File Title
1 Bicycling 'overloads' movement networks with Parkinson's
2 Coming soon: Glaucoma self-care, from home?
3 Researchers describe mechanism that underlies age-associated bone loss
4 Exercise can make cells healthier, promoting longer life, study finds
5 Two Group A Streptococcus genes linked to 'flesh-eating' bacterial infections
6 New compound discovered in fight against inflammatory disease
7 Ecosystem approach makes urinary tract infection more treatable
8 Researchers develop treatment to reduce rate of cleft palate relapse complication
9 Alternative splicing, an important mechanism for cancer
10 Multi-gene test predicts Alzheimer's better than APOE E4 alone
11 Pancreatic islets study may spur diabetes treatment advances
12 Residents: Frontline defenders against antibiotic resistance?
13 Touching helps build the sexual brain
14 Breathing dirty air may harm kidneys, study finds
15 Study reveals an ancient Achilles heel in the human genome
16 Babies can learn that hard work pays off
17 Exosomes are the missing link to insulin resistance in diabetes
18 Gene immunotherapy protects against multiple sclerosis in mice
19 Neuron types in brain are defined by gene activity shaping their communication patterns
20 Highly precise wiring in the cerebral cortex
21 Excess dietary manganese promotes staph heart infection
22 'Labyrinth' chip could help monitor aggressive cancer stem cells
23 Your neurons register familiar faces, whether you notice them or not
24 Forgotten strands of DNA initiate the development of immune cells
25 Study links brain inflammation to suicidal thinking in depression
26 Individualized diets for irritable bowel syndrome better than placebo
27 Being active saves lives whether a gym workout, walking to work or washing the floor
28 Frequent blood donations safe for some, but not all
29 Superbug's spread to Vietnam threatens malaria control
30 Investigators may unlock mystery of how staph cells dodge the body's immune system
31 New technologies combined to identify specific DNA defect underlying a type of cancer
32 Recording bad dreams in rats
33 Bisphenol A exposure through the skin from store receipts takes longer to be excreted
34 New study suggests an unconventional way for memories to form
35 Mice found able to ward off fungal lung infections by causing fungus to kill itself
36 Sexual harassment by colleagues may be associated with more severe depression
37 New heat lab at UConn will test limits of athletes, soldiers
38 Psychologists help Mexico deal with double trauma of quake
39 Diabetes treatment failure may actually be nonadherence
40 Lady Gaga's fibromyalgia puts illness in the spotlight
41 Pulse ox plus auscultation reliable for congenital heart screening
42 APOE allele type tied to mortality risk
43 Laser tx aids genitourinary symptoms of menopause
44 Fasting blood glucose trajectory may predict future MI
45 Percutaneous sclerotherapy with bleomycin effective, tolerable
46 Serum cystatin C predicts mortality with cirrhotic ascites
47 Diabetes insipidus can occur after stopping vasopressin
48 When it comes to exercise, quality trumps quantity
49 Survey: 9 of 10 Americans take cancer prevention steps
50 Effect of osteoporotic fractures similar to diabetes burden
51 Nonadherence to statins plus ACEIs/ARBs risky post MI
52 Ancient textiles reveal differences in Mediterranean fabrics in the 1st millennium BC
53 Clues to ancient past--baby mummy, dinosaur skulls scanned
54 The math of doughnuts: 'Moonshine' sheds light on elliptic curves
55 Neanderthal boy's skull grew like a human child's: study
56 Early trilobites had stomachs, new fossil study finds
57 Ancient human DNA in sub-Saharan Africa lifts veil on prehistory
58 Big herbivorous dinosaurs ate crustaceans as a side dish
59 Study of fossil remains on Sumba island reveals unique creature history
60 3-D analysis of dog fossils sheds light on domestication debate
61 Mathematicians ask: What's in a ripple?
62 Solving the Easter Island population puzzle
63 Moods, but not depression, found contagious in adolescent social networks
64 Non-avian dinosaur found to have laid blue eggs
65 Political polarization? Don't blame the web, study says
66 Winner takes all: Success enhances taste for luxury goods, study suggests
67 Americans vastly overestimate progress toward racial economic equality
68 'My genes made me do it:' Behavioral genetic evidence in criminal court
69 Ancestor of sea reptile super-predators found in Germany
70 Research on big ears, crocodile gambling wins Ig Nobels
71 'Mysterious' ancient creature was definitely an animal, research confirms
72 Ancient amphibian had mouthful of teeth
73 Tomb of early classic Maya ruler found in Guatemala
74 Epic quest to document 'miracle' of Hebrew language
75 Researchers identify new species of prehistoric crocodile
76 430-million-year-old extinct echinoderm found in England
77 Shark fin bans might not help sharks, scientists say
78 It took 66 million years, but California gets state dinosaur
79 New quake shakes traumatized Mexico City
80 How aerial thermal imagery is revolutionizing archaeology
81 Classified US spy satellite launched from California
82 N/A
83 Archaeologists: More protections needed for Chaco region
84 Why do people in new democracies stop voting?
85 Are you happy you voted--or didn't?
86 Research reveals the hidden history of sociable reading in 18th century homes
87 Five ways ancient India changed the world--with maths
88 Smart staffers: Why educated areas are good for business
89 Do we read differently on paper than on a screen?
90 Nothing matters: how the invention of zero helped create modern mathematics
91 Emergency preparedness only for the privileged
92 Researchers investigate tech's effect on journalism
93 Study links juveniles' views of police with likelihood of aggressive behavior
94 Boys and girls in countries rich and poor enter teens with damaging gender stereotypes firmly set
95 How Teotihuacan's urban design was lost and found
96 Researcher explores learning habits of skateboarders
97 Life differences make women less risk tolerant when investing
98 Lumbering giants had agile ancestors
99 Shark fin bans might not help sharks, scientists say
100 Crowning the 'King of the Crops': Sequencing the white Guinea yam genome
101 Complete structure of mitochondrial respiratory supercomplex decoded
102 Stressed-out meerkats less likely to help group
103 The dentition of the wedgefish appears designed to crush shellfish, but it also eats stingrays
104 Why poison frogs don't poison themselves
105 Study provides insights into how algae siphon carbon dioxide from the air
106 Signs of sleep seen in jellyfish
107 Scientists reveal the beautiful simplicity underlying branching patterns in tissue
108 Scientists sequence asexual tiny worm--whose lineage stretches back 18 million years
109 Surprising discovery--how the African tsetse fly really drinks your blood
110 Changing of the guard--research sheds light on how plants breathe