File Title
1 'Ant-like' bees among new desert species identified by Utah State University entomologist
2 Genomic sequencing illuminates recent Shigella outbreaks in California
3 The incorrigibles
4 Stability challenge in perovskite solar cell technology
5 Fungus-infecting virus could help track spread of white-nose syndrome in bats
6 Visualizing gene expression with MRI
7 NIAID research aids discovery of genetic immune disorder
8 First movie of energy transfer in photosynthesis solves decades-old debate
9 Anti-AXL biologic increases tumor sensitivity to radiation and check-point inhibitors
10 Champagne owes its taste to the finely tuned quality of its bubbles
11 Protein that activates immune response harms body's ability to fight HIV
12 Christmas holidays linked to rise in heart attacks in northern and southern hemispheres
13 New tag revolutionizes whale research--and makes them partners in science
14 Post-Op complications measurements differ, Mayo Clinic study finds
15 The hidden inferno inside your laser pointer
16 Researchers capture video of false killer whale's encounter with longline
17 Enhanced energy: ONR global seeks more powerful electronic devices
18 Genetic cause identified for previously unrecognized developmental disorder
19 TSRI study: Protein monitors lung volume and regulates breathing
20 Mouse models indicate burning more fat and less glucose could lead to diabetes
21 Genes Nardilysin and OGDHL linked to human neurological conditions
22 Losing sleep over discrimination? 'Everyday discrimination' may contribute to sleep problems
23 Jujube genome study sheds light on fruit tree's domestication
24 Advance in intense pulsed light sintering opens door to improved electronics manufacturing
25 UTSW identify process cells use to destroy damaged organelles, with links to diseases
26 Oregon researchers publish reference genome of gulf pipefish
27 Electron-photon small-talk could have big impact on quantum computing
28 Training to become a scuba diver? Start at the dentist
29 Promising discovery for a non-invasive early detection of Alzheimer's disease
30 Histologic classification impacts SBRT treatment in early-stage lung cancer patients
31 Hidden hearing loss revealed by UConn School of Medicine researchers
32 Wayne State University leads groundbreaking research on preterm birth
33 New precision medicine tool helps optimize cancer treatment
34 Gene test could pinpoint patients sensitive to new type of cancer drug
35 Feeding the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way
36 Hubble chases a small stellar galaxy in the Hunting Dog
37 Moffitt researchers use mathematics to explain treatment resistance
38 Existence of a short-lived tetraneutron predicted
39 Study IDs key indicators linking violence and mental illness
40 The sound of quantum vacuum
41 Overweight affects DNA methylation
42 Weight loss reduces psoriasis symptoms
43 Deadly sleeping sickness set to be eliminated in 6 years
44 Helping pays off: People who care for others live longer
45 Sensor sensation
46 Proteins at the movies
47 Interleukin-1[alpha] causes people to choke on air
48 Oddly shaped immune cells cause fibrosis
49 Fractional calculus helps control systems hit their mark
50 Fractional disturbance observers could help machines stay on track
51 Occupational therapy may have the potential to slow down functional decline and reduce behavioral troubles
52 Direct-to-brain chemo better than systemic drugs when immunotherapy is to follow
53 Study potentially explains vulnerability of young cancer patients to treatment toxicities
54 Penn expert: Human genome sequences linked to health data will change clinical medicine
55 Biologists use fossils to pinpoint when mammal and dinosaur ancestors became athletes
56 Results of major myeloma treatment trial published in the Lancet
57 The Lancet: Final trial results confirm Ebola vaccine provides high protection against disease
58 Heart-related deaths spike at Christmas
59 Abortion care in the UK is 'heading towards a crisis,' warns expert
60 Controlling the body clock
61 More than 50 percent of women are avoiding pregnancy due to Zika in Brazil
62 Artificial intelligence to generate new cancer drugs on demand
63 Know thy enemy: Kill MRSA with tailored chemistry
64 NIH-supported scientists accelerate immune response to tuberculosis in mice
65 Here's why you don't feel jet-lagged when you run a fever
66 Firefly gift-giving: Composition of 'nuptial gifts' revealed, shedding light on postmating sexual selection
67 History of kidney injury increases risk of pregnancy complications
68 Using super-slow motion movie, scientists pin down the workings of a key proton pump
69 Global climate target could net additional six million tons of fish annually
70 Researchers estimate time since death using necrobiome
71 Plastics compound BPS alters mouse moms' behavior and brain regions
72 Analysis of 50,000+ genomes reveals detrimental mutations
73 What makes a skin cell destined to be hairy or sweaty
74 An astounding number of insects migrate overhead
75 Paris Agreement target critical for preserving fisheries
76 1.5íC Paris Agreement target could net six million tons of fish annually
77 Scientists discover concussion biomarker
78 Nanoscale 'conversations' create complex, multi-layered structures
79 Temperature drives biodiversity
80 Mass insect migrations in UK skies
81 Prior kidney damage may pose risks for pregnant women and their babies
82 Smoking while pregnant may compromise children's kidney function
83 These dinosaurs lost their teeth as they grew up
84 A stem cell strategy for boosting testosterone levels tested in rodents
85 No teeth? No problem--dinosaur species had teeth as babies, lost them as they grew
86 Gene activity predicts progression of autoimmune disease, Stanford researchers find
87 Some glioblastoma patients benefit from 'ineffective' treatment, Stanford researchers say
88 FH and other findings from Geisinger-Regeneron genomics studies
89 Obesity-associated protein could be linked to leukemia development
90 Genes controlling sugar and acid content played key role in jujube domestication
91 Astrophotography as a gateway to science
92 TSRI scientists show how drug binds with 'hidden pocket' on flu virus
93 Shortened treatment for middle ear infection is less effective than standard course
94 UTHealth's Wolinsky is senior author of paper on new therapy for primary MS
95 Cancer cells' transition can drive tumor growth, UF Health researchers find
96 Toeing the line: Study finds brain cells that signal path of travel
97 Study shows discrimination interacts with genetics and impacts health
98 JDR studies examine the trends and impact of NIH research funding to dental schools
99 Reducing antibiotic duration does more harm than good for ear infections in young children
100 Stressed snakes strike first
101 New approach captures the energy of slow motion
102 New drug could help prevent artery disease in high-risk patients
103 The last frontier
104 New insight for developing more effective drugs to combat inflammatory bowel disease
105 Why big brains are rare
106 Researchers confirm molecule's role in kidney formation
107 Penn: Epigenetic change ties mitochondrial dysfunction to tumor progression
108 Study: Children can 'catch' social bias through non-verbal signals expressed by adults
109 Challenges remain in HIV care in Africa
110 Scripps Florida scientists uncover cellular process behind premature aging