File Title
1 Atherosclerosis: Skipping breakfast may double risk
2 Monolaurin: Benefits, dosage, and side effects
3 How feeling full can make you want to eat more
4 Coping with panic disorder
5 Brain response to unfairness 'predicts depression'
6 Regular sauna use could slash men's hypertension risk
7 Hemifacial spasm: Symptoms, causes, and treatment
8 HPV and cancer: Key mechanism may suggest treatment
9 Parkinson's breakthrough: New disease-causing mechanism found
10 Why does psoriasis itch and how can I stop it?
11 How long does digestion take? Tips for better digestion
12 Is pneumonia contagious? Causes and transmission
13 Period bloating: Seven tips for relief
14 Natural protein may help to prevent blindness
15 How does oxytocin control the brain's social reward circuit?
16 'Dabbing' cannabis may release cancerous toxins
17 Hammer toe surgery: What to expect
18 Fibroids after menopause: What you need to know
19 Retrolisthesis: Types, causes, and symptoms
20 Head cold: Symptoms and home remedies
21 Birth control and yeast infections: What's the link?
22 Glioblastoma: A new treatment for this deadly brain tumor?
23 The a positive (and a negative) blood type diet
24 Psychopathy: Children at risk respond differently to laughter
25 How childhood trauma affects the brain
26 What is heat exhaustion? Symptoms and treatment
27 These neurons make us fall asleep when we are bored
28 How different are men's and women's brains?
29 The ins and outs of the vagina
30 Itchy gums: Causes, relief, and prevention
31 Sniffing out dementia with a simple smell test
32 Cumin: Six health benefits
33 Five home remedies for athlete's foot
34 Zinc may help to prevent, treat esophageal cancer
35 Infected eczema: Symptoms, treatment, and prevention
36 Meditation may help to lower heart disease risk
37 Pancreatic cancer could be treated with a Parkinson's drug
38 Melatonin and alcohol: Are they safe to mix?
39 Appetite-controlling brain cells could help us lose weight
40 Migraine with aura may raise stroke risk
41 The 10 best blogs for skin disorders
42 Vaginal gas: Common causes and prevention
43 Diabetes: Effective relief for nerve pain steps closer
44 N/A
45 Dry skin: Seven home remedies
46 What is the best time to take vitamins?
47 Diabetes drug cuts Parkinson's risk by 28 percent, study finds
48 Is turmeric good for your skin?
49 Can coffee help to treat Parkinson's? Not likely
50 Seven causes of a high PSA that are not cancer
51 Brain circuit that makes you crave salt identified
52 Asthma: Redefining this silent killer
53 Preterm adults have 'older' brains, finds study
54 Schizophrenia risk gene plays key role in early brain development
55 Ascending aortic aneurysm: Symptoms, causes, and treatments
56 How to get an Adonis belt
57 Hematopoiesis: All you need to know
58 Nipple discharge: Causes and treatments
59 Good moods may boost flu shot efficacy for seniors
60 Heart failure could be treated using umbilical cord stem cells
61 How to reduce brain inflammation with a keto diet
62 Coping with irritable bowel syndrome
63 Coffee could halve death risk for patients with HIV, hepatitis C
64 Eleven ways to help prevent kidney stones
65 Osteoporosis: Biology behind age-related bone loss revealed
66 Extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBL): Infection and treatment
67 Frequent ejaculation and prostate cancer: What's the link?
68 Carcinoma in situ: What is it and how is it treated?
69 Enzyme may prevent rebound after weight loss
70 Stopping aspirin treatment raises cardiovascular risk by over a third
71 Can HSV2 be transmitted through oral sex? What you need to know
72 Consciousness 'restored' using nerve stimulation
73 Scars: Are they preventable?
74 New cancer-causing syndrome uncovered
75 Antidepressants and weight gain: What's the connection?
76 How exercise rejuvenates cells, extending lifespan
77 Suprapubic catheters: Uses, care, and what to expect
78 Can you live without a pancreas? What you need to know
79 Marijuana and 'spice' could trigger seizures, study says
80 Fat necrosis: Causes and treatment
81 Too much manganese may lower children's IQ
82 Depression: Is brain inflammation tied to suicidal thoughts?
83 Heimlich maneuver (abdominal thrusts): How to do it
84 Onion juice for hair growth: Does it work?
85 Why is my nose red?
86 Caffeic acid: Uses, side effects, and foods
87 High fluoride levels in pregnancy may lower offspring IQ
88 Nine ways to raise blood pressure
89 Blocking the 'love hormone' may reduce social anxiety
90 OCD: Cognitive behavioral therapy improves brain connectivity
91 Can you increase your height as an adult?
92 How to tell if you've had a good night's sleep
93 Stage zero breast cancer: All you need to know
94 Dense breast tissue: All you need to know
95 How purple potatoes could prevent colon cancer
96 Coughing at night: Ten ways to relieve a nighttime cough
97 Chest pain and anxiety: What you need to know
98 Wide-faced people may have a higher sex drive
99 'Mood spreads from person to person via social contagion'
100 Arcus senilis: Causes, symptoms, and treatment
101 Alzheimer's disease: When does personality start to change?
102 Five hacks for a good work-life balance
103 Teenage concussion linked to later risk of MS
104 Long-term sexual satisfaction: What's the secret?
105 Pulsatile tinnitus: Causes, symptoms, and treatment
106 Letter from the Editor: Fall in love with your health
107 Just 30 minutes of activity on 5 days could save lives
108 Mouth breathing: Symptoms, complications, and treatment
109 Anemia rash: Symptoms, images, and treatment
110 Multiple sclerosis: Novel gene immunotherapy could prevent, reverse disease
111 Joint space narrowing: Treatment, causes, and more
112 Too much manganese may lead to fatal heart infection
113 Trimalleolar fracture: Recovery, surgery, and outlook