File Title
1 Mars should have loads more water--so where has it all gone?
2 Cosmic radio bursts tracked to home galaxy for first time
3 Metal asteroid and Trojans selected for next NASA missions
4 Brain shrinks less in older people who eat Mediterranean diet
5 Living near a highway may increase dementia risk by 7 percent
6 Brain's face recognition area grows much bigger as we get older
7 Twitter is being used in classes to help students learn Arabic
8 Miniature brain and skull found inside 16-year-old girl's ovary
9 Transistor stretchier than skin for ultra-flexible wearable tech
10 London road has broken annual legal pollution limits already
11 Oxytocin surge before a fight helps chimps bond with their group
12 Milky Way's core could be spewing out planet-sized star chunks
13 Zapping the brain really does seem to improve depression
14 Massive drop in London HIV rates may be due to internet drugs
15 The trunk trick that lets elephants pick up almost anything
16 'Alien megastructure' signal may be due to star eating a planet
17 Why mums and babies prefer to keep to one side of each other
18 Gene-silencing spray lets us modify plants without changing DNA
19 Nissan uses NASA rover tech to remotely oversee autonomous car
20 Mini-brains made from teeth help reveal what makes us sociable
21 Norway is first country to turn off FM radio and go digital-only
22 Wild monkey filmed mounting deer and trying to have sex with it
23 Extinct giant goose used its wings to fight rather than fly
24 Home robot to nudge older people to stay social and active
25 Thousands of birds to be culled in France to stop bird flu
26 Space travel's mental health toll could endanger long missions
27 Cyprus reunification may harm unique wildlife thriving on border
28 Bird-loving vampire bats develop taste for human blood
29 Carbon seen bonding with six other atoms for the first time
30 Squeezed light cools tiny drum to coldest temperature ever
31 Baboons recorded making key sounds found in human speech
32 UK urged to push ahead with world-first tidal lagoon power plant
33 Largest ever shark was doomed by its taste for dwarf whales
34 Army of 350,000 Star Wars bots found lurking on Twitter
35 Mice turn into killers when brain circuit is triggered by laser
36 Molecules tied into beautiful 'octofoil' knot for first time
37 Smartwatches know you're getting a cold days before you feel ill
38 No sign of seasonal dark matter after four years of searching
39 First ever video of an elusive new ruby seadragon filmed in wild
40 Press regulators need to act when scientific facts are denied
41 Poker AI competes to beat top players in no-limit game
42 Concussed athletes more likely to injure their legs months later
43 Binary stars shred up and shove off their newborn planets
44 Harvester ants farm by planting seeds to eat once they germinate
45 Mini fire extinguishers inside lithium batteries may stop blazes
46 Gadget boom sees e-waste in Asia spike 63 percent in 5 years
47 Taxi races show black cabs beat Uber on speed but not cost
48 Woman dies from infection resistant to all available antibiotics
49 Cold case: The unsolved mystery of what lit Kepler's supernova
50 Female shark learns to reproduce without males after years alone
51 Global sea ice is at lowest level ever recorded
52 Antibody can protect brains from the aging effects of old blood
53 Complex life may have had a false start 2.3 billion years ago
54 Antelope revived in Sahara years after going extinct in the wild
55 How Trump's erratic nuclear posture could spark a new arms race
56 Women's access to birth control and abortion fading under Trump
57 Climate scientists brace themselves for a Trump-led witch-hunt
58 How to protest against Trump in his expanded surveillance state
59 Electronic gene control could let us plug bacteria into devices
60 Calorie restriction diet extends life of monkeys by years
61 Curiosity finds Mars rock that may be a meteorite made from iron
62 First baby born using 3-parent technique to treat infertility
63 2016 confirmed as the hottest year on record
64 First evidence of dwarf galaxy merger boosts two cosmic theories
65 US army wants to fire swarm of weaponised drones from a missile
66 Mysterious fairy circles in Namibian desert explained at last
67 Stretchy robotic suit reduces energy used to walk by 23 percent
68 Majority of primate species may vanish in next 25 to 50 years
69 Many more people could still die from mad cow disease in the UK
70 Seals hunt down hidden fish by sensing their breath in the sand
71 Many more people could still die from mad cow disease in the UK
72 Brainwaves could act as your password--but not if you're drunk
73 Foxes may confuse predators by rubbing themselves in puma scent
74 Abortion rate halves if women have to go extra 100 miles
75 Recycled eggshells can be used for next-gen data storage
76 Smart buildings predict when critical systems are about to fail
77 Robot skin senses warm bodies like a snake locating nearby prey
78 Real-life psychopaths actually have below-average intelligence
79 Spitting archerfish shoot at prey above and beneath the water
80 Intergalactic collision birthed a sparkling ring of young stars
81 Light-speed camera snaps light's "sonic boom" for the first time
82 Chilean Navy Releases A Mysterious UFO Footage After Two Years Of Investigation (Video)
83 A New Environmental Police To Battle Heavy Smog In Beijing
84 How Does Climate Change Kill Polar Bears?
85 Antarctica Ice Shelf Crack Grows In Size; Scientists Are Not Alarmed
86 Climate Change And Administration Change; Where Is America Headed For?
87 This Explains President Barack Obama's Deep Love For Science
88 Mark Hamill Proud Of New Primate Species, But 'Simian Skywalker' Already Endangered
89 Farewell: Legendary 'Pioneer Cabin Tree' Uprooted By A Deadly Storm In California
90 $328 million Federal Scientific Research Funding Sliced Up Between Canadian Research Centers
91 A Mysterious Spinning Ice Disc Spotted In Michigan's Pine River (Video)
92 Vampire Bats Live Up To Their Name By Feasting On Humans
93 Chimps Know How To Avoid Inbreeding Depression
94 Rare Ruby Seadragons Spotted For The First Time In The Wild (Video)
95 New Alien Hunter Tool Developed To Catch The Faintest Of Alien Life Signatures
96 Why Menopause Occurs In Humans And Killer Whales?
97 Sea Urchins And Parrotfish Can Save The Caribbean's Coral Reef From Algae, New Research Suggests
98 A Disturbing Wall Of Frozen Fish Spotted On Lake Andes
99 A Mysterious Light Pillar Phenomenon Captured In Canada (Video)
100 Turns Out The Alleged Sea Monster Was Not A Monster At All
101 ISU Research: A Change Of Urban Population Density Will Impact The Future Building Energy Use
102 Dinosaurs Were Killed By Sulfuric Acid Clouds That Made Earth Dark And Cold
103 Apocalypse: 500-Year-Old Prophecy By 'Italian Nostradamus' Fulfilled
104 Death By Plants? US Army Wants To Develop Biodegradable Bullets To Help The Environment
105 Sunken 600-Year-Old Statue Of Buddha Recently Emerges From The Water In East China
106 Biblical Archaeology: King David's Defense System Unearthed In Israel
107 Beijing To Spend Billions For Clean Air
108 Virgin Births: Scientists Baffled On Female Zebra Shark Gives Birth Without Mating
109 Details Of Nature: Relationship Between Soil Fungi And Tree Seedling Is More Complex--Research
110 Finally, A Breath Of Fresh Air, But Coming Out Of Tofu