File Title
1 Mysterious Object Under the Surface of Antarctica Could Be 'Nazi UFO Bases,' Conspiracy Theorists Claim
2 Aliens, UFO Sightings on World's Deepest Lake? A Strange 3-Mile Long Dark Ring Spotted on Frozen Siberian Lake
3 Thousands of Dead Fish Washed Ashore in Nova Scotia; Why? Scientists Have No Idea
4 Terrifying Mega Tsunamis: Watch How Big They Can Actually Get! [Video]
5 NASA Captures Northern Lights in New Stunning Photo
6 World's Highest Bridge Soars 565 Meters Above a River Opens in China
7 Blackened Potatoes Unearthed Under the 3,800-Year-Old Garden in Canada
8 Biblical Stone Wall Collapses in Israel
9 Evolution of New Life Forms in 'Cambrian Explosion' Linked with Increase in Atmospheric Oxygen Levels and Concomitant Fossil Fuel Formation
10 The Famous Kamokuna Lava Delta Collapsed Including Its Viewing Platform into the Ocean in Hawaii [Video]
11 Deadly Storms Hit the Southeast States, Killed Five People and Brought Severe Damages
12 World's Oldest Killer Whale Presumed Dead, Reports Say
13 90-Million-Year-Old Dolphin-Like Reptile Fossil Discovered in Texas
14 Scientists Must Double Their Efforts in Combating Global Warming; Rebound of Greenhouse Gas Emission Found
15 Filmmaker Joyce Rankin Records Climate Change in New Documentary
16 Earth Will Boil Over: Scientists Say the Consequences of Global Warming May Be Far Worse than Anticipated
17 Sinking of the 'Titanic' Caused by Fire Not by an Iceberg?
18 Extinction: These Animals Could Be Wiped Out in 2017
19 Selling of Shark Fins Prohibited by Law in Rhode Island
20 Climate Change: Breakthrough in Converting Carbon Emission to Baking Soda to Fight Global Warming Is In
21 Climate Change: No Slowdown in Global Warming, New Study Reveals
22 Climate Change: 'The Day After Tomorrow' Film Becomes a Reality? Effects of Global Warming Leave Oceans Unreliable
23 A Giant Iceberg Is About to Break Away from Antarctica
24 Deepest X-Ray Image by NASA Shows Countless Black Holes
25 HIV Self Test: WHO & FDA Approved OraQuick in-Home HIV Test
26 Platypus Venom Could Be a Promising Cure for Diabetes, Study Finds
27 Parkinson's Disease Linked to Gut Bacteria
28 Zika Risk in US Mapped by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
29 Salem Witch Trials: A Theory Claims Moldy Bread Is the Cause Salemites Turned to the Dark Side
30 Health News: Implant Device Detects and Traps Circulating Cancer Cells in the Body
31 Bizarre Things Happen When a Woman Breastfeeds
32 Patients Suffering 'Mini-Strokes' Not Treated Well
33 Smoking Kills, Even When One Smokes at Minimum
34 Why People's Salads Can Make Them Gain Weight Instead of Losing It
35 Saturated Fats May Actually Be Healthy for People, Study Claims
36 Weight Loss by Ketogenic Dieting Is Gaining Popularity: Atkins Diet Is Back with a Bang
37 2M Pounds of Chicken Recalled in Oklahoma
38 New Drug for Cancer Treatment Poses Higher Risk in the Body
39 Hundreds of VA Patients Might Be Exposed to HIV and Hepatitis, Report Shows [Video]
40 Nestle Creates Low-Sugar Chocolate to Curb Diabetes: But It Still Tastes Good
41 Don't Go Bare, Leave Some Hair! Pubic Hair Grooming Linked to Increased STD Risk
42 Caesarian Births Cause Evolutionary Changes in Humans
43 Marijuana Can Cure Epilepsy: Recent Studies Done by Scientists of Birmingham Epilepsy Center Revealed
44 87 Psychiatric Patients Escape While Staff Goes on Strike in Kenya
45 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Can Be Treated with Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Immunotherapy, Scientists Revealed
46 'Shock and Kill' Strategy to Cure HIV Could Damage a Patient's Brain
47 New DNA Evidence Shows Deadly Malaria Hit the Roman Empire 2,000 Years Ago
48 Lamp Light Operative Photodynamic Molecules Designed to Kill Cancer Tumors Discovered
49 Fasting Health Benefits: Food Deprivation Is Actually Good for the Brain
50 MDMA Use in Treatment for PTSD Approved for Final Trials; Party Drug Could Be Legally Prescribed by 2021
51 Pessimism: Being Negative Is Not Good for the Heart, Can Cause Heart Disease
52 New Medical Technology: Traditional Japanese Flower Arranging Art Inspires Creation of Artificial Brains
53 Cannabis News: Possible Marijuana-infused Gummy Bears Send 14 Teens to Hospital
54 Little Boy's Death Gives People Significant Lesson About Food Allergies
55 Marijuana News: Drink Cannabis-Infused Coffee, Tea or Cocoa with this New Product
56 Philip Morris Seeks FDA Approval for Alternative Cigarette
57 A Handful of Nuts a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
