File Title
1 The Lancet Public Health: UK soft drinks industry levy estimated to have significant health benefits, especially among children
2 Gastric cancer fueled by 'crosstalk' between nerves and cancer cells
3 New type of traveling wave pattern could contain biological coordinates
4 Ultra-high-speed optical fiber sensor enables detection of structural damage in real time
5 Seizing environmental opportunities under a Trump presidency
6 Mass. General study reveals how diabetes drug metformin prevents, suppresses cancer growth
7 Hearing loss prevalence declining in US adults aged 20 to 69 years
8 Facial feminization surgery for transgender patients
9 Gene mutations among young patients with colorectal cancer
10 Prevalence of hearing loss among adults age 20 to 69 years continues to decline
11 Study: Warming could slow upslope migration of trees
12 Alzheimer's: Proteomics gives clues toward alternatives to amyloid
13 Stem cell 'living bandage' for knee injuries trialed in humans
14 Herpes virus linked to most common type of childhood cancer
15 Many early-onset colon cancers are caused by genetic mutations passed through families
16 U of T researchers make autism breakthrough
17 Taking stock of the world's lakes
18 New US law poised to improve marine conservation worldwide
19 Big diamonds have liquid metal roots, deep in the Earth
20 Getting to the bottom of deep sea volcanic activity
21 New parent home visiting program reduces infants' need for medical care
22 Global map of roadless areas reveals roads fragmenting majority of land
23 Biggest and best diamonds formed in deep mantle metallic liquid
24 Study: Inherited mutations in 3 genes predict for aggressive prostate cancer
25 New research paper challenges dogma of cell cycle control
26 Researchers achieve meter-scale optical coherence tomography for first time
27 Asian head and neck cancer patients live longer with immunotherapy than mixed race group
28 Manipulating brain activity to boost confidence
29 Tumor gene test results can differ in same patients
30 One gene mutation, two diseases, many insights into human heart function
31 Turning back time: Salk scientists reverse signs of aging
32 Underwater volcano's eruption captured in exquisite detail by seafloor observatory
33 Old age should not exclude organ donation after death
34 Dementia and Alzheimer's disease are concerns for older kidney transplant recipients
35 Research at Stanford locates absence epilepsy seizure 'choke point' in brain
36 Cellular reprogramming slows aging in mice
37 Two major groups of rabies virus display distinct evolutionary trends
38 Blocking hormone activity in mosquitoes could help reduce malaria spread
39 Key benefits of large-scale use of universal over conventional flu vaccines
40 Land use affects spread of schistosomiasis-carrying snails in Asia
41 Large, rare diamonds offer window into inner workings of Earth's mantle
42 Road planning 'trade off' could boost food production while helping protect tropical forests
43 Potential treatment for pregnant women who suffer from preeclampsia found in a vitamin
44 Businesses shape international law through 'astroturf activism,' paper finds
45 A better way for policymakers to win over constituents
46 Tectonic shift?
47 Children's oral health disparities persist despite equal dental care access
48 Researcher studies increased predation of sagebrush songbirds in natural gas fields
49 Scientists studying dolphins find Bay of Bengal a realm of evolutionary change
50 Advance in understanding the disparity in prognosis between men and women in melanoma
51 Study models Tsunami Risk for Florida and Cuba
52 Computers can take social media data and make marketing personas
53 Review suggests that teens benefit from later high school start times
54 Nanocubes simplify printing and imaging in color and infrared
55 True lies: People who lie via telling truth viewed harshly, study finds
56 How soil moisture can help predict power outages caused by hurricanes
57 Psychologists analyze links between provider burnout, quality of care, patient safety
58 How hearing 'twist my arm' engages the brain
59 OpenNotes reporting tool engages patients as safety partners
60 Vaccination increases family wealth, girls' education
61 Scientists investigate cancer radiotherapy to make improvements
62 Runners' brains may be more connected, research shows
63 Bring your own (security) disaster
64 Researchers work to improve the lifecycle of materials
65 Scientists measure pulse of CO2 emissions during spring thaw in the Arctic
66 Rain out, research in
67 University of Minnesota research shows people can control a robotic arm with only their minds
68 Partners play critical role in melanoma exams
69 The Angelina Jolie effect on breast cancer genetic testing
70 New, complex call recorded in Mariana Trench believed to be from baleen whale
71 Revolutions in understanding the ionosphere, Earth's interface to space
72 Plant's response to heat stress fluctuates between day and night
73 Lecturing likely not effective for developing problem-solving skills in students
74 Study shows nanoparticles could be used to overcome treatment-resistant breast cancer
75 Researchers turn back the clock on human embryonic stem cells
76 A population of neutron stars can generate gravitational waves continuously
77 Do most Mount Everest climbers use medications, and should they?
78 New virtual reality technology may improve motor skills in damaged limbs
79 N-acetylcysteine shows early promise in reducing alcohol use in marijuana-dependent teens
80 Genome sequence reveals why the whitefly is such a formidable threat to food security
81 Making (sound) waves in the fight against cancer
82 AGU Fall Meeting: Atacama Desert may have harbored lakes, wetlands
83 Cigar warnings: Do teens believe them?
84 Creative approach to probing genome IDs genes that likely influence bone strength
85 Krembil research prompts rethink on established vision recovery theory
86 Celebrity chefs have poor food safety practices, a Kansas State University study finds
87 Switching to daylight saving time may lead to harsher legal sentences
88 Predicting extinction--with the help of a Yule tree
89 Opening a supervised injection facility for people who inject drugs could save millions
90 Gesturing can boost children's creative thinking
91 Microbial biodiversity in the environment can alter human health
92 UC researchers examine potential drug pathway to combat pneumocystis
93 Young women in socioeconomically weak areas use fewer contraceptives
94 Study: Opioid prescribing declines following release of national guidelines for physicians
95 Red cabbage microgreens lower 'bad' cholesterol in animal study
96 Study: Challenges in going from residential substance abuse treatment to the community
97 Researchers discovered elusive half-quantum vortices in a superfluid
98 Electronic 'hairy skin' could give robots a more human sense of touch (video)
99 A hardware-based modeling approach for real world collaborative multi-robot tasks
100 McEwen Centre scientists produce functional heart pacemaker cells
101 A small change with a large impact
102 Newly formed stars shoot out powerful whirlwinds
103 Technology communication: Worries through information?
104 Efforts needed to stop the spread of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii
105 Mysteries of Father Christmas 'solved' by relativity theory
106 Raw foodies: Europe's earliest humans did not use fire
107 Bactericidal activity of usnic acid-loaded electrospun fibers
108 Optical tractor beam traps bacteria
109 Gene transfer on the fungal highway
110 Carbonaceous chondrites shed light on the origins of life in the universe