Don't Mess with USDA (Politico)
42 Cognitive Complaints Tied to Tau Buildup
43 MRI Shows Bone Repair in Treated Spine Disease
44 Exome Sequencing Improved Dx in Critically Ill Babies
45 Justice-Involved Youth Less Likely to Use Preventive Care
46 iMedicalApps: 'Smart Socket' Links Prosthetic Limbs and Smartphones
47 Posttransplant MCL: Is There a New Therapeutic Standard?
48 Docs Lose with Price's Exit from HHS, Experts Suggest
49 Swapping Smoking for Vaping Could Save Million of Lives
50 Pricey Branded Progestin Not a Better Product
51 Hepatitis A Outbreak to Greet IDWeek
52 Interventions More Likely to Follow CT Angio than Stress Tests
53 NeuroBreak: FDA Move Shakes Biogen Investors; OxyContin Copy Setback
54 The Weightless Word Challenge
55 Pelzman's Picks: Is Scientific Reporting Getting Worse?
56 Statin Users at Lower NOAC Bleeding Risk?
57 Supplemental Screening in Young Women Undergoing BCT
58 Long-Term Use of Long-Acting Insulin Analogs and Breast Cancer Incidence in Women with Type 2 Diabetes
59 Drilling Down on Generic vs. Brand Risk
60 After Harvey, Texas Hospitals Likely to Lose Money
61 Tool Assesses HF Mortality Risk in Emergency Department
62 Do Physicians Make Too Much Money?
63 CV Outcomes Trials for Diabetes Drugs Soon to Run Out
64 Calls Grow for CDC to Resume Gun Violence Research
65 CMS Puts Brakes on Part B Drug Payment Demo
66 Working Nights May Pose Special Risk for Abdominal Obesity
67 Back Squats Give Older Women Better Bone
68 Chicago Tribune, Post and Courier, and MedPage Today Win 2017 Barlett & Steele Awards
69 If Bedside Nursing Is Dead, Then What Is Nursing?
70 FDA Head Expresses Doubt About 'Right to Try'
71 Routine Screening for Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis: One Yea, One Nay
72 Return to Work After MI Doesn't Always Last
73 Vitamin D May Protect Against Asthma Exacerbations
74 Distances to Abortion Clinics Vary Greatly by State
75 Lower Cost HCV Drug Likely to Expand Early Treatment Access (Kaiser Health News)
76 Doc-to-Doc with Richard Baron, MD
77 CARS, BiTEs, and BiKEs: Immunotherapy for AML
78 Graft-Versus-Leukemia Effect of Allogeneic Stem-Cell Transplantation and Minimal Residual Disease in Patients with AML in First Complete Remission
79 High Blood Pressure in Early Midlife Associated with Later Dementia Risk
80 Conflict Resolution Program: 'Cause for Optimism'
81 Zika Vax Promising in Phase 1 Trial
82 Small Gene Therapy Trial Success for Rare Degenerative Brain Disease
83 Time to Change the Way We Price Drugs
84 iMedicalApps: Virtual Reality in the Delivery Room
85 Las Vegas ED Chief Recalls Sunday Night's Mass Shooting
86 Roller Coaster Ride for CHIP Extension
87 HAV Vaccinations Recommended for Homeless
88 COPD a Risk in Women with RA
89 No Direct Ties Between Thyroid Disorders and T2D
90 H7N9 Flu Changes Worry Experts
91 Inside a Massacre: What We Learn from Tragedy
92 OncoBreak: Patients Left Behind; Weak Drug Approval Basis; BRCA1 Unlocked
93 'Fungal Superbug' Raising Fears
94 CDC: Adequate Care Not Reaching All Kids with HIV
95 Kids' Experiment Shows Value of Washing Hands
96 Urate Lowering in Early Gout Found Beneficial
97 How Can We Avoid Drowning in Data?
98 Melanoma: Pretreatment Blood-based Biomarker Predicts Successful Treatment
99 Las Vegas ED Chief Recalls Sunday Night's Mass Shooting
100 Roller Coaster Ride for CHIP Extension
101 Morning Break: Jail Time for Vaccine Refusal; Cigna Nixes OxyContin; PCP Shortage in Buffalo
102 HAV Vaccinations Recommended for Homeless
103 COPD a Risk in Women with RA
104 No Direct Ties Between Thyroid Disorders and T2D
105 H7N9 Flu Changes Worry Experts
106 Inside a Massacre: What We Learn from Tragedy
107 OncoBreak: Patients Left Behind; Weak Drug Approval Basis; BRCA1 Unlocked
108 'Fungal Superbug' Raising Fears
109 CardioBrief: Some Doctors Reluctant to Deactivate LVADs
110 Malaria Drugs for CV Prevention; the Ross Long Term; Stent Retriever Use Rising