File Title
1 New stem cell delivery approach regenerates dental pulp-like tissue in a rodent model
2 Movement of rainforest butterflies restricted by oil palm plantations
3 An invisible electrode
4 Shortness of breath is an important signal of potential disease
5 'Tiny earthquakes' help scientists predict mountain rock falls
6 Important element of immune defense against fungal infections discovered
7 Undocumented migrants may suffer from severe psychological distress
8 Hormone concentrations in young mammals predict trade-offs later in life
9 How to make health systems learning organizations
10 Hypoxia signaling plays a physiological role in the formation of the heart
11 Noise sensitivity traced to changes in brain functions
12 Up to 8,400 heart attacks and strokes prevented through NHS Health Checks
13 Efforts are needed to optimize the use of biologics for treating patients with rheumatoid arthritis
14 Weight loss surgery linked to gastrointestinal complaints
15 How bacteria survive antibiotic treatment
16 Surgical ablation found to be effective in reducing atrial fibrillation and improving quality of life
17 Disgust is way of communicating moral rather than self-interested motivation
18 Tortoise electrons trying to catch up with hare photons give graphene its conductivity
19 Girls with poorer motor skills more likely than boys to be obese
20 Further evidence found for causal links between cannabis and schizophrenia
21 An ancient mechanism helps a cell to resist stress
22 Ultrasound detects heart dysfunction after successful repair of aortic narrowing
23 Stroke: Brain cells potentiate harmful electrical discharges
24 New carbenoid species yields unexpected reactivity
25 To bloom or not to bloom: That is the question
26 The case of the missing diamonds
27 Potential Alzheimer's medication shows promise in mouse model of neurodegenerative disease
28 Study reveals inequalities in carbon footprints of Chinese households
29 Quirky summer monsoon behaviors affect rainfall in East Asia
30 New leaf study sheds light on 'shady' past
31 Ancient Chinese malaria remedy fights TB
32 Children with higher genetic risk for obesity respond more strongly to fast food ads
33 Sirt1 regulates proliferation and regeneration of glial progenitor cells after injury
34 The strange effects of thinking healthy food is costlier
35 Space-based lidar shines new light on plankton
36 Freezing in record lows? You may doubt global warming says USU scientist
37 Study: How to keep nanoparticle caterpillars safe from the crows of the immune system
38 Cardiac imaging detects serious residual septal defects during child open heart surgery
39 Newly identified pathway in mitochondria fuels tumor progression across cancer types
40 Irish surgeon identifies emerging area of medical science
41 'Master regulator' in genes may make women more susceptible to autoimmune diseases
42 Genetic study of primary sclerosing cholangitis reveals potential drug target
43 Genetics link sleep disturbance with restless legs syndrome, schizophrenia and obesity
44 Neglect and abuse in childhood could have long-term economic consequences
45 Pregnancy leads to changes in the mother's brain
46 Satellites help discover a jet stream in the Earth's core
47 180-million-year-old rocks lend insight into Earth's most powerful earthquakes
48 Earliest evidence discovered of plants cooked in ancient pottery
49 Remarkable recovery in patients diagnosed with newly defined movement disorder
50 Above and beyond megathrusts: Draining pore-fluids dampens tremors
51 Investing in fisheries management improves fish populations
52 CRISPR screening identifies potential HIV treatment targets
53 Rare look at youth post detention is bleak
54 Hospitalized patients treated by female physicians show lower mortality
55 Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Achieving Positive Outcomes After Detention for Youth
56 Mayo Clinic researchers announce discoveries from genome-wide study of liver disease
57 Male or female physician: Does it matter in death, hospital readmission rates?
58 Gut bacteria may hold key to treating autoimmune disease
59 New report outlines 10 measures for the prevention of sudden cardiac death
60 Americans believe climate change connected to location and local weather
61 Tumor DNA in blood may serve as prognostic marker of pancreatic cancer
62 Genetic biomarker IDs patients with increased risk for heart damage by anthracycline chemo
63 El Nino fueled Zika outbreak, new study suggests
64 Women fare better than men 1 year after valve replacement
65 Alzheimer's advance: Early stage study in mice show new drugs restore memory loss and prolong life
66 Manganese nodules as breeding ground for deep-sea octopuses
67 Starfish larvae create complex water whorls to eat and run
68 Media coverage of studies needs more independent commentary
69 Light therapy effectively treats early prostate cancer
70 CRISPR screening identifies potential HIV treatment targets
71 Daily sugar intake guidelines are based on low quality evidence [and other topics]
72 Dietary sugar guidelines are based on low quality evidence
73 Newly discovered 'Casper' octopod at risk from deep-sea mining
74 Poll: Some parents forgo car seats, other safety measures while traveling
75 North Korean seismic event of May 2010 likely was earthquake, not nuclear test
76 Clownfish adapt for population survival
77 Cancer costs leaving patients in debt
78 Ribociclib improves progression-free survival in Asian women with advanced breast cancer
79 Immunotherapy with pembrolizumab deemed cost-effective for advanced melanoma in Hong Kong
80 Routine blood test predicts how long cancer patients will survive
81 Depressed patients are less responsive to chemotherapy
82 Anxiety and depression a major issue for cancer survivors
83 Many muons: Imaging the underground with help from the cosmos
84 Outdoor recreation in protected areas negatively impacts wildlife
85 Early surgery increases risk of death for some uterine cancer patients, Penn study finds
86 Hookah tobacco labels are misleading, Roswell Park, UB researchers find
87 Ocean temperatures faithfully recorded in mother-of-pearl
88 Toward energy solutions for northern regions
89 Carbon dots dash toward 'green' recycling role
90 Bacteria control levels of dangerous pollutant in seabirds
91 A potential pharmaceutical intervention for co-occurring PTSD and substance use disorder
92 Turning therapeutic antibodies inside-out to fight cancer
93 Rheumatology community applauds CMS's decision to scrap Part B payment demo
94 Hubble 'cranes' in for a closer look at a galaxy
95 Researchers develop new test, better understanding of deadly infection in boas and pythons
96 Early action key to reducing sea lion impacts on salmon, new study finds
97 What makes influential science? Telling a good story
98 New bioinformatics tool tests methods for finding mutant genes that 'drive' cancer
99 Home visits uncover fuller picture of challenges among low-income adults with asthma
100 Dr. Sakamoto explains signaling pathways in the pathogenesis of diamond blackfan anemia
101 AMP issues joint guideline to standardize interpretation and reporting of sequence variants in cancer
102 Listeria infections stable but frequently reported among the elderly
103 Tuberculosis virulence factor identified, may be target for new drug
104 Rice, Baylor team sets new mark for 'deep learning'
105 Penn study finds link between HIV treatment and neuronal degeneration
106 Frequent sauna bathing protects men against dementia
107 NIST device for detecting subatomic-scale motion may aid robotics, homeland security
108 Method enables machine learning from unwieldy data sets
109 COPD--what causes the lungs to lose their ability to heal?
110 Guards of the human immune system unraveled