File Title
1 Ancient eclipse records revise modern calculations of Earth's spin
2 Weather observed for first time on a hot, giant, Jupiter-like alien planet
3 Bumblebee numbers hit by 'unsettled decade'
4 Cheetahs heading towards extinction as population crashes
5 Ash tree genome sequenced for first time
6 Vera Rubin, pioneering astronomer, dies at 88
7 Arctic heatwave could break records
8 Piers Sellers: UK-born astronaut dies aged 61
9 UK designer launches 30-year Christmas jumper
10 When will our electricity come from the sea?
11 UK car shapes up for solar challenge
12 Some young dinosaurs shed teeth, say experts
13 Trillions of high-flying migratory insects cross over UK
14 Brain's party noise filter revealed by recordings
15 Science: Best long reads of 2016 (part two)
16 Amazing science stories from 2016
17 The top memes and viral videos of 2016
18 Drone-based blood deliveries in Tanzania to be funded by UK
19 Murder squad sought Amazon Echo data
20 Clash of Clans mobile game 'blocked' in Iran
21 Why I want my home to watch me
22 'Frequent flyer points put at risk by website flaws'
23 South Korea fines Qualcomm $854 million in competition probe
24 Facebook Safety Check creates false alarm in Bangkok
25 The garden shed full of helping hands
26 Toshiba shares fall 20% on deal warning
27 They told me I had cancer--then they said I was pregnant
28 Spain's forgotten Thalidomide victims see glimmer of hope
29 The rise of the robots?
30 From yoga pants to smart shoes: The technology of touch
31 Smart homes haunted by the cyber-ghost of Christmas future
32 John Logie Baird colleague recalls first television demonstration
33 Safety test proposal for drone users
34 The top memes and viral videos of 2016
35 Social mobility promise 'broken' for ethnic minority children
36 'Under the radar' young carers denied support, says study
37 Tuition fee rise 'sneaked out' on website
38 Facebook lurking makes you miserable, says study
39 Anti-gay campaign drives out Russian teacher in Krasnoyarsk
40 Jewish student groups deny university 'no-go zones'
41 Carpool Karaoke: Manx school's spoof video removed on government advice
42 Term-time holiday case heading to Supreme Court
43 Graduates fast-tracked into prison service
44 Troubled families turnaround claim misleading, say MPs
45 Child abuse 'affects health decades later'
46 Argentina's tough truths for improving schools
47 Sir Michael Wilshaw's 10 last questions
48 100 Women: The English girls' school reborn in a Nairobi slum
49 Hip pain may be 'hangover from evolution'
50 Doctors confirm 200-year-old diagnosis
51 Dutch IVF centre probes suspected sperm mix-up
52 Successful Ebola vaccine will be fast-tracked for use
53 Multiple sclerosis drug 'a landmark'
54 Facebook lurking makes you miserable, says study
55 Processed meat 'could be bad for asthma'
56 Prostate cancer laser treatment 'truly transformative'
57 Codeine becomes prescription-only medicine in Australia
58 Brain's party noise filter revealed by recordings
59 'Pregnancy fluid' reverses aging bones
60 Blood test for hidden heart disease
61 They told me I had cancer--then they said I was pregnant
62 Spain's forgotten Thalidomide victims see glimmer of hope
63 Mums against meme trolls
64 Clergy fight to save their nursing home
65 Nukes or quakes? Scientists decipher tiny tremors in North Korea
66 Scientists use lasers for a better look at antimatter
67 Scientists discover bizarre molten iron 'jet stream' in Earth's core
68 Long before Rudolph, these gigantic birds flew around the North Pole
69 Two ways this Japanese satellite could improve space travel
70 Solstice! Why Northern Hemisphere gets first official day of winter.
71 Phosphorus: The key to life on Earth as we know it?
72 Rumblings of Italy's supervolcano: Will the sleeping giant awaken?
73 Did these baby dinosaurs munch meat while their parents pecked plants?
74 Why does this vibrant fish bear President Obama's name?
75 Trillions of winged migrants take to British skies
76 A ripple in spacetime: LIGO discovery heralded as breakthrough of 2016
77 Could China be the first to reach the far side of the moon?
78 Apple's AI team publishes its first research paper (+video)
79 Astronomer Vera Rubin redefined our understanding of the cosmos and dark matter
80 Seven outstanding scientific breakthroughs in 2016
81 Fenofibrate may reduce heart disease risk in some patients with type 2 diabetes
82 Economics of forest biomass raise hurdles for rural development
83 Report: New treatment for glioblastoma multiforme developed by NFCR scientists
84 Study unmasks the genetic complexity of cancer cells within the same tumor
85 Predicting and preventing violence against criminal justice officials
86 New Neiman Health Policy Institute reports examine MACRA's impact on radiologists
87 Rate of death, heart attack after noncardiac surgery decreases, although risk of stroke increases
88 State, regional differences in melanoma rates 2003 vs. 2013
89 This week from AGU: Random temperature fluctuations may have made Earth habitable
90 'Latest spoke in the wheel' drives brain-mapping advances, reports Neurophotonics journal
91 Investigation into new molecules that could potentially treat Alzheimer's
92 Strip tillage, rowcovers for organic cucurbit production
93 Management practices recommended for specialty cider apples
94 Lotus stir-fry scores high in consumer panels
95 New pharmacon allows testicular tumors to shrink
96 Miniscule amounts of impurities in vacuum greatly affecting OLED lifetime
97 Secrets of human protein interactions unveiled by massive sequencing and coevolution
98 Quasi noise-free digital holography
99 The late effects of stress: New insights into how the brain responds to trauma
100 Magnetic stem cells for gene engineering
101 Early-phase trial demonstrates shrinkage in pediatric neural tumors
102 Low levels of manganese in welding fumes cause neurological problems
103 For welders, Parkinson-like symptoms get worse with exposure
104 Study provides evidence on movement of potato famine pathogen
105 Cycling in bed is safe for ICU patients: Hamilton study
106 Traffic noise reduces birds' response to alarm calls
107 Divide and conquer pattern searching
108 When it comes to reducing hospital readmissions, financial penalties work
109 Lack of standards for infant cereals threatens child nutrition in lower-income countries
110 Diabetes, heart disease, and back pain dominate US health care spending