File Title
1 Immune cell therapy shows promising results for lymphoma patients
2 Vaginal microbes point toward early detection and screening for endometrial cancer
3 Deepest X-ray image ever reveals black hole treasure trove
4 Genomic data sharing is critical to improving genetic health care
5 Cancers evade immunotherapy by 'discarding the evidence' of tumor-specific mutations
6 NASA moon data provides more accurate 2017 eclipse path
7 Apligraf demonstrates significant change in chronic wound's genomic profile
8 Physicists solve decades-old scientific mystery of negative differential resistance
9 Captured on video: DNA nanotubes build a bridge between 2 molecular posts
10 Eight years of decreased MRSA health care-associated infections associated with Veterans Affairs Prevention Initiative
11 Taking hour-long afternoon naps improves thinking and memory in older Chinese adults
12 Physical activity reduces heart disease deaths for older adults
13 High monthly vitamin D reduces respiratory infections, may increase falls for older adults
14 Evaluating tissue response to biomaterials with a new bone-implant interaction model
15 Climate change could trigger strong sea level rise
16 New report calls for revisions to WIC food packages; changes would save money over time
17 Animal study shows harmful effects of secondhand smoke even before pregnancy
18 Are tiny grazers the new hope for Caribbean reefs?
19 High-tech mooring will measure beneath Antarctic ice
20 La Roche-Posay and GW publish study on sun protection behavior and skin cancer awareness
21 Lung cancer patients may benefit from delayed chemotherapy after surgery
22 New therapeutic agent proves more effective treatment for advanced prostate cancer
23 Radar reveals meltwater's year-round life under Greenland ice
24 New microscope chemically identifies micron-sized particles
25 Researchers identify factors associated with stopping treatment for opioid dependence
26 Females seeking a sex partner can tell whether males experienced stress during adolescence
27 Identifying children at risk of eating disorders is key to saving lives
28 Leaders and managers should be taught how to 'love' their staff
29 Harmonization needed!
30 Mothers' lack of legal knowledge linked to juvenile re-offending
31 Hot weather not to blame for Salmonella on egg farms
32 Better the devil you know
33 Mouse model points to potential new treatment for Alzheimer's disease
34 A colorful yet little known snout moth genus from China with 5 new species
35 Protein associated with Parkinson's travels from brain to gut
36 Hong Kong hosts more than a quarter of all marine species recorded in China
37 Telecommunications light amplifier could strengthen integrity of transmitted data
38 Buzzing the vagus nerve just right to fight inflammatory disease
39 New model shows companies how to tailor call center service to different customer types
40 Salk scientists crack the structure of HIV machinery
41 Stanford study shows development of face recognition entails brain tissue growth
42 New research predicts the future of coral reefs under climate change
43 Alarming levels of hypertension found in the general public
44 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Gastric bypass helps severely obese teenagers maintain weight loss over long term
45 Scientists find how cancer cells can shrug off physical constraints on growth and spread
46 Long-distance survival: Effects of storage time and environmental exposure on soil bugs
47 Climate change has mixed effects on migratory geese
48 Vision symptoms following concussion limit a child's ability to return to the classroom
49 When being extra sweet doesn't pay off
50 One part of the brain unexpectedly continues to grow in adulthood
51 A flexible transistor that conforms to skin
52 Humans occupied Tibetan Plateau thousands of years earlier than previously thought
53 Chemotherapy effectiveness and initiation time after lung cancer surgery
54 New apps designed to reduce depression and anxiety as easily as checking your phone
55 Research helps explain why androgen-deprivation therapy doesn't work for many prostate cancers
56 Ignition interlock laws reduce alcohol-involved fatal crashes
57 Cancer death rate has dropped 25 percent since 1991 peak
58 Genetics play a significant role in immunity, new research finds
59 Efforts are needed to enrich the lives of killer whales in captivity
60 Pollutants in the Arctic environment are threatening polar bear health
61 Acid suppression medications linked to serious gastrointestinal infections
62 Foods rich in resistant starch may benefit health
63 First complete interactome map of human receptor tyrosine kinases and phosphatases
64 Structure of kidney failure patients' blood clots may increase their risk of early death
65 Many kidney failure patients lack advance directives near the end of life
66 Density functional theory took a wrong turn recently
67 South American fossil tomatillos show nightshades evolved earlier than thought
68 Hummingbirds see motion in an unexpected way
69 Scaling up marine conservation targets should benefit millions of people
70 Medical screening and fly control could rapidly reduce sleeping sickness in key locations
71 Potential evidence of lung-specific Ebola infection found in recovering patient
72 NIH-sponsored expert panel issues clinical guidelines to prevent peanut allergy
73 New guidelines show how to introduce peanut-containing foods to reduce allergy risk
74 HKU biologist reveals important role cities play in conservation of threatened species
75 More frequent hurricanes not necessarily stronger on Atlantic coast
76 New drugs, higher costs offer little survival benefit in advanced lung cancer
77 Eelgrass in Puget Sound is stable overall, but some local beaches suffering
78 Humpback habitats off Madagascar revealed as energy exploration ramps up
79 Scientists learn how to ramp up microbes' ability to make memories
80 York U research identifies icy ridges on Pluto
81 Study suggests route to improve artery repair
82 Researchers discover new mechanism for Type IV pili retraction in Vibrio cholerae
83 Study shows cardiovascular benefits continue 5 years after weight loss program
84 Liquid nicotine for electronic cigarettes is toxic for kids
85 Green chemistry: Au naturel catalyst mimics nature to break tenacious carbon-hydrogen bond
86 Study finds potential instability in Atlantic Ocean water circulation system
87 Increasing rainfall in a warmer world will likely intensify typhoons in western Pacific
88 New technique uses immune cells to deliver anti-cancer drugs
89 Psychiatric emergency patients in Massachusetts wait longest for hospital beds
90 Study: Medicaid expansion boosts Michigan's economy and will more than pay for itself
91 As neighborhood status falls, cardiovascular disease risk among black residents spikes
92 Nano-chimneys can cool circuits
93 UNC-Chapel Hill researchers use light to launch drugs from red blood cells
94 Research reinforces role of supernovae in clocking the universe
95 Scripps Florida scientists expand toolbox to study cellular function
96 Immunotherapy, gene therapy combination shows promise against glioblastoma
97 'Complementary' feeding for infants--ESPGHAN position paper offers guidance
98 Cosmic source found for mysterious 'fast radio burst'
99 Higher pay no enticement to blue-collar politicians, study finds
100 Yoga may help kids with cancer--special issue of Rehabilitation Oncology highlights physical therapy for pediatric cancer
101 People aren't the only beneficiaries of power plant carbon standards
102 Medication adherence a problem in atrial fibrillation patients
103 Preterm infants fare well in early language development
104 Sea sponges offer clues to how human-made structures can resist buckling
105 High fiber diets may alleviate inflammation caused by gout
106 What do Google search queries reveal about brand attitudes?
107 Researchers identify factors responsible for chronic nature of autoimmune disease
108 Increased reaction to stress linked to gastrointestinal issues in children with autism
109 Promising results using silver-releasing scaffolds in MRSA infection of bone
110 Murky Amazon waters cloud fish vision