File Title
1 A library for food security
2 Light powers new chemistry for old enzymes
3 Huntington's disease linked to dysfunction of brain structure
4 Vitamin D improves gut flora and metabolic syndrome
5 Report calls for improved methods to assess earthquake-caused soil liquefaction
6 Study finds state tort reforms linked to decreases in radiography utilization
7 Inside the world of cell signaling: A G-protein breakthrough
8 Scientists build bacteria-powered battery on single sheet of paper
9 HIV patients have nearly twice the heart attack risk
10 Study finds 'striking' use of double mastectomy
11 New drug target for inflammatory disease is all the RAGE
12 Molecular Velcro boosts microalgae's potential in biofuel, industrial applications
13 Tattoos mark the spot--for surgery--then disappear
14 Cerium hexaboride challenges physicists to come up with new theory
15 Ultra-small nanocavity advances technology for secure quantum-based data encryption
16 Music in the brain: The first imaging genetic study linking dopaminergic genes to music
17 Report finds additional radioactive materials in gas-well drill cuttings
18 Food supplement may be key to treatment of rare disease
19 Driverless platoons
20 Food withdrawal results in stabilization of important tumor suppressor
21 Rat study provides insights on tendon overuse injuries
22 Newly discovered mechanism in cells can regulate the immune system
23 Scientists crack genetic code determining leaf shape in cotton
24 Artificial leaf as mini-factory for drugs
25 Rejuvenating the brain's disposal system
26 Impact of climate change on microbial biodiversity
27 Graphene able to transport huge currents on the nano scale
28 One more piece in the puzzle of liver cancer identified
29 Female promiscuity in butterflies controls paternity
30 New ultrasound technique is first to image inside live cells
31 Fish sperm race for reproductive success
32 Speeding up comprehension with grasping actions
33 Fewer children per man than per woman
34 Chemistry research breakthrough that could improve nuclear waste recycling technologies
35 Biomarker for oxidative stress plays a major role in hepatic inflammation
36 Hawaii's newest species named in honor of President Obama
37 Researchers reveal the secret code language of bacteria
38 The luxury of causality: Parallel Intelligence, a proposed move toward the intelligent future
39 Magnetic force pulls baby reef fish back home
40 Calculating 1 billion plasma particles in a supercomputer
41 133 new species described by the California Academy of Sciences in 2016
42 New disease could signal hope for sufferers of brain aging conditions
43 Blood test for prion disease could make blood supply safer
44 Survey: Cardiology workforce is aging, male-dominated
45 Study examines melanoma incidence, death
46 Study finds substantial rate of contralateral prophylactic mastectomy when procedure not indicated
47 UTHealth research could lead to blood test to detect Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
48 Could Rudolph and friends help to slow down our warming climate?
49 Store and supply: How the brain saves time
50 Routine drug screening should be part of primary care settings, UCLA study recommends
51 A fertilizer dearth foiled animal evolution for eons?
52 NEJM reports on study of waitlisted opioid-dependent adults
53 JILA atomic clock mimics long-sought synthetic magnetic state
54 Novel technique helps ID elusive molecules
55 Distinctive brain pattern may underlie dyslexia
56 New appropriate use criteria for coronary revascularization released
57 Threading the RSV vaccine needle
58 School attendance improves when girls are given free sanitary pads and puberty lessons
59 First light for band 5 at ALMA
60 'Glue' that makes plant cell walls strong could hold the key to wooden skyscrapers
61 Recovery from brain injury and better sleep go hand in hand
62 RNA pathway plays key role in health, lifespan, fly study shows
63 Flame retardant exposure linked to income, BMI and household smoking
64 Nanoarray sniffs out and distinguishes multiple diseases
65 Live cell imaging using a smartphone
66 High-severity wildfires complicate natural regeneration for California conifers
67 Dyslexics show a difference in sensory processing
68 The challenge of defining maturity when the brain never stops changing
69 Declining male offspring further imperil endangered flycatchers in southern California
70 The dirt on packaged rhino beetles
71 Epigenetic changes promoting cancer metastasis identified
72 International trial shows pelvic floor exercise benefit for preventing prolapse
73 For older adults, poor vision can lead to physical decline and cognitive problems
74 ANU helps find supercluster of galaxies near Milky Way
75 Bright future for energy devices
76 UTSW study identifies a way to prevent burn injury infection--without antibiotics
77 Dual strategy teaches mouse immune cells to overcome cancer's evasive techniques
78 For geriatric falls, 'brain speed' may matter more than lower limb strength
79 The evolutionary secret of H. pylori to survive in the stomach
80 Avalanche statistics suggest Tabby's star is near a continuous phase transition
81 Study details molecular roots of Alzheimer's
82 Magnifying time reveals fundamental rogue wave instabilities of nature
83 Dynamic changes, regulatory rewiring occur as Tcells respond to infection
84 Illuminating cancer: Researchers invent a pH threshold sensor to improve cancer surgery
85 Study identifies gastric cancer biomarker and possible treatment
86 Neutron diffraction probes forms of carbon dioxide in extreme environments
87 Pittsburgh teen girls take barely half the steps recommended for health
88 Got to remember them all, Pokemon
89 'Watershed' discovery reveals plants' medicinal secrets
90 Computer models find ancient solutions to modern problems
91 Scripps Florida scientists discover new natural source of potent anti-cancer drugs
92 Coffee-ring phenomenon explained in new theory
93 Commonly used drugs lead to more doctor's office, hospital and emergency department visits
94 Festive nebulae light up Milky Way Galaxy satellite
95 VLA, ALMA team up to give first look at birthplaces of most current stars
96 Good news and bad news about forest fragmentation
97 Climate change skepticism may hinge on personal experience
98 Learning by listening: Penn physicians say online reviews can improve health care
99 Gelatin supplements, good for your joints?
100 Chemicals of 'emerging concern' mapped in 3 Great Lakes
101 Examining toddler temperament around the globe
102 Searching a sea of 'noise' to find exoplanets--using only data as a guide
103 Given time, most women with anorexia or bulimia will recover
104 The way you move: Tumor cells move differently than normal ones
105 Heart valves strive to get oxygen one way or another
106 New point of attack against stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori
107 Study finds ideal method to minimize waffle loss in industrial production
108 Feeling blue? Taking a break from Facebook might help
109 Black language matters: A linguistic analysis
110 Traffic fatalities decline in states with medical marijuana laws