File Title
1 WASP-121b--An Ultrahot Gas-Giant Exoplanet with a Stratosphere
2 New Research Shows Human Intestinal Bacteria Can Trigger Multiple Sclerosis
3 ESO Detects Titanium Oxide in Atmosphere of Exoplanet WASP-19b
4 Hubble Image of the Week--Spiral Galaxy NGC 6753
5 NASA's Cassini Completes Its Historic Exploration of Saturn
6 Engineers Develop a New Approach to Ultrafast Light Pulses
7 Cassini Spacecraft Bids Farewell to Saturn's Moon Iapetus
8 Herschel Space Telescope Helps Unlocked the Secrets of Star Formation
9 Astronomers Observe V745 Sco System, Generate New 3D Model
10 NASA Study Shows Wind and Warm Water Accelerating Glacier Melt
11 New Study Reveals Why Some People Develop Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
12 Scientists Demonstrate Efficient, Light-Powered Production of Fuel via Artificial Photosynthesis
13 International Space Station Image of Northern Lights Over Canada
14 New Microfluidic Device Uses Acoustics to Quickly Analyze Blood
15 Milky Way Might Not Be as "Typical" as Previously Thought
16 Hubble Telescope Discovers a Binary Main-Belt Comet
17 Fast Radio Bursts Should Occur Over the Entire Observable Universe
18 Defects in Metal Oxides May Be Key to Their Performance
19 Copper Nanoparticles Yield High Efficiency CO2-to-Fuels Conversion
20 New Flexible Cooling Device Could Provide Efficient Cooling for Mobile Electronics
21 JVLA Details the Structure of the Mini-Halo in the Perseus Cluster
22 Juno Spacecraft Image from Its Eighth Flyby of Jupiter
23 MIT Study Predicts Thresholds for a Sixth Mass Extinction
24 NASA Explains Space Radiation and Its Effects on the Human Body
25 Hubble Telescope Image of the Week--Galaxy ESO 376-16
26 Parker Solar Probe Will Fly Directly Through the Sun's Atmosphere
27 Cassini Views the Brightly Lit Limb of a Crescent Enceladus
28 New Simple Device Uses Sound Waves to Store Quantum Information
29 New ESO Image of Spiral Galaxy NGC 1964
30 Study Shows Parkinson's Disease Involves Degeneration of the Olfactory System
31 Astronomers Solve the Mystery of Pluto's Giant Blades of Ice
32 MUSE Views the Strange Structures of the Saturn Nebula
33 LIGO and Virgo Detect Gravitational Waves from Binary Black Hole Merger
34 Optical Forging of Graphene into Three-Dimensional Shapes
35 Scientists Untangle the Volatile Processes that Shaped Earth
36 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Celebrates 10 Years in Space
37 Why Older Adults Fail to Burn Stored Belly Fat
38 MIT Researchers Reveal a New Strategy for Halting Brain Tumors
39 Hubble Telescope Views the Farthest Active Inbound Comet Yet Seen, Comet K2
40 Harvard Study Provides New Insights on Dark Energy
41 Evidence of Significant Hydration Near the Martian Equator
42 Micrometeoroid Showers Make Big Impact on Mercury's Thin Atmosphere
43 Don't Blame ERs for Opioid Epidemic
44 In RA, Only Remission Staves Off Infection
45 Many RA Patients Do Not Get Timely DMARD Adjustment
46 Chickens a Sentinel Species for West Nile
47 Many Men with RA Not Served by Current Interventions
48 D.C. Week: HHS Secretary Resigns
49 'Bright Spots' Shed Light on Healthcare Savings
50 iMedicalApps: Which Pregnancy Apps to Recommend?
