File Title
1 The GM-CSF Pathway: A New Target in RA?
2 Gov't Teams with Industry to Refine Digital Health Regulation (FDA)
3 Pelzman's Picks: When Kids Get Hold of Opioids
4 One-Fifth of U.S. Teens Has Concussion History
5 Wristbands Tracking Toxic Exposures After Harvey (
6 Death by Liposuction? (BBC News)
7 SNAP Tied to Lower Healthcare Costs
8 Reduced-Dose RT Controls HPV+ Oropharynx Cancer
9 NeuroBreak: Another Alzheimer's Flop; More CTE in the NFL
10 Anticipated Alzheimer's Add-On Goes Bust
11 Biotin Supplements May Interfere with Blood Tests
12 CardioBrief: Genotyping Reduces Adverse Events with Warfarin
13 Morning Break: Futile Healthcare Shopping; McCain's 'Poor Prognosis'; ACEP on Opioids
14 Debate, Drama, and Likely Death Knell for Graham-Cassidy
15 CBO: Graham-Cassidy Would Add 'Millions' to Uninsured Rolls
16 Local RT Triples PFS in Metastatic NSCLC
17 ABMS Commission to Rethink MOC
18 Virginia Governor: Don't Trust Congress on ACA Repeal
19 Tobacco smokers could gain 86 million years of life if they switch to vaping, study finds
20 Preventing autoimmune disease after a viral infection
21 Checkpoint blockade may be key for immunity to malaria
22 Researchers use CRISPR engineering to prevent certain glaucoma in mice
23 Time out: Dangers of disrupting your body clock
24 Stress diminishes our capacity to sense new dangers, psychology research finds
25 Breakthrough cancer treatment brings hope and challenges
26 Statin use appears to reduce risk of serious bacterial bloodstream infection
27 As retirement age creeps up, the health of those close to retirement is getting worse
28 Many hospitals still not using digital patient health information
29 After medical error, apology goes a long way
30 Biological clock discoveries by three Americans earn Nobel prize (Update)
31 Study finds that healthy bacteria in yogurt may reduce lupus symptoms in mice
32 Gene therapy shows promise for reversing blindness
33 Mini-kidneys grown in lab reveal renal disease secrets
34 New system finds and targets vulnerabilities in lung cancer cells
35 Unexpected findings uncover new understanding of gene expression
36 Skipping breakfast associated with hardening of the arteries
37 Study suggests women eating peanuts during breastfeeding could prevent child from developing allergy
38 New insights into how sleep helps the brain to reorganise itself
39 Simple strategy could lead to a 'universal' flu vaccine
40 Our muscles measure the time of day
41 Online game could boost family fitness
42 Transcranial direct current stimulation reduces fatigue associated with multiple sclerosis
43 Psychologists simplifying brain-imaging data analysis
44 Healthy lifestyle linked to lower pain in multiple sclerosis sufferers
45 GM soybean oil causes less obesity and insulin resistance but is harmful to liver function
46 By decoding how HPV causes cancer, researchers find a new potential treatment strategy
47 Scientists have found another reason for children to eat their green leafy vegetables
48 Feeling sated can become a cue to eat more
49 Delayed hospital discharges could be linked to rise in population deaths
50 Simple tool accurately predicts 30-day mortality for patients with acute heart failure in the ER
51 Reassuring kids after another senseless tragedy
52 Program reduces high ED use, increases primary care visits for most vulnerable patients
53 New survey finds 21 percent of Americans report personal experience with medical errors
54 Firearm-related injuries account for $2.8 billion on emergency room and inpatient charges each year
55 Millions of suburban residents in US lack health insurance
56 Hospital discharges for prescription opioids down, heroin discharges surge
57 Warnings on anesthesia before age 3--plastic surgeons get update on evidence
58 Plastic surgeons get tips on managing opioid addiction risk
59 Few South Africans receiving adequate diabetes care: study
60 Pre-packaged brand version of compounded medication to prevent preterm births costs 5,000 percent more
61 Azathioprine appears to improve disease course in early Crohn's
62 Hirsutism strongly predicts metabolic dysfunction in PCOS
63 State laws can promote hepatitis C virus screening
64 The 'myth' of language history: Languages do not share a single history
65 Meet the hominin species that gave us genital herpes
66 Bagels, pretzels, Boo! How to explain science Nobels
67 No. 2 if by sea: Outhouse tied to Paul Revere is excavated
68 Modern humans emerged more than 300,000 years ago, new study suggests
69 Isotopic analyses link the lives of Late Neolithic individuals to burial location in Spain
70 Saber-toothed kittens may have been born with thicker bones than other contemporary cats
71 How did dinosaurs evolve beaks and become birds? Scientists think they have the answer
72 Giant Australian marsupials were like no other
73 A beautiful wing design solution inspired by owl feathers
74 Study suggests proactive policing may do more harm than good
75 Age and content of textile fragment is in accordance with a medieval myth about Saint Francis of Assisi
76 Ancient textiles reveal differences in Mediterranean fabrics in the 1st millennium BC
77 Clues to ancient past--baby mummy, dinosaur skulls scanned
78 The math of doughnuts: 'Moonshine' sheds light on elliptic curves
79 Neanderthal boy's skull grew like a human child's: study
80 Early trilobites had stomachs, new fossil study finds
81 Ancient human DNA in sub-Saharan Africa lifts veil on prehistory
82 Big herbivorous dinosaurs ate crustaceans as a side dish
83 Study of fossil remains on Sumba island reveals unique creature history
84 3-D analysis of dog fossils sheds light on domestication debate
85 Mathematicians ask: What's in a ripple?
86 Solving the Easter Island population puzzle
87 Moods, but not depression, found contagious in adolescent social networks
88 Non-avian dinosaur found to have laid blue eggs
89 Study finds new program reduces absenteeism in primary schools
90 Public health factors may have affected 2016 US presidential election results
91 Balance forgiveness programs more effective at reducing credit card debt than lowering monthly minim
92 Could it be that religion is more like sex than school?
93 Hacking the human brain with social marketing
94 What happened to our promised leisure time? And will we find it in the smart city?
95 Psychology study finds liberty goes hand in hand with religion--including islam
96 Decoration or distraction--the aesthetics of classrooms matter, but learning matters more
97 A new era of dinosaurs
98 Esteem, money and mystery: Five things to know about the Nobels
99 Who's judging you based on brand choices?
100 Scandinavia's earliest farmers exchanged terminology with Indo-Europeans
101 There are only 15 possible pentagonal tiles, research proves
102 JCU team's winning basketball formula
103 Study challenges validity of the psychological "Grit Scale"
104 Opinion: Vikings were never the pure-bred master race white supremacists like to portray
105 Necessity is indeed mother of invention--regardless of resources, study shows
106 Should we worry that half of Americans trust their gut to tell them what's true?
107 9/11 tribute lights could be dangerous for birds, study says
108 Kinesins ignore weak forces as they carry heavy loads
109 Tropical diversity takes root in relationships between fungi and seeds
110 New insights into leading cause of miscarriage, birth defects discovered