File Title
1 Corn yield modeling towards sustainable agriculture
2 Promotion of nickel (Ni) allergy by anamnestic sensitization
3 New hopes in cancer battle--a review of new molecules and treatment strategies
4 Engineers develop a new noninvasive method to detect infections in prostheses
5 Researchers dial in to 'thermostat' in Earth's upper atmosphere
6 Invisible symptoms impact rheumatoid arthritis patients' lives, hinder diagnosis
7 Longer use of pain relievers associated with hearing loss in women
8 Investment in medicine regulatory authorities key to fighting the 21st century 'Third Man'
9 The Lancet: Addition of MRI after 20-week scan could provide more certainty in diagnosing fetal brain abnormalities
10 Review finds high attrition rate among residents in general surgery programs
11 New evidence shows how technology is actively supporting patients in managing their own health
12 Gut cells are gatekeepers of infectious brain diseases, study finds
13 The hidden side of sulfur
14 Saliva test could offer new way to check immunity
15 Does Santa only visit rich kids?
16 Quake-detection app captured nearly 400 temblors worldwide
17 Understanding acute, chronic posttraumatic stress symptoms
18 High attrition rate among residents in general surgery programs
19 Smartphone apps may help study cardiovascular health, behaviors
20 Women denied abortion initially report more negative psychological outcomes
21 Smartphones could be game-changing tool for cardiovascular research, Stanford study shows
22 Smartphones and tablets and adolescents: Small size, big problems?
23 UT Dallas scientist discovers new cancer connection
24 Medical care of child with Down syndrome probably not a financial burden for most families
25 Almost 20 percent of breast cancer patients fail to complete prescribed endocrine therapy
26 Researchers reveal how cancer can spread even before a tumor develops
27 Skin cells 'crawl' together to heal wounds treated with unique hydrogel layer
28 Zika antibodies from infected patient thwart infection in mice
29 Sharp rise in breast cancer gene testing after Angelina Jolie's New York Times editorial
30 CCTV at metro stations could be used to identify people at risk of attempting suicide
31 Obesity in adolescents significantly increases their risk of heart disease regardless of ethnicity
32 Study highlights need for improved, stable eye screening for premature babies
33 Southern elephant seals may adjust their diving behavior to stay in prey patches
34 New Zealand glowworms' sticky 'fishing lines' use moist, urea droplets to trap prey
35 Insectivorous long-fingered bats may also be capable of catching fish
36 Researchers add to evidence that common bacterial cause of gum disease may drive rheumatoid arthritis
37 Common breast cancer mutation could be vulnerable to drug combination
38 Marital history linked to stroke survival
39 Forsyth study provides new insight in the fight against Sjogren's syndrome
40 Protein in urine linked to increased risk of memory problems, dementia
41 The galloping evolution in seahorses
42 Early signs of Alzheimer's detected in cerebrospinal fluid
43 Newly revealed amino acid function could be used to boost antioxidant levels
44 Anti-tumor effect of novel plasma medicine caused by lactate
45 Infants show apparent awareness of ethnic differences, UCLA psychologists report
46 College bowl games deliver $1.5 billion annual economic impact
47 Against the tide: A fish adapting quickly to lethal levels of pollution
48 Extraordinary animation reveals ocean's role in El Ninos
49 Complex, interrelated global problems require broader 'connect-the-dots' science approach: UNESCO
50 Researchers create new way to trap dangerous gases
51 From public outreach to peer review, UW-Madison scientists find value in social media
52 Adapting the transtheoretical model of behavior change to understand prep engagement
53 CRI scientists discover new bone-forming growth factor that reverses osteoporosis in mice
54 A look at the US cold snap from NASA infrared imagery
55 Image of 'typical' welfare recipient linked with racial stereotypes
56 First detection of boron on the surface of Mars
57 Water: Finding the normal within the weird
58 Scientists unravel mechanism fueling growth of aggressive Rhabdoid tumors
59 Researchers identify biochemical mechanism behind a rare, painful genetic disease
60 Studies of vulnerable populations get a 'bootstrapped' boost from statisticians
61 Mexico's energy reform calls for new water policy
62 How organizations can boost charitable giving
63 Female hormones increase risk of vision loss in rare genetic disease
64 Study raises concern of significant under-reporting of child abuse within US Army
65 Scientists examine 'perfect storms' fueling vast tropical biodiversity
66 The good and bad of MRI evaluation of the urothelial tract
67 Breakup of supercontinent Pangea cooled mantle and thinned crust
68 Measuring radiation damage on the fly
69 Kelp beats the heat
70 Battery research reaching out to higher voltages
71 Pessimists--you aren't alone in feeling down
72 'Western' maternal diet appears to raise obesity risk in offspring
73 Eat and be eaten: Invasive scavengers in Hawaii alter island nutrient cycle
74 Low-carb diets safe in short term, more effective for weight loss than low-fat diets
75 New technique switches key biomolecules on and off
76 Unexpected activity of 2 enzymes helps explain why liver cancer drugs fail
77 Oregon researchers find bacterial protein that boosts insulin-producing cells in zebrafish
78 Science and legal experts debate future uses and impact of human genome editing in Gender & the Genome
79 Improving school leadership is topic of guide for education officials
80 New research provides methods to combat holiday excess
81 Lunar sonic booms
82 Rural nursing homes are falling behind in health information technology
83 Broken shoulder leads to carpal tunnel syndrome surgery study
84 Drug for narcolepsy could help food addicts lose weight
85 AGU Fall Meeting: Syrian refugees face new obstacle: Turkish earthquakes [& other topics]
86 Evangelicals are more skeptical of evolution than of climate change
87 Study links nutrition to brain health and intelligence in older adults
88 Studies probe value and impact of direct-to-consumer genetic testing
89 Magnetic mirror could shed new light on gravitational waves and the early universe
90 Workplace fun is fundamental for learning on the job
91 Are we running out of vanilla? (video)
92 Switchgrass may be a good option for farmers who have lost fertile topsoil
93 Are death row cases plagued with racial bias?
94 Extensive experience does not necessarily make policemen better murder investigators
95 Salmon, blue mussel, eider, and eel die from the same vitamin deficiency
96 Scientists redefine horned dinosaur relationships by naming 2 new ceratopsian tribes
97 Feeling grateful? No, thanks!
98 Sleep helps process traumatic experiences
99 Topical skin cream for treatment of basal cell carcinoma shows promise as an alternative to surgery
100 Drugs from nature: Big effects of multiple compounds in small amounts
101 Mutations acquired trans-Pacific may be key to changes in Zika severity
102 New wheat crops as an alternative to a gluten-free diet
103 Forming a second line of plant defense--capturing disease-resistant DNA
104 A skillful rescue robot with remote-control function
105 Insulin resistance and polycystic ovary syndrome
106 Yoga can have social benefits for children in care, says a new study
107 The harmful effects of the aging Asian population on the economy
108 Swedish and Greek archaeologists discover unknown city in Greece
109 Sugar and sweeteners--how do they affect our appetite?
110 Can you bounce water balloons off a bed of nails? Yes, says new study