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1 Well-Aged: Oldest Traces of Italian Wine Discovered
2 Looted Skeleton Could Be Among the Oldest in the Americas
3 Dive into the 'Mouth of Hell': Virtual Tour Takes You Inside an Active Volcano
4 Even Small Increases in Ocean Temperature Can Affect Marine Life
5 The First Adhesive Was Invented by Neanderthals 200,000 Years Ago
6 See the World's Driest Desert Covered in Wildflowers
7 Did Squabble Over a Vaccine Cause a Rift in Ben Franklin's Marriage?
8 Animal Sex: How Meerkats Do It
9 This Lumpy Robot Lends Endearing Touch to Social Bots
10 How Strong Can a Hurricane Get?
11 Reference: Hurricane Preparation: What to Do
12 Reference: Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones: Storms of Many Names
13 PSA Screening May Reduce Prostate Cancer Deaths After All
14 How Zika Virus Could Help Fight Brain Cancer
15 How Your Height May Raise Your Risk for Blood Clots
16 Sun Unleashes Monster Solar Flare, Strongest in a Decade
17 Storm Warning: Solar Outburst Could Scramble Earth's Communications
18 'Hearing Voices' in Schizophrenia May Trace to Specific Brain Region
19 This Man's Bladder Stone Was Almost as Big as an Ostrich Egg
20 Lack of Sleep May Be a Cause, Not a Symptom, of Mental Health Conditions
21 Reference: History of Computers: A Brief Timeline
22 African Dogs Vote by Sneezing
23 Finger Length Could Predict Athletic Ability
24 Child Nearly Dies After Taking Big Bite of Hot Dog
25 Huge Jelly Blobs Spotted Off Norway Coast: What Are They?
26 SpaceX Rocket Launches X-37B Space Plane on Secret Mission, Aces Landing
27 Secret Vatican Manuscript's Mysterious Purple Spots Decoded
28 Zigzagging Rodents Dodge Death with Unpredictable Moves
29 Raw Deal: Is 'Chicken Sashimi' Safe?
30 Reference: Ancient Babylon: Center of Mesopotamian Civilization
31 Reference: Personality Traits & Personality Types: What is Personality?
32 Marijuana with 'CBD' May Pose Less Risk to Long-Term Users
33 Strongest Earthquake in a Century Strikes Mexico
34 Solar Flares May Explain Mass Whale Stranding
35 Summer in the US Was Hotter and Wetter than Average
36 How Do Hurricanes Get Their Names?
37 Triceratops Skull, Skeleton Discovered Together in Rare Find
38 The World Is Running Out of Sand
39 During a Hurricane, What Happens Underwater?
40 3 Hurricanes at Once? No Biggie, Experts Say
41 This Ultrathin Craft Could Soon Envelop and Destroy Space Junk
42 Reference: Who Are the Millennials?
43 Reference: Giraffe Facts & Photos
44 Ancient Goldsmith's Tomb Filled with Mummies Discovered in Luxor
45 Are Catastrophic Disasters Striking More Often?
46 Frozen in Time: Ancient, Long-Fingered Lizard Trapped in Amber
47 That's Cold! Molecules Cooled to a Shade Above Absolute Zero
48 Reference: World Trade Center: Ground Zero on September 11, 2001
49 Monster Solar Flare Marks 7th Powerful Sun Storm in 7 Days
50 Puppies Are 'Likely Source' of Outbreak that Has Sickened Dozens in US
51 How Do You Weigh an Atom?
52 Ancient Action Figures: Toy Swords Unearthed at Roman Fort
53 Stretchy Artificial 'Skin' Could Give Robots a Sense of Touch
54 Alleged Massacre of Uncontacted Tribe Members Spurs Probe in Brazil
55 Monster 'Fatberg': 143 Tons of Grease and Garbage Clog UK Sewer
