File Title
1 Medical scribes reduce hospital wait time, study shows
2 New portable blood analyzer could improve anemia detection worldwide
3 Oregon study finds that microbial dispersal impacts animal guts
4 IBD patients may stay healthier when doctors monitor medications before they lose efficacy
5 Online parent training helps young kids with ADHD
6 Durian industry could suffer without the endangered fruit bat
7 Mold contamination in sea salts could potentially spoil food
8 Morbidity and mortality of leprosy in the Middle Ages
9 How to regulate e-sports gambling debated in Gaming Law Review
10 High-deductible health care plans curb both cost and usage, including preventive care
11 Cooling treatment reduces epilepsy in children
12 Tiny poisonous Brazilian frogs are 'deaf' to their own call
13 New study: Sepsis care initiatives may lead to higher C. difficile infection rates, antibiotic resistance
14 Global research team fills language gap in plant science
15 Neuroscientists find 'gatekeeper' in itching sensations plays no role in pain transmission
16 NREL, Johns Hopkins develop method to quantify life cycle land use of natural gas
17 Large volcanic eruptions in Tropics can trigger El Nino events
18 Education faculty research suggests social action may give youth a career edge
19 Bones reveal social differences between the people buried in dolmens and those in caves
20 Protein identified that drives initiation and growth of aggressive form of leukemia
21 Heat-tempered magnesium alloy a strong choice for implants
22 Researchers identify free-flowing aerosol particles using holograms, lasers
23 Twitter a hotbed of anti-vaccine sentiment, study finds
24 New machine evaluates soybean at harvest for quality
25 Ninety-eight scientists launch a 2,000-year global temperature database
26 NIH researchers uncover drain pipes in our brains
27 Reducing bullying the Finnish way--in the United States
28 Tiny protein offers major insight into foot-and-mouth virus
29 Does the titanium dioxide in food and nanomaterials affect the gut microbiome?
30 Breaking the rules: Heavy chemical elements alter theory of quantum mechanics
31 Link between childhood in care and mums who have babies removed by the courts
32 Study identifies factors linked to dying comfortably for the very old
33 Studies of 'amorphous ice' reveal hidden order in glass
34 New efficient catalyst for key step in artificial photosynthesis
35 Patients' expectations influence the effectiveness of SSRI antidepressants
36 Finnish researchers discover what is on the menu for dragonflies
37 New targeted alpha therapy protocol for advanced prostate cancer
38 Breast cancer statistics, 2017
39 House sparrow decline linked to air pollution and poor diet
40 Gabapentin co-use may increase risk of fatal opioid overdose
41 Good vibrations for the future of computing
42 Red Sea gene pool follows water flow
43 Comparing different information levels (U. Saint-Mont)
44 A radical solution comes from mixing tools
45 Psychosocial factors, psychological disorders and violent crime
46 Ancient petrified salamander reveals its last meal
47 Bristol scientists pinpoint the singularity for quantum computers
48 Chemists teach computer program to model forces between atoms accurately
49 Astronomers reveal evidence of dynamical dark energy
50 To breed or not to breed? Migratory female butterflies face a monsoonal dilemma
51 Up to 50 percent fewer phytosanitary products required to treat vine diseases
52 Clumps as temporary storage
53 Observations of red aurora over 1770 Kyoto help diagnose extreme magnetic storm
54 Program for parents improves ADHD behaviors in young children
55 New report gives the lay of the land on grazing livestock's climate impact
56 'Ideal biomarker' detects Alzheimer's disease before the onset of symptoms
57 Pheasant roadkill peaks in autumn and late winter
58 Keeping moving--flat worms shed light on role of migrating stem cells in cancer
59 New method for tissue regeneration, inspired by nature, described by scientists
60 Vitamin D protects against severe asthma attacks
61 Cell signals that trigger wound healing are surprisingly complex
62 Livestock grazing harming giant panda habitat
63 Two agents deliver knockout punches to Ewing sarcoma
64 Prehistoric squid was last meal of newborn ichthyosaur 200 million years ago
65 Blood-thinning medications associated with increased risk of complications from having blood in urine
66 Use of non-vitamin K blood-thinners with certain medications associated with increased risk of major bleeding
67 Incidence of measles in the United States
68 Rare benign tumors hold the 'genetic recipe' to combat diabetes
69 New key regulator of acquisition of immune tolerance to tumor cells in cancer patients
70 Scientists think public opinion important before human gene editing
71 Adverse events spike after blood pressure meds go generic in Canada
72 Reduced exposure to bullying could reduce mental illness in extreme preemies
73 Computational study sheds doubt on latest theory of birds' mysterious magnetic compass
74 Fecal transplant success for diabetes might depend on the recipient's gut microbes
75 Scientists bring new insights into the heritability of HIV infection severity
76 One hour of exercise a week can prevent depression
77 Novel platform for investigating quiescence in dormancy-capable cancer cells
78 Random movements help color-detecting cells form the proper pattern
79 Non-invasive imaging predicts cancer malignancy
80 Genre may impact cognitive training using video games
81 An algorithm that explains how ants create and repair trail networks
82 Earth's tectonic plates are weaker than once thought
83 New method could help disrupt opioid crisis
84 Breakthrough cancer treatment brings hope and challenges
85 Study finds new program reduces absenteeism in primary schools
86 Statin use appears to reduce risk of serious bacterial bloodstream infection
87 New survey finds 21 percent of Americans report personal experience with medical errors
88 Kinesins ignore weak forces as they carry heavy loads
89 Genetic study investigates ways to increase productivity and tenderness of meat
90 Checkpoint blockade may be key for immunity to malaria
91 BU: Few South Africans receiving adequate diabetes care
92 New study highlights 'hidden figure' of sun-watchers
93 New Central Park fly species gets CCNY professor's moniker
94 Most Americans want the government to combat climate change, some willing to pay a high amount
95 Game time: To increase exercise, study shows gaming strategies and a buddy are key
96 When HIV drugs don't cooperate
97 Preventing autoimmune disease after a viral infection
98 What a rare blood disease can teach us about blood clotting
99 Balance forgiveness programs more effective at reducing credit card debt than lowering monthly minim
100 Program reduces high ED use, increases primary care visits for most vulnerable patients
101 Warnings on Anesthesia before age 3--plastic surgeons get update on evidence
102 University of Iowa researchers use CRISPR engineering to prevent certain glaucoma in mice
103 Plastic surgeons get tips on managing opioid addiction risk
104 Lower education and income linked to higher suicide risks for gay and bisexual men
105 New insights into leading cause of miscarriage, birth defects discovered
106 Fast-moving magnetic particles could enable new form of data storage
107 Virginia Tech study finds that healthy bacteria in yogurt may reduce lupus symptoms in mice
108 Evolutionary crop research: Ego-plants give lower yield
109 Study highlights conservation needs of fish species recently discovered in Southwest Virginia
110 How much is that call worth?