File Title
1 Brain shrinkage in multiple sclerosis associated with leaked protein in blood
2 Study offers approach to treating pain
3 Study sheds light on the function of the penis bone in male competition
4 Young, thin and hyperactive: That's what outlier galaxies look like
5 New discovery may improve recovery after stroke
6 Supercomputer simulation reveals 2-D glass can go infinitely soft
7 Brain structure best explains our dwindling tolerance of risk
8 Scientists see 'new Arctic' is more prone to melting and storms
9 Does corporate social responsibility marketing work? It depends who and where you are
10 Teen substance use shows promising decline
11 Stimulator bypasses spine injury, helps patients move hands
12 Study first to show role of Parkin gene in eye lens free radical formation, cell survival
13 Research identifies a molecular basis for common congenital brain defect
14 American death rate from drugs, alcohol, and mental disorders nearly triples since 1980
15 Can't smell asparagus pee? Is Pokemon GO good exercise?
16 More parents funding college education contributes to income and wealth gap
17 Scientists devise new method to give 'most robust' estimate of Maasai Mara lion numbers
18 Study: Warming global temperatures may not affect carbon stored deep in northern peatlands
19 Study identifies why some people can smell asparagus in urine
20 Pokemon Go moderately improves physical activity among adults
21 Sustained enjoyment in older age linked to longer life
22 Risk avoidance in older adults is related to brain anatomy, not age
23 Therapy response in brain tumor cells is linked to disease prognosis
24 The shape of a bird's wing determines where it lives
25 Laboratory-on-a-chip technique simplifies detection of cancer DNA biomarkers
26 Mass oyster die-off in San Francisco related to atmospheric rivers
27 Your left hand knows what your right hand is doing
28 Follicular lymphoma: A tale of 2 cancers
29 Cancer genomics continued: Triple negative breast cancer and cancer immunotherapy
30 How cytoplasmic DNA undergoes adaptation to avoid harmful mutations
31 Groundbreaking study sheds light on treating cancer
32 Rapid and mass production of graphene, using microwaves
33 Direct observation of graphene decoupling on Cu (111)
34 New anode material set to boost lithium-ion battery capacity
35 Scientists move step closer to solving fusion plasma dilemma
36 Hands-free just as distracting as handheld mobile phone use behind the wheel
37 New study seeks to use human serum to detect heart attacks
38 Worm treatment strategy could benefit millions of kids
39 Earth's magnetic fields could track ocean heat, NASA study proposes
40 Personalizing chemotherapy to treat pediatric leukemia
41 Cholesterol-fighting drugs lower risk of Alzheimer's disease
42 Squeezing life from DNA's double helix
43 Energy cascades in quasicrystals trigger an avalanche of discovery
44 An informatics approach helps better identify chemical combinations in consumer products
45 Faster (cheaper) method for making big bioactive ring molecules
46 Research unlocks clues to language-based learning in children
47 TSRI scientists devise new approaches to personalized medicines
48 Chemists uncover a means to control catalytic reactions
49 Bed bug education program promotes awareness, prevention in schools
50 'Cadillac tax' may precipitate changes to employer-provided health care insurance
51 Catholics more committed to workplace than evangelicals are, study finds
52 Distant phenomena influence climate in South America
53 Researchers explain why feather shafts change shape when under stress
54 What satellites can tell us about how animals will fare in a changing climate
55 New nonsurgical repair of common heart defect in premature babies is shown to be effective
56 Fighting world hunger: Researchers use nuclear methods to study pest-resistance in corn
57 Nutrition program improves food stamp family's food security
58 Mystery molecule is a key to inhibiting colon cancer
59 How does water melt? Layer by layer!
60 Reseracher [sic: Researcher] finds 'identity loan' common in undocumented workers
61 First-of-its-kind study on injury recovery takes the trauma patient's point of view
62 It's basic: Alternative fuel cell technology reduces cost
63 Emerging trends in alcohol binge and use disorders among older adults
64 Type of psychotherapy matters in treatment of irritable bowel syndrome
65 Sawdust reinvented into super sponge for oil spills
66 New robot has a human touch
67 Why we walk on our heels instead of our toes
68 Researchers develop new approach for better big data prediction
69 Public willing to pay to reduce toxic algae--but maybe not enough
70 Get better customer service by choosing your words wisely
71 A new light on stellar death
72 Two electrons go on a quantum walk and end up in a qudit
73 Young professionals speak out on achieving equity in pediatrics
74 More are positive about HPV vaccine on Twitter than not, Drexel study finds
75 New study doubles the estimate of bird species in the world
76 UT Southwestern study shows fasting kills cancer cells of common childhood leukemia
77 Study uncovers details of information processing in the brain
78 Multiple sclerosis: Reduced levels of contrast agent deposits in the brain
79 Enzyme that regulates DNA repair may offer new precision treatments for breast and ovarian cancer
80 Antarctic site promises to open a new window on the cosmos
81 What is the most effective treatment for endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia?
82 A $5 fix for a nasty parasite
83 Costs of treating patients with psychosis change significantly as they age
84 Availability of community-based fitness classes leads to increased activity levels
85 Predator invasion had devastating, long-term effects on native fish
86 Holy batcave! Personal sighting leads UT's Dinets to new data on spectral bat
87 New heart imaging test identifies improved outcomes in patients with amyloidosis
88 Anti-tumor synergy
89 Famine alters metabolism for successive generations
90 AAOS Board approves treatment criteria for carpal tunnel syndrome and knee osteoarthritis
91 How hearing loss can change the way nerve cells are wired
92 Men should avoid rock music when playing board games, say scientists
93 Versatile optical laser will enable innovative experiments at atomic-scale measurements
94 Dual loss of TET proteins prompts lethal upsurge in inflammatory T cells in a mouse model
95 New research reveals extent of human threat to lion populations
96 New compound eases neuropathic pain from light touch
97 How physical exercise aids in stroke recovery
98 Bacterial 'sabotage' handicaps ability to resolve devastating lung inflammation
99 New laser scanning test to assess fire-damaged concrete
100 Blood pressure medication paves the way for approaches to managing Barrett's syndrome
101 Remote sensing is becoming increasingly important in biodiversity research
102 Bioanalysis publishes special issue on methods and techniques for metabolic phenotyping
103 The world's wet regions are getting wetter and the dry regions are getting drier
104 Faster track to treatment
105 The sea roils and life returns
106 Exploring advancements in viral immunotherapies and vaccines in the melanoma field
107 Innovative maternal health interventions reduce mortality in Ethiopia
108 The antibody that normalizes tumor vessels
109 The first-in-man clinical trial targeting Alzheimer's Tau protein
110 Spinning black hole swallowing star explains superluminous event