51 Price Resigns over Flightgate Scandal
52 Are You Ready for MACRA? Start Collecting Your Data Now
53 'Are You Nuts?' What We Heard this Week
54 Surgery, RT Similar for Control of Brain Metastases
55 This Week in Zika: 'Smoking Gun' Mutation for Microcephaly Found?
56 Does Patient Navigation Work in Lung Cancer Screening?
57 FDA OK's New Fast-Acting Mealtime Insulin (Novo Nordisk)
58 CardioBrief: FDA's Gottlieb Preparing to Lower the Bar to Approval
59 Antimalarials in RA: A Preventive CV Role?
60 By the Numbers: Average Debt Up in Every Specialty
61 EndoBreak: Weight Loss Brings Personal Cost Saving; France May Ban Glyphosate
62 Smoking Raises CV, Infection Risks in RA
63 Morning Break: Swearing Off Private Jets; DNA Editing; 'Whole Paycheck' Foods
64 With Healthcare, U.S. Is Unlike Other Countries
65 FDA Begins Enforcing New Policy in IR Opioids
66 Senate Democrats Question Shutdowns (The Hill)
67 Genetic Mutation Could Mean 60,000 Cancer Patients Eligible for PD-1 Therapy
68 More HCPs Get Flu Shot When Employer Requires It
69 Women Get CABG Less Often, but Gender Bias Isn't Reason
70 The Meaningful Use of Metrics
71 Medicaid Cuts Will Make Bad Nursing Homes Worse (Kaiser Health News)
72 Third CDK Blocker Approved for Breast Cancer
73 Cannabis-Based Fragile X Drug Succeeds in Mid-Stage Trial (Reuters)
74 Humira Biosimilar Kept at Bay (Endpoints News)
75 AHA: Meditation May Play a Role in Lowering CVD Risk
76 Cath Lab Recap: Balloon Catheter Recall; Oversizing DES in Small Vessels
77 First No-Fingerstick CGM OK'd by FDA
78 PET/CT Informs Prostate Cancer Salvage Therapy
79 Catheter-Based Biopsy Enables Heart Tumor Diagnosis
80 HbA1c Benefit with Ertugliflozin Triple-Agent Therapy
81 ICU Care Does Not Extend Survival Among Elderly
82 Abortion Practices Still Risky in Much of the World
83 ACA's Future Unclear After Graham-Cassidy Collapse
84 Physician Fee Schedule: Use It or Lose It?
85 Pelvic RT Tops Chemoradiation in High-Risk Endometrial Ca
86 'Early Term' Birth Tied to Later Respiratory Troubles
87 Ascorbate Depletion Allows Leukemogenic Clones to Thrive
88 Pharma Campaign $$$ Spike After Trump Attacks Drug Prices (Kaiser Health News)
89 A Third of Rural Hospitals May Be at Risk of Closing (Fierce Healthcare)
90 Serum Dipstick Test Detects Zika and Dengue (Science Translational Medicine)
91 Cancer Survivors Don't Get Adequate Primary Care
92 ME/CFS Research Gets $7 million Push (NIH)
93 Open Lung Ventilation May Worsen ARDS Mortality
94 Percutaneous Lead Extraction Carries Risks
95 Childhood Obesity Tied to Late-Pregnancy Hypertension
96 How to Improve Your Online Reviews
97 Do Hospitals Get Prestigious National Awards for Poor Nursing?
98 Sapien Durability 'Excellent' at 3 Years
99 Thyroid Ca: Initial Neck Dissection May Cut Recurrence Risk
100 Early Adopters of REBOA Prefer It to Emergency Thoracotomy
101 Thyroid Screening Advised for Some Kids with Alopecia Areata
102 Liquid Biopsy May Show Poor Prognosis in Early NSCLC
103 Morning Break: Targeted Drug Ads; New Liver Cancer Tx; Kid's Menu Challenge
104 Older Europeans Increasingly at Risk for HIV
105 County-Level Data on Chronic Lung Disease Deaths Show Wide Variation
106 Place More Value on Talking with Patients, Experts Say
107 How to Fix Medicine's Female Deficit
108 Study: Giving Oxygen No Help After Stroke
109 Pfizer Spin-off to Pull New Products from Drug Junkpile
110 Senate GOP Cancels Vote on ACA Repeal Bill