File Title
1 An Incredibly Rare Crystal on Earth Uncovered in a Russian Meteorite
2 Hawaii Is Not that Far for the Winter Season, Hit by 2 Feet of Snow
3 The Showdown Between the Weather Channel and Breitbart About Climate Change Will Have America as the Ultimate Loser
4 Indonesia Hit by a Quake: Search and Rescue Ongoing
5 Scientists Detect Radiation from Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Should People Be Concerned?
6 Vocal Tracts of Monkeys Are Speech Ready, but Brain Does Not Allow Them to Talk
7 Antarctic Research Station Is Now Forced to Relocate; Expanding Ice Shelf Is Seen by the Scientists
8 Mutant Fish Evolved to Tolerate Polluted, Toxic Waters: Here Is How They Do It
9 Trump Points Out 'Nobody Really Knows' Climate Change Is Real
10 President Barrack Obama Favors the Alaska Native Villagers; Protection of the Bering Sea Has Been Passed
11 Mysterious Spherical Cloud Spotted Over the Sky in Japan [Video]
12 Ammonia Detected in the Earth's Upper Troposphere for the First Time
13 Antarctica's Ice Sheets Are Melting Faster than Ever
14 Trump Climate Change Management Strategy Under Debate After Speculations of Shutting Down NASA's Earth Observation Programs
15 Human Beings' Impact on Earth Whacks the Planet's Scheduled Natural Ice Age Cycle
16 Ancient Marsupial Relative Has the Most Powerful Bite of Any Mammal that Has Ever Lived, Could Even Kill, Eat Small Dinosaurs
17 Alien in New Zealand? A Mystifying Object Dubbed as 'Muriwai Monster' Spotted on a Beach
18 Polar Vortex Strengthens, Sends Extreme Cold Temperatures Across the US
19 Reindeer Become Smaller; Global Warming Is to Blame
20 Here Is Why Reindeer Are Not Happy this Christmas
21 The Lost City of Atlantis: Conspiracists Now Believe the Theory of Hapgood, Claiming Antarctica Is Indeed Atlantis
22 Antacids Could Cure the Atmosphere, Scientists Believe
23 Gigantic Underwater Avalanche Recorded
24 Global Warming Takes a Toll on Antarctica: Ice Sheet Is Melting from Surface Down
25 French Guiana Deforestation Linked to Increase in Infectious Tropical Disease
26 Climate Change Is Real; Avalanche in Tibet Is Yet Another Proof of Global Warming
27 A Giant, 19-Meter Atlantic Wave Sets a New World Record
28 176,000 Gallons of Oil Spill Just Miles Away from the Standing Rock Protests in North Dakota
29 Trump's Team Denies Questionnaire Sent to Energy Department
30 Fish Suppers Undergo Sea Change in UK
31 Glowworms' Secret Finally Revealed: What Is in Their Snares?
32 The Arctic Is Warming at an Astonishing Rate, a New Report Says
33 Rare Diamonds Formed in Liquid Metal Pockets
34 Giant 'Rivers in the Sky' Could Trigger World's Worst Flood, Wipe Out Species, Study Reveals
35 Seahorse: Genetic Secrets Revealed; Scientists Sequence Genetic Genome of this Peculiar Creature
36 Paris Climate Agreement Completed One Year; City Leaders Urge Donald Trump to Keep the Commitment
37 New Animal Species Discovered for the First Time Underneath the Indian Ocean
38 Organic Food Is Back on Popular Demand by Health Conscious Consumers
39 Lion Population Is Threatened by Humans, Oxford Study Says
40 World's Oldest Water Could Shed Light on Alien Life on Mars
41 Hunting, Killing the Rare Beaked Whales? Killer Whale Orcas Prey on this Species for the First Time
42 Message from the Core of the Earth Sent to Humans in the Form of Diamonds
43 Climate Change Is a Hoax, Just like Flat Earth Theory, Donald Trump's Adviser Says
44 Rats Smile with Their Ears, Study Reveals
45 Kill Black Bears and Mountain Lions to Save Deer, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission Decides
46 Nature's Fault Could Prove Costly for Australia; Ring of Fire Declared Seismically Active Zone
47 Climate Change Researchers Could Use this New Database on the World's Lakes
48 Oldest Water Found on Earth Is Older than the Planet; Hints at Possibilities of Existence of Life on Mars
49 The Mysterious, Rarely Seen 'Ghost Shark' Filmed in Deep Water for the First Time Ever [Video]
50 Leonardo DiCaprio Addresses Climate Change Action, 'No Turning Back on Paris Agreement'
51 Save the Environment Before Donald Trump Is Sworn in as the President of USA
52 Polar Bears No Longer Top Predators in the North
53 Sea Monster's Real Images Released for the First Time; Ghost Shark Captured on Camera
54 Killer Whales, Terror Whales: Orcas Feast on a Shark in Viral Video
55 Weather Report Predicts Subzero Temperatures in Toronto; Freezing Drizzle Advisory Issued by Authorities
56 Climate Change Is Real Indeed; NASA Supercomputer Proves It
57 Raw Plants and Meat, Staple Food of Earliest Humans in Europe, Study Reveals
58 Ancient Hebrew Tablet Reveals Roman Ruler of Judea
59 Rare Plant Named After Rock Icon Jimi Hendrix; Other Species Named After Famous People
60 Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Level Very Low
61 Marine Protected Area to Be Set Up in St. Anns Bank: A Welcome Initiative by Canadian Government
62 Michigan Lighthouse Transforms into a Beautiful Ice Castle Due to Sub-Zero Temperatures [Video]
63 New England Might Have Volcanoes One Day, Study Reveals
64 Belief in Climate Change Depends on Location, Study Says
65 Deep Sea Creatures that Live in Boiling Sea Water Discovered by Scientists
66 Leonardo DiCaprio: Climate Change Spreads like Wildfire, Claims that Tackling the Phenomenon Is an Economic Opportunity
