File Title
1 Climate change makes birds move, but biodiversity effects uncertain
2 Power supply for Jupiter's aurora puzzles scientists
3 The hidden social and environmental costs of sand mining
4 Why bats crash into buildings: echolocation can't 'see' glass and mirrors
5 Hidden life may thrive in caves beneath Antarctic glaciers
6 3D-printed rocket engine succeeds in first test fire
7 Super-Earths a juicy target for new space telescope
8 Gold nanoparticles turn mirrors into windows at the touch of a switch
9 Resilient bees brighten coffee's climate-change outlook
10 Poison fruit: toxic apricot kernels are no cure for cancer
11 Sitting down is deadly, study confirms
12 For robots, the future is modular
13 Skygazers prepare for OSIRIS-REx to swoop past Earth
14 Common cat-borne parasite implicated in epilepsy, cancers and brain diseases
15 A hot Jupiter with titanium skies
16 Improving the imperfect science of earthquake prediction
17 Shock news: electric eels leap to deliver maximum zaps
18 Scientists grow fluorescent and magnetic cotton
19 Tiny DNA robots can sort and carry molecular cargo
20 PNG kept genetic diversity after agriculture, unlike Europe
21 Dodgy diesel emissions kill 5000 a year in Europe
22 Some female spiders sacrifice themselves for the children of others
23 Photonic chips turn lightning into thunder
24 Rocks, not bacteria, triggered Earth's oxidation
25 Artificial muscle does the heavy lifting for soft robots
26 Concussion sets brain connections in a spin
27 Virus testing better than Pap test for cervical cancer screening
28 Nanotech skin patch turns white fat into energy-burning brown fat
29 The size of a duck's penis depends on the company it keeps
30 Understanding the Earth's core values
31 How polio can fight cancer
32 Carbon calculations say sixth mass extinction looms
33 Tougher, shinier mirrors boost telescope power
34 Even jellyfish need sleep
35 Flesh-eating disease breaks out in Australia
36 Photons and phonons combine for quantum solution
37 Fast-moving particles bombarding Earth come from distant galaxies
38 Neanderthal kids grew up differently
39 Kidney disease linked to air pollution
40 Vegetarian dinosaurs ate flesh
41 Why poisonous frogs don't croak
42 There's a sucker born every minute
43 Australia sprints into the space race
44 Did meteorites create the Earth's tectonic plates?
45 Quarter of cancer patients use marijuana
46 Australia gets new eyes in the sky
47 Dead mangroves shut down carbon cycle
48 Radiation modelling offers crop disease hope
49 Is evaporation the next great renewable?
50 Dark energy may not exist
51 How do you keep a space probe clean?
52 Giant coconut-eating tree-dwelling rat discovered
53 Neurologist reverses claims on coffee for Parkinson's
54 Climate, not dingoes, killed the thylacine on mainland Australia
55 Moonshine doughnut maths proves pariahs are real
56 Trio of gravitational wave detectors homes in on merging black holes
57 Pumpkins are more complex than you think
58 Robots use origami to change shape
59 With blood, fresh is not best
60 Babies with older siblings more likely to be hospitalised with the flu
61 Bones of Stone Age boy challenge single-origin theory of modern humans
62 Tropical forests no longer a carbon sink
63 Single mutation turned Zika from irritant to horror
64 The mathematics of disaster
65 Monarch butterflies' rapid population decline can lead to extinction in the coming decades, study says
66 Extreme Heatwave Named 'Lucifer' Cause Death, Billions of Crop Damages Rolling Down Southern & Eastern Europe
67 Deadly Wasp Attacks in Europe & Australia Allegedly Triggered by Climate Change
68 Loneliness: More Premature Deaths & Greater Health Risk than Obesity, Study Shows
69 Touch Device Heals Ailing Organs, 'Tissue Nano Transfection' also Cures Brain Injuries
70 Activation of Hair Follicles Stem Cell for Faster Regrowth: The Answer to Baldness & Alopecia
71 'Glasses': Apple's Latest Product, Digital Spectacles for Augmented Reality Combining the Physical & Digital World
72 Giant Planet Outside the Solar System Shows Stratospheric Evidence
73 Reducing Inflammation Without Affecting Lipid Levels Reduces Cardiovascular Disease
74 Scientists Provide a Theory on How the Universe Became Filled with Light
75 ALMA Discovers Hidden Reservoirs of Turbulent Gas in Distant Galaxies
76 Ultraviolet Light Could Be a Key for Life Elsewhere in the Universe
77 Study Shows Nucleolar Size Correlates with Health and Lifespan in Organisms
78 TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanets May Have Liquid Water on Their Surfaces
79 NASA's Van Allen Probes Celebrate Fifth Year in Space
80 Astronomers Map Atmospheric Motion in Red Supergiant Star Antares
81 ESA's Gaia Satellite Reveals the Rate of Stellar Encounters with the Sun
82 Engineered Bacteria Could Lead to Better Drugs
83 Cassini Spacecraft Monitors the Movement of Enceladus
84 New Research Will Test Our Understanding of How the Universe Works
85 'Primordial Black Holes' Might Explain How Gold, Platinum and Uranium Are Created
86 Scientists Reveal the Role of Gut Bacteria in Averting Type 1 Diabetes
87 Engineers Develop a Radical New Architecture for Quantum Computing
88 Boron Discovery Provides Clues to Whether Life Could Have Existed on Mars
89 Sugar Molecule Helps Fight Off Pathogenic Helicobacter Strains
90 Jupiter's Powerful Auroras Present a Challenging Mystery
91 New X-Ray Study Provides Critical Clues About Star System Habitability
92 Astronomers Give Pluto's Planetary Features First Official Names
93 Astronomers Model Extreme Jet Ejections from Black Hole X-Ray Binary V404 Cygni
94 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Influences Future Exploration
95 New Research Shows Antibiotics Work Differently than Thought
96 Cassini Spacecraft Reveals a Wave Structure in Saturn's Rings
97 Hubble Space Telescope Views Starbursts in NGC 5398
98 Images from Cassini's Last Enceladus Plume Observation
99 Cassini Spacecraft Captures One of Its Last Views of Saturn
100 Researchers Reveal a New Way to Enhance or Reduce the Adhesion of Freezing Droplets
101 Scientists Develop a New Class of Small Molecules to Fight Fungi
102 New General-Purpose Technique Sheds Light on Inner Workings of Neural Nets
103 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Views Dreamy Swirls on Saturn
104 How Does Binary Star System AR Scorpii Emit Energy
105 MIT Engineers Design "Peel-and-Go" Printable Structures That Fold Themselves
106 'Cellular Time Machine' Slows Aging, Extends Lifespan
107 Hubble Telescope Views Blistering Pitch-Black Planet WASP-12b
108 New Gravity Map of Mars Suggests the Planet Has a Porous Crust
109 Yale Study Identifies Apelin as a Therapeutic Target for Diabetes
110 Bacterial Populations in Mother's GI Tract May Play a Central Role in Autism