File Title
1 DNA vs. the Bible: Israelites did not wipe out the Canaanites
2 Slug mucus may give surgical stitches the snip
3 Revealed: the giant lava blob that created Iceland
4 Tardigrade genetic secrets unveiled
5 Light-powered process could convert carbon dioxide into fuel
6 The inner life of a dividing human cell
7 Saturn's moon Titan holds molecule that could build cell membranes
8 Finally, a scientific test can prove chronic fatigue syndrome
9 Antisocial bees point to autism's ancient genetic origins
10 The invisible bird: what makes the nightjar a camouflage champion
11 Transient gene therapy may help youngsters with a premature aging syndrome
12 Data mining: How digging through big data can turn up new mineral deposits
13 Skinny legs and BMI: Lack of leg fat a sign of unhealthy metabolism
14 The Goldilocks zone for life may be rarer than we thought
15 Error-free editing of human embryos achieved by US researchers
16 Fantastic voyage: Spiders might have rafted across the Indian Ocean
17 Statins reduce chance of second stroke by 30%: study
18 It's the humidity: killer heat waves projected for much of south Asia
19 Eating less may help you learn (if you're a roundworm)
20 Blueberries and black tea can help your gut bacteria fight the flu
21 Dinosaur 'tank' still depended on camouflage for protection
22 Stratosphere detected on distant exoplanet
23 Lizard saliva an unlikely boon to Parkinson's patients
24 'Loneliness epidemic' set to become a public health crisis
25 TB drug discovery paves way to pharmaceutical superhighway
26 The cancer genes that disarm the immune system
27 Nano-chip promises to heal organs at a touch
28 Neanderthals and Denisovans find their place in human family tree
29 Brain scans reveal differences in people with genetic autism
30 Social media paints a picture of emotional blues
31 Happy feat: penguin forensics prove less burdensome
32 Fossils rewrite story of human settlement in southeast Asia
33 Jurassic's earliest gliding mammals undermine dinosaurs' reign
34 Fashion-conscious lizards show animal color bias
35 Primordial black holes may create gold and other heavy elements
36 How thick is a continent? Seismic waves and diamonds hold clues
37 Bendy, non-toxic batteries could improve biological implants
38 Pig-to-human organ transplants closer, thanks to gene editing
39 Squid eyes reveal molecular secrets for smart lenses
40 Imagining actions: a scientific hack for failing memories
41 Goldfish use alcohol to survive harsh winters
42 Going to trial: anti-aging pills
43 New tests find tell-tale signs of cancer in the blood
44 How the myxoma virus evolved new weapons against rabbits
45 Study dates origin of plant photosynthesis to 2.1 billion years ago
46 Green power now comes in green (and maybe other colours)
47 Jury still out on medical marijuana for chronic pain and PTSD
48 Roman conquest of Spain written in chemistry of ancient coins
49 Adult brain's fear HQ can grow new cells
50 Puzzling 'missing link' dinosaur was early plant eater
51 How snowball Earth gave rise to complex life
52 New drug target raises hopes for Alzheimer's and ALS treatment
53 A robot can be soft but great in a knife fight
54 Lyme disease test distinguishes ticks from crossed wires
55 Three-way reactions open new chemical frontiers
56 Chronic itching could be scratched within the brain
57 How the tomato became a heavyweight mutant
58 Astronomers track clouds on failed stars
59 Mussel-inspired glue promises safer foetal surgery
60 Silver nanowire and hydrogel make high-tech winter gloves
61 Killer robot threat must be faced, say experts
62 A body-wide map of gene switches active in different cells
63 The elements of art: high-tech scan reveals secrets of an ancient painting
64 It snows on Mars at night
65 Scientists recreate 'diamond rain' of Uranus and Neptune in lab
66 15-million-year-old baby whale fossil reveals ancient breeding grounds
67 Solar-powered cyborg bacteria turn sunlight into useful chemicals
68 Mid-afternoon slump affects brain's reward system
69 Shedding old cells rejuvenates the brittle bones of aging mice
70 Meet the world's biggest nano-vehicle
71 Toxic groundwater threatens 60 million in Pakistan
72 Worldwide 100% renewable energy possible by 2050, claims detailed new plan
73 High dose vitamin B supplements linked to lung cancer in smokers
74 Gravitational waves shine a light on colliding black holes
75 Hunter-gatherer gut bacteria may hold secret of a healthier diet
76 Stretchy nanotube yarn could power wearable tech
77 The more people know about climate change and evolution, the more they disagree
78 Lifestyles of the dodos uncovered
79 A battle of good versus weevil
80 Flu vaccine effectiveness depends on your genes
81 5 billion-year-old galaxy prompts cosmic magnetism rethink
82 Immune cells may prevent stem cell growth in spinal cord repair
83 Trees need birds: forest fruitfulness depends on seedy living
84 Pregnant ichthyosaur was the largest of its species ever found
85 'Junk DNA' plays a vital role in embryo development
86 Freeze-frame: legendary polar explorers provide snapshot of Antarctica's resilience
87 Arctic sea ice outlook at worst point in 125,000 years
88 Extra ribs may have been a harbinger of doom for the wooly rhino
89 A readable map for all movement found deep in the brain
90 Whale shark watching just got a lot easier
91 Chan Hol cave remains date MesoAmerican settlement to 13,000 years ago
92 Ant jaws snap shut 700 times quicker than a blink of an eye
93 Asteroid Florence to make closest encounter with Earth in 600 years
94 Should we kill some animals to save others?
95 Lifting the veil from Neanderthal technology
96 Plant molecules stop worker bees from ascending throne
97 Why are leaves so big in the tropics?
98 Hints of water found on TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets
99 Can dung beetles rein in cattle's methane emissions?
100 A cure for peanut allergy?
101 Cassini's final Saturn plunge approaches
102 Single-molecule nanomachines drill into cells to fight cancer
103 An Antarctic volcano caused rapid climate change at the end of the last ice age
104 Beaming heat into space could cut airconditioning costs
105 Astronomers catch black hole shrouded in molecular cloud
106 Genetic study shows evolution at work in modern humans
107 Low-carb, high-fat diet protects mouse memory but health concerns remain
108 African wild dogs make democratic decisions by sneezing
109 Do solar storms lead to beached whales?
110 Nervous system triggers rapid immune response