File Title
1 Alligator Looks like a Cousin Long Gone
2 Giant Alligator that Looks like Dinosaur Spotted in Florida [Video]
3 Burning Vietnamese Boats for Fishing Illegally Does Not Seem to Deter Illegal Fishing
4 China Tries to Cover Up the Country's Smog Issue? Critics Think So
5 A Group of Stranded 'False Killer Whales' Was Found; Death of the Animals Is Quite Devastating [Video]
6 The Mysterious 'Fairy Circles' in South Africa Finally Explained?
7 HIV News: Billionaire Funds $140 million Technology that Will Stop Spreading HIV Disease
8 3D-Printed Medical Supplies in Space Now Possible
9 Research Suggests that an Additional 1 Hour of Afternoon Nap Can Help Older Adults Boost Their Mental Health
10 Google Calendar: One Stop Solution to Track and Accomplish Fitness Goals Amid Busy Work Schedule
11 Health Alert: Two New Virus Tropical Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Uncovered in Florida
12 Emergency Call for Blood Issued by the American Red Cross as Blood Donations Are Extremely Low in Number
13 A Man Dubbed as 'Tree Man' Gets Successful Surgery, Could Now Hold His Child
14 $328 million Federal Scientific Research Funding Sliced Up Between Canadian Research Centers
15 Textbooks Are Wrong: Appendix Is Not a Vestigial Organ
16 Drug for Alzheimer's Disease Treatment Might Replace Tooth Filling Dental Procedure
17 Eating Too Much Red Meat Would Likely Have Greater Risk of Gut Disorder in Men
18 Wrigley's Spearmint Chewing Gum Is Highly Effective in Treating Post-Surgery Nausea
19 Smoking Could Kill 8 Million People a Year by 2030, WHO Says
20 New Urine Test Could Identify if a Person's Diet Is Healthy
21 Children Are More Likely to Gain Weight if Their Parents Considered Them to Be Overweight, Study Suggests
22 Red Hot Chili Peppers (Spice, Not Band) Could Lead to Longer Life, Study Says
23 Viral Photo Shows Breast Cancer Through Lemons
24 Watch Out Salmon Lovers; Tapeworms Now Identified in US Salmon
25 How Caffeine Aids in Treating People with ADHD
26 Do People Really Want to Die this Way? Quit Smoking Today, Quebec Council on Tobacco and Health Organization Says
27 Vape Pens Can Cause Others that Are Watching the Urge to Smoke, Study Shows
28 Camel Milk Can Cure Autism and Crohn's Disease, the Desert Farms Network Says; FDA Says 'Prove It'
29 The Couple that Chose Death; Permission for Medical Assisted Death Granted
30 Health Breakthrough: Vaccines for MERS, Lassa Fever and Nipah Virus Now Underway
31 'Superbug' Must Be Monitored; More Widespread than Previously Known
32 Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer; the Perks and Perils of Getting Perfectly Tanned Skin in Minutes
33 Low Cost DNA Based Breast Cancer Diagnostic Tests Developed by Indian Scientists
34 Giant Impact Theory May Not Be Entirely True, Study Suggests
35 Researchers Dig Deeper on Why the Universe Is Made Up of Matter; New Tool Is Used
36 Monster Black Holes Discovered in Nearby Galaxies
37 NASA: Solar Storms Could Melt Lunar Soil
38 New Technology Developed to Speed the Search for Alien Life on Other Planets
39 SpaceX Return Flight from California Delayed Due to Bad Weather
40 Do Aliens Believe in God? Alien Expert Finds 'Jesus-Like Face' in NASA's Mars Photos
41 ISS News: Skywatcher Captures Space Lab Over Vienna; NASA Astronauts Embark Spacewalk
42 Earth Escapes Being Hit by an Asteroid that Zoomed Past the Planet
43 Supermassive Black Holes Spotted Hiding Near the Milky Way
44 Breakthrough Starshot Project Enlists Massive Telescope to Look for Alien Planets
45 Binary Stars to Light Up Sky as Red Nova in 2022
46 NASA's Hubble Telescope Creates Interstellar Map to Aid Future Galactic Travel
47 China's Kuaizhou-1A Rocket Successfully Launches Three Satellites in Space
48 3D-Printed Medical Supplies in Space Now Possible
49 Bizarre Cloud Has Alien Hunters Claiming UFO Presence
50 Lucy Will Be Ready by 2021; NASA's Discovery Program to Study the Trojan Asteroids
51 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Captures a Stunning Image of the Planet Earth and the Moon from Mars
