File Title
1 International competition benchmarks metagenomics software
2 Marmoset babies get a boost from attentive fathers
3 Understanding key enzyme's role in embryonic development
4 Genes that separate humans from fruit flies found
5 Sharks longer in the tooth than we thought
6 New study changes view on flying insects
7 Female macaque at Italian sanctuary ate her mummified dead baby
8 African penguins found to work together to corral fish for foraging
9 Researchers identify molecular motor that transforms chromosomes
10 A stinging report: Research shows climate change a major threat to bumble bees
11 New clues from brain structures of mantis shrimp
12 Hunt is over for one of the 'Top 50 Most-Wanted Fungi'
13 Mosquito gut bacteria may offer clues to malaria control
14 New study highlights the impacts of a global strategy to reduce antibiotic consumption in food animal production
15 How molecular scissors cut in the right place
16 Bed bugs are trying to get into your dirty laundry
17 New gene editor used to fix disease in embryos: study
18 Scientists create endocytosis on demand by 'hotwiring' cells
19 Chimpanzees can learn how to use tools without observing others
20 Exploring an ancient event in pumpkin, gourd and melon evolution
21 New approach to study of bird navigation leads to development of animal decision-making model
22 New Central Park fly species gets CCNY professor's moniker
23 Evolutionary crop research: Ego-plants give lower yield
24 Study highlights conservation needs of fish species recently discovered in Southwest Virginia
25 Researchers establish basis of development of vertebrate limb muscles in cartilaginous fishes
26 Nutrition that increases productivity in intensive livestock breeding
27 Update on endangered Philippine cycad species
28 US body clock geneticists take 2017 Nobel Medicine Prize
29 From feral camels to 'cocaine hippos,' large animals are rewilding the world
30 Bioprocessing engineers recover glucosinolate from oilseed meal
31 Europe to commit $1.18 billion to better protect marine life
32 Technology increases milk yields by 9 percent
33 Researchers obtain chicken embryo development data
34 Mitzi and the giant hairball
35 Many veterinarians aren't comfortable talking about fat cats
36 Released sea turtle carries oceanographer's ashes out to sea
37 Two items of music anthology now stored for eternity in DNA
38 How different ant species coexist in the same territory
39 The science behind why some people love animals and others couldn't care less
40 When HIV drugs don't cooperate
41 Large, crystalline lipid scaffolds bring new possibilities to protein, drug research
42 World's first demonstration of persistent luminescence from organic materials set to unlock new, expanded uses
43 Toxic genetic material's origins discovered
44 Researchers explore ways that a drug like Avandia can be made safer
45 Delignification of wood samples using p-toluenesulfonic acid as a recyclable hydrotrope
46 Electrically heated textiles now possible
47 Scientists develop broad-spectrum inhibitors of influenza virus
48 Speedy urine test for amphetamines sends results via app
49 Fluorine-containing molecules from cell cultures
50 Principles for computational design of binding antibodies
51 Breakthrough in rapid, mass screening for the Ebola virus
52 Mini-protein rapid design method opens way to create a new class of drugs
53 Creating longer-lasting fuel cells
54 Biochemists discover mechanism that helps flu viruses evolve
55 Researchers develop a way to better predict corrosion from crude oil
56 A solid pathway toward hydrogen storage
57 Scientists discover one of nature's tiniest switches
58 Engineered insulin that can be activated by high blood sugar could improve diabetics' quality of life
59 Streamlined process opens drug development to a new class of steroids
60 Filter may be a match for fracking water
61 A preparative-scale reaction using platinum clusters with a single-digit atomicity realized
62 Scientists show how to control catalyst that turns a greenhouse gas into a fuel or feedstock
63 Ultra-light aluminum: Chemists report breakthrough in material design
64 NIST's quick test may speed antibiotic treatment and combat drug resistance
65 What a rare blood disease can teach us about blood clotting
66 Llama-derived nanobodies as a new tool in solving crystal structure
67 New evidence submitted to Grenfell Tower Inquiry on cladding reactivity
68 How bacteria produce manganese oxide nanoparticles
69 Scientists have found a way to create drug molecules from carbon monoxide
70 Artificial cell design gets a boost with the launch of FABRICELL
71 New proton 'starter' for optogenetics
72 Ultra-fast and ultra-sensitive hydrogen sensor
73 New med-tech zinc sensor developed
74 A theoretical study explains the 'natural selection' of proteins
75 Borrowing from nature to tap the power of the sun
76 New complex reacting with nitrile--a key to enable down-regulation of cancer enzymes
77 Scientists analyze the chemical bonds that shape proteins
78 Nontoxic flame retardant enters market
79 New discovery helps authorities pinpoint origin of heroin
80 Chemists obtained new compound for molecular machines
81 Watertight capsules for target drug delivery
82 Chemists propose new beneficial catalyst for initial materials in pharmacy
83 Smash hit: Ping pong robot takes on Olympian at Tokyo tech fair
84 Sensible driving saves more gas than drivers think
85 Team builds flexible new platform for high-performance electronics
86 Printed meds could reinvent pharmacies, drug research
87 Amazon turns up the volume on rivals with Echo price cut (Update)
88 Researchers design soft, flexible origami-inspired robot
89 Computer scientists address gap in messaging privacy
90 Twitter aims to boost appeal with new 280-character tweet limit
91 Dyson to make electric cars by 2020
92 Self-driving cars could dramatically reduce the road toll
93 Google weaves touch controls into Levi Strauss jacket
94 Driverless hover-taxi makes first 'concept' flight in Dubai
95 Move over, Mario: Researchers use Wii games to help Parkinson's patients
96 Click beetles inspire design of self-righting robots
97 Engineers explore origami to create folding spacecraft
98 NASA tests first 3-D printed rocket engine part made with two different alloys
99 Twitter bots for good: Study reveals how information spreads on social media
100 New technique spots warning signs of extreme events
101 Biomass-produced electricity in the US possible, though expensive
102 Google buys HTC's Pixel team in $1.1 billion bet on devices
103 Nest Labs adds doorbell that can recognize familiar faces
104 Study suggests risks vary widely in drone-human impacts
105 Security cameras are vulnerable to attacks using infrared light: study
106 Review: Glitzy iPhone X aside, the iPhone 8 is fine for most
107 Soft robotics: self-contained soft actuator three times stronger than natural muscle, without the need of externals
108 Tesla reports record 3Q deliveries, but Model 3 lags
109 Equifax warned about vulnerability, didn't patch it: ex-CEO
110 Facebook beefing up team to thwart election manipulation