67 Heard of a Dragon-Like Lizard, Rainbow-Headed Snake or an Orange-Eyed Litter Frog?
68 Air Pollution in China Breaks All Records; Air Pollutants Are Off the Charts in Northern China
69 Manmade Roads Shatter Earth's Surface into 600,000 Fragments; Bad for Ecology!
70 Indian Islands Face Threat of Going Under Water Due to Sea Level Rise
71 Supervolcano Campi Flegrei in Naples Might Erupt; 500,000 People at Risk
72 Ocean Advocate: Lewis Pugh Swims in Antarctica to Raise Ocean Protection Awareness for Marine Life
73 Barack Obama Permanently Bans Drilling in Atlantic and Arctic
74 163 New Species Found in SEA's Greater Mekong Region
75 2016 Is the Worst Year as Far as Global Warming Is Concerned, Highest Temperature Ever Recorded
76 Graphene Quantum Dots Give Rice University Scientists a Eureka Moment
77 Scientists Just Discovered 37 New Species of Animals on Earth
78 Mysterious 'Alien Call' Has Been Recorded Below the Earth's Surface; Experts Try to Determine What It Is [Video]
79 Ghost-Like Octopus in Peril Because of Deep Sea Mining
80 The Birth of an Ice Cloud Discovered for the First Time
81 The Unusual Thundersnow Hits the Summits of Hawaii's Tallest Volcanoes
82 Supervolcano Under Naples Shows Signs of Reawakening
83 Mouse-Shaped Flowers and Dragon-Like Lizards Discovered in Mekong River, Asia
84 Antarctica Underwater World Revealed and It Is Mesmerizing; Australian Robot Captured It in Video
85 Sea of Galilee: Why Is the Biblical Lake Starting to Dry Up?
86 Climate Change: Worsening Effect on the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region Will Impact Its Water Supply; 1.5 Billion People in Jeopardy
87 Snow in Desert? Yes! Beautiful Images Was Captured During the Snowfall in Sahara Desert; First to Happen in 37 Years
88 Hidden in Color: World Beneath the Ice
89 Pre-Christmas Melt: North Pole to Warm 50 Degrees than Normal this Week
90 Deep Sea Aliens: Russian Fisherman Catches the World's Most Terrifying Creatures
91 NASA Space-Based Sensor Reveals New Data on the Polar Phytoplankton Growth Cycles
92 First Time Ever: Ammonia Discovered in Lower Layer of Earth's Atmosphere; Scientists Still Try to Assess Its Outcomes
93 Climate Change Latest News: First Ever Climate Change Innovation Lab Established by Kingborough City Council
94 Santa Claus Is Relocating His Toy Factory to the South Pole!
95 Coral Reef Fish Named After Barack Obama, a Tribute to His Efforts to Protect and Preserve Marine Biodiversity
96 Trillions of Insects Migrate Above the Skies of UK
97 Arctic Temperature Could Be Up to 20 Degrees Hotter than the Average, a Record Breaking Heatwave
98 Bogoslof Island Volcano Erupts for the Third Time in a Week
99 Fuse, Pass and Learn; Team Learning Activities Discovered in Brainless Slime Molds
100 A White New Year's Eve: Most Parts of America to Experience Blizzards and Freezing Rain this Holiday Season
101 Lander-Based Group Provides Water to Wildlife in Arid Wyoming
102 Is NASA's Space Laser the Hope in Saving the World?
103 133 New Species of Plants and Animals Discovered in 2016
104 Are Cheetahs in Peril? Numbers Decline as They Head Toward Extinction
105 Obama Administration Got Little Time to Protect the Arctic Refuge from Oil Development
106 A Bird Brain Has Better Chances to Survive Climate Change, Scientists Say
107 The Massive Red Rock of Uluru National Park Turns into Vast Water Falls Due to Heavy Rains
108 Cheetahs on the Verge of Extinction
109 Chain of Volcanic Eruptions to Hit All Continents in Near Future, Volcanologists Say
110 Yellowstone's Old Faithful Geyser Erupting Snow Instead of the Regular Boiling Water