56 How Do Palm Trees Withstand Hurricanes?
57 'Coffee-Ring Effect' Could Reveal What's in Your Tap Water
58 3 People Die After Falling into Volcanic Crater
59 Reference: Who Invented the Car?
60 Reference: Tonsil Stones: Causes, Removal & Prevention
61 Break It Up! Territorial Hippos 'Save' Wildebeest from Crocodile Attack
62 This Space Age-Looking Flying Car Actually Flies
63 Assemble! 'Voltron'-Like Robots Can Elect Their Own Leader
64 Check Out SpaceX's New Spacesuit: Elon Musk Shares on Instagram
65 Ebola, Zika & More: How Many Viruses Can Get into Men's Semen?
66 Lost Language, Code or Hoax? Why the Voynich Manuscript Still Stumps Experts
67 Load of Croc: 'Bird' Teeth May Actually Be from Teenage Crocodilians
68 Reference: Japan Earthquake & Tsunami of 2011: Facts and Information
69 Lady Gaga's Chronic Pain: What Is Fibromyalgia?
70 Reference: The Real Dracula: Vlad the Impaler
71 Reference: Italian Culture: Facts, Customs & Traditions
72 Reference: Sleep Paralysis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
73 Ancient Teeth Push Back Early Arrival of Humans in Southeast Asia
74 Expect the Unexpected at the 2017 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony
75 What Is the World's Oldest Photograph?
76 What Are Saturn's Rings?
77 Dinosaur Gets Strange Diagnosis 78 Million Years After Its Death
78 Farewell, Basi: World's Oldest Captive Panda Dies at 37
79 Elon Musk's SpaceX Blooper Reel: 'It's Just a Scratch'
80 Why Selena Gomez Needed a Kidney Transplant
81 Viking 'Warrior' Presumed to Be a Man Is Actually a Woman
82 'Liquid' Cats and Old Men's Big Ears: Humorous Research Abounds at the Ig Nobels
83 Reference: Tramadol: Dosage & Side Effects
84 Reference: Foxes: Facts & Pictures
85 Reference: Krakatoa Volcano: Facts About 1883 Eruption
86 Does Marijuana Really Help You Sleep?
87 RIP, Cassini: Historic Mission Ends with Fiery Plunge into Saturn
88 Nothing to See Here: India's Oldest Use of Zero Identified
89 300 'Shooting Star' Drones Light Up Skies with 'Wonder Woman' Display
90 Glowing Slinky-Like 'Creature' Is Actually a Mass of Eggs
91 Reference: What Is Ultraviolet Light?
92 Here Are the Top Causes of Death Worldwide
93 Do Animals Murder Each Other?
94 Why Protecting a Shark Nursery in the Patagonia Sea Is Crucial
95 1,000-Year-Old Tomb of Maya King Discovered in Guatemala
96 500-Million-Year-Old Creature Looks like Space Alien in Re-Creation
97 Antarctic Caves Warmed by Volcanic Steam May Harbor Life
98 Belly Up: Why Ankylosaurs Are Always Found Upside Down
99 Antibiotics, Agriculture & Superbugs: Q&A with 'Big Chicken' Author Maryn McKenna
100 Reference: Who Invented Zero?
101 Newfound Roman Mosaic Is So Rare, an Archaeologist Thought It Was a Hoax
102 Rare Headless Hercules Statue Found in Israel
103 This Area of the Brain May Explain a Link Between Poor Sleep and Depression
104 Satan's Enigma: 'Possessed' Nun's 17th-Century Letter Deciphered
105 Human-Caused Climate Change Could Doom Coastal Cities, Neil Tyson Says
106 Reference: History of Halloween
107 These Cities Have the Highest Rates of Regular Exercise
108 US Cities Ranked by Exercise Rates: Full List
109 London's 143-Ton 'Fatberg' Gets Second Chance as Biofuel
110 Did Ancient Greeks Deliberately Build Temples on Earthquake Faults?