File Title
1 Integrated approach vital for fisheries management
2 Bullying makes men leave the labor market
3 Antipsychotic drug use increases risk of mortality among persons with Alzheimer's disease
4 Frail patients should have tailored cardiac rehabilitation say European experts
5 Scientists discover how to reverse pain caused by diabetes-related nerve damage
6 Kaiser Permanente study shows women with more social connections have higher breast cancer survival
7 Study finds American Indian adults exposed to early life trauma more likely to develop PTSD and poor health
8 Penn researchers expand research on simplifying recycling of rare-earth metals
9 New study uncovers vivid patterns of neural activity in the resting mouse brain
10 TCORS study shows effectiveness of testimonial warning labels on tobacco products
11 What else comes with a college degree? An extra 10 pounds, says new study
12 Mountain glaciers are showing some of the strongest responses to climate change
13 Rings around young star suggest planet formation in progress
14 Bone marrow-derived cells are source of key kidney disease biomarker SuPAR
15 ALMA finds compelling evidence for pair of infant planets around young star
16 Loss of ARID1A protein drives onset and progress of colon cancer
17 New epilepsy gene network identified by scientists
18 The Lancet: Immunotherapy drug gives non-small-cell lung cancer patients extra 4 months of life
19 'Rewired' cells show promise for targeted cancer therapy
20 Winds of rubies and sapphires strike the sky of giant planet
21 New study finds arginine deprivation may be a useful strategy for treating bladder cancers
22 Researchers identify mental health screening tools, barriers for Latino children
23 Researchers' discovery of new verbal working memory architecture has implications for AI
24 Mitigating the risk of geoengineering
25 Antarctic Ice Sheet study reveals 8,000-year record of climate change
26 Mysterious 'crater' on Antarctica indication of vulnerable ice sheet
27 Study shows aging process increases DNA mutations in important type of stem cell
28 New study shows impact of Antarctic Ice Sheet on climate change
29 Scientists use 'molecular-Lego' to take CRISPR gene-editing tool to the next level
30 Are cholesterol-lowering statins associated with reduced Alzheimer risk?
31 Study examines diagnosing Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
32 Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Increases Among Rural Infants
33 How many adults in the united states are taking psychiatric drugs?
34 New blood draw protocol could minimize risk for critically ill children
35 Applying the '80/20 rule' to social costs
36 Scientists find three subgroups in a children's brain cancer, identify druggable targets
37 Meeting patients' socioeconomic needs can improve cardiovascular risk factors
38 Local government engagement, decentralized policies can help reduce deforestation
39 Smoking down, number of lives saved up as more countries embrace tobacco control measures
40 Study: Rural communities see steep increase in babies born with opioid withdrawal
41 Rare obesity syndrome therapeutic target identified
42 Insufficient evidence to support use of homeopathy in livestock
43 Mutations in life's 'essential genes' tied to autism
44 No good evidence that shock-absorbing insoles stave off injuries or stress fractures
45 Emergency surgery death risk up to 7 times higher for kids in low income countries
46 Would you take a free predictive test for Alzheimer's disease?
47 White blood cell treatment could prevent leading cause of fetal death
48 Breast cancer update: Sentinel node biopsy guidelines encourage 'less is more' approach
49 Blood test could provide cheaper, better way for doctors to manage lung cancer
50 Even with maximized yields, sub-Saharan Africa won't grow enough grain in 2050
51 Socially isolated breast cancer patients face higher recurrence and mortality rates
52 Physician volume affects outpatient care [plus other topics]
53 Anesthetic cream best for relieving vaccination pain in infants
54 Kangaroo mother care helps premature babies thrive 20 years later--study
55 High school football players, 1956-1970, did not have increase of neurodegenerative diseases
56 Drinking 'settings' tied to college sexual assault
57 New diamond harder than ring bling
58 TSU scientists discovered how to avoid congestion of mobile network
59 Wind farms play key role in cutting carbon emissions, study finds
60 Surge in methane emissions threatens efforts to slow climate change
61 Archaeologists find 80 km long Great Wall of India
62 Patra University experts helping establish location of ancient Byblos harbor
63 Divers uncover world's oldest harbor, in Red Sea
64 Slavs lived in Morocco in Middle Ages, archaeologists find
65 Scans locate historic secret room in walls of Gunpowder plot house
66 Ancient cemetery provides peek into Philistines' lives, health
67 Most spectacular giant golden Bronze Age torc uncovered in Cambridgeshire
68 Ancient mound used for defense hints at walled city in Japan
69 Pembroke Castle study uncovers possible Henry VII birthplace
70 New discoveries unearthed at Terracotta Warriors site
71 Archaeologists Find Roman Inscription in Bulgaria's Plovdiv Showing Heir of Thracian Kings Was 1st 'Mayor' of Ancient Philipopolis
72 Earliest Known Clay Figurines in the Southwest May Be Fertility Symbols, Study Says
73 Meadowcroft
74 Greek Archaeologist: Another Monument Might be Buried at Amphipolis
75 Black Death 'plague pit' discovered at 14th-century monastery hospital
76 Bitumen from Middle East discovered in 7th century buried ship in UK
77 Huge Roman Gravestone Found in Field Leads to Discovery of Tomb with Gold Amulet near Bulgaria's Pavlikeni
78 Ancient Inscription Identifies Gargilius Antiques as Roman Ruler on Eve of Bar Kochva Revolt
79 Analysis of Iron Age ceramics suggests complex pattern of Eastern Mediterranean trade
80 'God of wind': Pre-Columbian temple discovered in Mexico City
81 Ancient Americans Mutilated Corpses in Funeral Rituals
82 Fires set by Ice Age hunters destroyed forests throughout Europe
83 Mummified knees are Queen Nefertari's, archaeologists conclude
84 Buff upper arms let Lucy climb trees
85 'Bronze Age burial reveals its long held secret'
86 Stashed Cash: Rare Ming Dynasty Banknote Found Inside Chinese Sculpture
87 Burnt down Iron Age house discovered in Denmark
88 Emperor Augustus' 'last villa' inspected
89 Researchers may have found first polluted river from before Bronze Age
90 Mummified remains identified as Egyptian Queen Nefertari
91 Researchers find overwhelming evidence of malaria's existence 2,000 years ago
92 Archaeology dig at Britain's oldest monastery at Beckery, near Glastonbury
93 Mazowieckie/ More than 70 bloomeries from 2 thousand years ago discovered in Kanie
94 Lasers on a toenail clipping reveal Franklin expedition diet, cause of death
95 Archaeology sheds light on Mongolia's uncertain nomadic future
96 Mysteries of deserted pre-Famine village on Achill Island revealed
97 Neolithic Syrians were first to domesticate cereals
98 New Evidence Reveals Violent Final Days at Arizona's Montezuma Castle
99 Development of new techniques makes it possible to date Australian Aboriginal rock art
100 Archeologist findings show Shanghai was key Silk Road port
101 Reconstructed face of Robert the Bruce is unveiled
102 Restoring the Glory
103 Stained glass evidence of high living standards in ancient Bathonea
104 Archaeologists examine Indigenous site dating back 2,200 years on Exploits River
105 Statues of lioness goddess Sekhmet unearthed in Luxor's Kom El-Hettan excavation
106 Khyber rediscovered as rich archaeological area
107 Human blood, organs, and a surprising virus detected in ancient pottery
108 Digging Deeper
109 Minister Regev Presents 67 CE 'Great Rebellion' Coin at Cabinet Meeting
110 New evidence of the existence of an unknown Roman camp in Armenia