File Title
1 US spacewalkers repair aging ISS robotic arm
2 DeepMind forms ethics unit for AI; Google unveils $49 mini assistant
3 Researchers design soft, flexible origami-inspired robot
4 Robot Spelunkers Go for a Dip
5 From self-folding robots to computer vision
6 Robot 'conductor' steals the show from Italy's top tenor
7 Orbital ATK Begins Assembly of Industry's First Commercial in-Space Satellite Servicing System
8 NASA awards SSL new funding for Dragonfly on-orbit assembly program
9 Chinese robotics artist makes real-life 'Transformers'
10 Voice assistants promise a light-fingered future
11 New robot rolls with the rules of pedestrian conduct
12 Illinois researchers develop origami-inspired robot
13 Engineer's model lays groundwork for machine-learning device
14 Northrop Grumman to demonstrate autonomous networked unmanned vehicles
15 SSL and NASA complete preliminary design review for on-orbit robotic servicing spacecraft
16 Why humans find faulty robots more likeable
17 Mishap doesn't dampen enthusiasm for security robots
18 Watch out Messi, here come the footballers at RoboCup
19 Somersaulting simulation for jumping bots
20 Australia's robo-footballers go for gold at world champs
21 A robot that grows
22 Rovers drive through Tenerife darkness
23 India's Infosys eyes artificial intelligence profits
24 Robots debate future of humans at Hong Kong tech show
25 Three European firms join in robot ship project
26 Government Agencies Turn to Private Sector for Help Adopting Intelligent Technologies
27 Pizza bytes! Pakistan enchanted by first robot waitresses
28 South Korea develops self-propelled howitzer
29 Snake robot could help maintain space station, explore moon
30 Learning with light: New system allows optical 'deep learning'
31 Facebook gives bots ability to negotiate, compromise
32 AI 'good for the world'...says ultra-lifelike robot
33 Meet the most nimble-fingered robot ever built
34 Apple 'HomePod' speaker to take on Amazon, Google
35 Tactile feedback adds 'muscle sense' to prosthetic hand
36 Google's AlphaGo retires on top after humbling world
37 Lockheed Martin exoskeleton helps soldiers carry heavy gear
38 3-D-printed, soft, four legged robot can walk on sand and stone
39 Virtual top hats allow swarming robots to fly in tight formation
40 GE Appliances to get Google voice control option
41 Monitoring microbes to keep Marsonauts healthy
42 Telemedicine via satellite improves care at astronaut landings
43 New synthetic molecule could trigger tissue regeneration
44 Vitamin super-cocktail to combat 60 days of lying in bed
45 NASA's one-year mission investigates how space affects astronauts' functional performance
46 Boeing-backed startup eyes hybrid electric plane in 2022
47 Germany, Norway join aerial tanker project
48 A beautiful wing design solution inspired by owl feathers
49 Airbus wins $4-bln order from Cathay Pacific
50 Navy chiefs see difficulties but improvement with aircraft readiness
51 Harris Corp. developing F-35 missile release system
52 Bahrain seeks new F-16Vs, upgrade of existing fighters
53 MD Helicopter contracted for 150 Cayuse Warriors for Afghan air force
54 Airbus Perlan Mission II Soars into History, Sets New World Record for Glider Altitude
55 Air Traffic "Win-Win" Wins NASA Software of the Year
56 France and Germany announce new joint fighter program
57 Honeywell, Pratt and Whitney contracted by Air Force for power system support
58 Global warming may limit airplane takeoffs in coming decades
59 Flying cars and no more pilots in flight revolution: Airbus
60 Rising temperatures spell plane take-off woes: study
61 Sikorsky receives CH-53D contract from Israel for parts, services
62 Boeing announces Rolls-Royce engine contract
63 Finland, U.S. amend F-18 maintenance contract
64 Northrup Grumman to upgrade F-16 radars
65 Boeing to supply trainers to U.S. Navy for P-8A Poseidon
66 China rolls out export trainer/fighter aircraft
67 Mitsubishi completes construction of first F-35A
68 Triumph Group selected for V-22 components
69 Britain's Royal Navy delivers Sea King helicopters to Pakistan
70 Boeing proposes E-8C JSTAR replacement
71 Marines test 3D-printed small drones
72 Driverless hover-taxi makes first 'concept' flight in Dubai
73 General Atomics wins $27 million contract for Grey Eagle drone support
74 Drones can almost see in the dark
75 Study weighs risks of human-drone impacts
76 China touts military drone helicopter at exhibition
77 X-37B Flies Again in First SpaceX Launch
78 Air Force preparing to launch fifth Orbital Test Vehicle mission
79 TED: Phones and drones transforming healthcare
80 Study finds drones accurate for relay of RFID signals for inventory control
81 MQ-9B drone flown through U.S. civilian airspace
82 DJI announces pending fix for drones following Army ban
83 Iran drone flies close to US carrier in Gulf: Pentagon
84 Raytheon receives $25.9 million contract for Global Hawk sensor upgrades
85 Mobile force protection aims to thwart adversaries' small UAVs and Drones
86 Northrop Grumman receives contract for MQ-4C Triton surveillance UAVs
87 The flying kettle
88 Special focus on formation control of unmanned systems
89 Singapore offers Manila drones, urban warfare training
90 Explotrain develops drone-simulated IED training system
91 New Reaper drone variant performs first combat mission
92 Smart Quadcopters Find their Way without Human Help or GPS
93 General Atomics finishes key cockpit review for drone program
94 Leonardo receives NATO surveillance system contract
95 US-led coalition downs Iran-made drone in Syria
96 Elbit Systems offer Airborne Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance Solution for HLS and Defense Needs
97 Drones could save lives with rapid heart attack response
98 Australia to acquire small unmanned aerial vehicles
99 Drone vs. truck deliveries: Which create less carbon pollution?
100 NASA Drone Traffic Management Tests Take Off in Reno
101 SkyGuardian drone tops 48 hours in air
102 Metal with Memory: Shaping the Future of Aviation
103 Lockheed Martin Completes First Flexible Solar Array for LM 2100 Satellite
104 SSL-Built Satellite for AsiaSaturday, Begins Post-Launch Maneuvers According to Plan
105 CONFERS to Establish "Rules of the Road" for On-Orbit Servicing of Satellites
106 Sputnik, the tiny sphere that launched the space race
107 Infostellar closes new funding for satellite antenna sharing platform with Airbus Ventures
108 Lockheed Martin integrates first modernized A2100 satellite
109 NASA Tests Autopilot Sensors During Simulations
110 NASA-Developed Technologies Showcased on Dellingr's Debut Flight