52 Solar Storms Cause Sparks and Melt Soil on the Moon, NASA Says
53 Moon Particles Levitate; NASA Answers Why
54 Incoming Fart! Milky Way Galaxy's Black Hole Could Be Firing Out Planet-Size Gas Balls
55 Not So 'Hidden Figures': NASA's First Female African-American Astronaut to Join the ISS Crew
56 James Webb Space Telescope Is the Future of Space Imaging, Will Start Functioning in 2019
57 A 6-Hour-Long Spacewalk to Replace the Batteries of the International Space Station
58 Mysterious Planet Nine Could Be a 'Rogue' World Captured by the Solar System
59 New NASA Mission Could Solve Mystery of Water on Asteroid 'Psyche'
60 Strange Shadow Around Star May Be Newborn Planet
61 Japanese Mini Rocket Launch Delayed Due to Bad Weather
62 Veteran Astronauts Michael Baker and Mike Fossum Retire from NASA
63 SpaceX Launch Still Delayed Over Bad Weather
64 Giant Impact Theory May Not Be Entirely True, Study Suggests
65 Beautiful Photo Captures Colliding Galaxies
66 Really Close Call: Earth Missed an Asteroid Collision by 119,500 Miles
67 Huygens Spacecraft Uncovered Surprising Discoveries on Saturn's Hazy Moon, Titan
68 Exocomets Found Diving Toward Young Star
69 A New Massive 'Hot Jupiter' Exoplanet Discovered Orbiting Near a Variable Star
70 SpaceX Update: Falcon 9 Is Back! Relaunch Schedule Is Today
71 NASA's Cassini Captured the Best Ever Image of Saturn's Moon Mimas
72 New Alien Hunter Tool Developed to Catch the Faintest of Alien Life Signatures
73 US Air Force Defense Will Be Stronger as It Launches SBIRS GEO Flight 3
74 China Begins Building Highest-Altitude Gravitational Wave Telescopes in Tibet
75 Asteroid Hunters Worried About NASA's NEOCam Launch
76 The Jinx Continues: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Mini Rocket Crashed into Ocean
77 The Mysterious Dimming and Behavior of 'Tabby's Star' Finally Understood
78 Astronauts Conduct 6-Hour Spacewalk to Boost Space Station's Power Supply
79 Are Dark Streaks in Venus' Clouds Signs of Aliens? NASA, Roscosmos Want to Explore
80 Moon Express Is All Set to Win the Google Lunar XPrize and Then Some
81 Venus Gravity Wave Discovered, the Largest Ever Observed in the Solar System
82 Did You See That? Why Are They Trying to Hide the Existence of Aliens from People?
83 Mock Mars Space Mission to Launch in Hawaii
84 Alien News: Alleged UFO Caught on Film from the ISS; Astronauts Covered It
85 Universe Contains 2 Trillion Galaxies, a New Study Reveals
86 Atlas V Rocket to Launch Later this Week
87 Guess What Country Launched a Satellite Days After the Successful Launch of SpaceX: It Is the Country's First Ever
88 Curiosity Rover Finds Possible Evidence of Lakes on Mars
89 Unraveling the Stunning Invisible Details in the Sun
90 Astronaut Thomas Pesquet Ventures on His First Successful Spacewalk like a Veteran, Releases Selfie Photos
91 Godspeed Eugene Cernan: Last Man to Walk on the Moon Dies at 82
92 SpaceX Update: Company's Falcon 9 Recovered Booster Is Now Back at the Port
93 Absolutely Stunning: Northern Lights Captured at 35,000 Feet [Video]
94 Cosmological Constant: The Key to Generation of Dark Energy and Expansion of the Universe
95 Three New Gas Giant Exoplanets Discovered
96 MDA to Provide Operational Support for Asteroid Mission
97 Milky Way and Andromeda: An Inevitable End
98 Area 51 Is Not Where Aliens in America Are Kept; Jan Harzan Reveals the Real Secret Alien Base
99 Are Russians Charging NASA Overpriced Spacecraft Seats?
100 Curiosity Rover Spotted a Mars' Rock that May Be a Meteorite
101 Space Investigators Solve Mystery Behind Galaxy Deaths
102 How the panda's 'thumb' evolved twice
103 Croatia's science minister rejects calls to resign amid plagiarism scandal
104 India's first GM food crop held up by lawsuit
105 Space-weather forecast to improve with European satellite
106 Controversial website that lists 'predatory' publishers shuts down
107 Marijuana's benefits, Antarctic ice cracks and a $500-million donation
108 Trump nominees talk science: As it happened
109 The $2.4-billion plan to steal a rock from Mars
110 Do you speak virus? Phages caught sending chemical messages