58 Social Stigma Prevents Use of HIV Prevention Medicines in the US and UK, Study Suggests
59 Cannabis News: Research Found Older Americans Use Marijuana; No Health Risk, They Say
60 Take Care of Your Brain! Study Links Traumatic Brain Injury to Risk of Jail Time
61 Moderate Habitual Drinking Believed to Cause Irregular Heartbeat
62 E-Cigarettes: US Surgeon General Alarmed by Increasing Number of Teen 'Vapers'
63 Smallpox Is Back; Scientists Hunt Down History of Smallpox Origin
64 How to Look Young and Stop Aging? Let this Computer Algorithm Help
65 Drug Addiction to Be Managed by Supervised-Injection Sites in British Columbia
66 Life Expectancy in US Drops for the First Time in Decades
67 Breathing in May Affect Memory Recall, Response to Fear
68 Zykadia: Lung Cancer Treatment Found; One of Novartis Oncology Pipeline Products Shows Promising Results
69 Protein Levels in the Blood Linked to Heart Disease, Brain Damage
70 NBA's Phil Jackson Admits He Smoked Marijuana to Relieve Back Pain
71 Chemotherapy Drugs Apparently Cause Women to Produce New Eggs
72 Marijuana Side Effects: Regular Cannabis Use May Affect Vision
73 Artificial Intelligence to Predict Future Dementia Development
74 Nobel Prize 2016 Winner in Physiology, Yoshinori Ohsumi, Honored in a Grand Celebration in Stockholm
75 Blood Clot Treatment Found by Researchers at Verseon Corporation
76 Discovery Of the Mummy's DNA Could Lead to the Understanding of the Origin of Smallpox
77 Health Insurance Companies in Dilemma Over Tentative Changes in Obamacare to Be Made by Trump Government
78 An Electric Walking Bike Is Selling like Hotcakes Online; Find Out More About this Ridiculously Cool Innovation
79 Alexion Pharmaceuticals CEO Resigns: Changes but No Clarity Over Company Woes
80 Drug Overdose Death Toll Surpassed the Number of Gun Homicides, CDC Data Report Disclosed Extremely Disturbing Statistics
81 Heavy Alcohol Consumption May Affect Brain Development in Adolescents
82 Marijuana News: Advocacy Group Filed a Petition Against the DEA for Misinformation with Regard to Cannabis Effects
83 Eat Fatty Foods to Lose Weight: New Research Done by Scientists at the University of Ireland Suggests
84 FDA Gives Glowing Disapproval to Glow-In-The-Dark Beers; Creators Fight Back with More Luminescent Booze!
85 HIV Vaccine Update: Canadian Scientists to Test Promising Vax On 600 People
86 Be Careful Dog Lovers: Former Soldier Suffered a Rare Disease After He Was Licked by His Dog
87 Students Earn a College Degree and 4.5 Kilograms of Extra Weight! #graduationday
88 Eat Dirt! Reason Behind Odd Behavior of Eating Soil Unveiled by Researchers
89 Diabetes Treatment Found; Cell Implant for Insulin Production Shows Revolutionary Results in Studies
90 Breast Cancer Treatment and Bomb Detection Can Now Be Done Using X-Rays
91 Happiness Depends on Feeling Better than Earning More, Says New Study
92 Health Warning: Do Not Exercise in Polluted Areas; Air Pollution Weakens Blood Vessel Function in the Lungs
93 Twitter Will Monitor Norovirus Outbreak in Britain; Tweet the Vomit Strategy of FSA
94 Cholesterol-Lowering Statins Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
95 One in Six Adults in the U.S. Takes Psychiatric Drugs, Study Says
96 Loneliness Can Kill People, Study on Breast Cancer Patients Suggests
97 Zombie Apocalypse? Million-Year-Old Bacterium Found Resistant to Most Antibiotics
98 Obesity Prevention Law Passed: Chocolates to Be Banned in Public Fundraisers in Australia
99 HIV/AIDS Treatment Increases the Risk of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease in HIV-Positive Patients
100 How to Avoid Gaining Weight on Holidays
101 Pokemon GO: Did this Game Get People to Exercise?
102 Zombie Apocalypse? 'Gold' Synthetic Marijuana Causes Zombie-Like Effect, 85 Times Worse than Cannabis
103 DNA Vaccines: Can They Fight Zika, Other Viruses?
104 CBD Oil, Marijuana and All Other Cannabis Products Are Federally Illegal; New DEA Classification Code for CBD Oil
105 Depressive Symptoms, Suicidal Thoughts Common Among Active Airline Pilots, Study Finds
106 Measles Alert Issued in Sydney After Multiple Diagnoses
107 Newfound Technique Developed by Physicists to Prevent Epidemics
108 Angelina Jolie Breast Cancer Genetic Testing News Contributed in Creating Awareness Among Women
109 Airline Pilots Have Higher Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Study Reveals
110 Henry Heimlich, Inventor of Life-Saving Antichoking Technique, Dies at 96