File Title
1 New Gene Therapy May Soon Reverse the Aging Process in Humans
2 WARNING: Hiking in Protected Areas Can Negatively Affect Wildlife
3 Creator of Life-Saving Heimlich Maneuver Dies at 96
4 Ancient Giant: Footprint of Our Tallest Ancestor Unearthed, Fuels Debate on Their Sex Life
5 Sweat It Off: Visiting Sauna Baths 7 Times a Week Linked to Lower Risk of Dementia
6 Researchers Identify Best Way to Deal with Social Anxiety Disorders
7 How Old Is the World's Most Ancient Water
8 New 'Liquid Biopsy' Chip Can Detect Metastatic Cancer with a Drop of Blood
9 Talking Animals? Horses Can Communicate with Humans, New Study Reveals
10 Amazing Discovery: Women's Brain Undergoes Structural Changes During Pregnancy
11 Is Trump Crazy? Psychiatry Professors Express Grave Concern Over US President's Mental Stability
12 ALERT: Nearly 3,000 Communities in America Have Worse Lead Poisoning Rates than Flint
13 Warning: Frozen Arctic Lakes Melt One Day Earlier Per Year
14 Antihydrogen Produced in Powerful Magnetic Trap Unlocks Antimatter Secrets
15 Scientists Discover Jet Streams Moving Over 40 Kilometers Per Year Within Earth's Molten Core
16 What if Aliens Are AI, Not Extraterrestrial? Experts Share Thoughts, Potential Risks
17 Chinese and Russian Armies May Have Biomorphic Robots and They're Terrifying
18 Nearly 22 Million Pounds of Plastic Pollution Enter the Great Lakes Every Year
19 An Atheist at the Vatican, What Stephen Hawking Told Pope Francis (Video)
20 From Climate Change to Big Bang Theory: Shocking Things Pope Francis Said in the Name of Science
21 Ancient Toothpick: Cavemen Cleaned Their Teeth, Research Shows
22 How Japan's Newly Launched Satellite Will Study Earth's Radiation Belts
23 New Earth Feature: Mysterious Molten Iron River as Hot as Sun Found Beneath Alaska and Siberia
24 Female Doctors Perform Better than Their Male Counterparts in Providing Care for the Elderly
25 Love, Sex and Wires: Robots May Soon Satisfy Man's Daily Carnal Needs
26 Hubble Spots 2 Stunning Pink Nebulae Conjoined as One
27 Taking a Break from Facebook Linked to Better Emotional Well-being, Satisfaction with Life
28 Scientists Observe Light from Antimatter; Unique Optical Spectrum Explained
29 Have We Been Following the Wrong Calendar? Introducing the Human Era
30 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Builds AI Assistant Similar to Iron Man's Jarvis
31 High Amount of Chemical Similar to Highly Toxic Substances Found in 3 Great Lakes
32 ALERT: Preservatives in Cured Meat Could Make Asthma Symptoms Worse
33 3 Dead, Dozens Hospitalized Due to a Common Bacteria Served at a Thanksgiving Dinner
34 This Artificial Leaf Could Produce Drugs Cheaply Using Sunlight
35 WARNING: These Commonly Used Medication Linked to Increased Risk of Hospitalization in Older Adults
36 Spice Up Your Life: Active Ingredient in Chili or Peppers Could Kill Breast Cancer Cells
37 Rudolph and Friends Help Mitigate Warming Effect of Climate Change, Here's How
38 Did You Know that a Cat Actually Co-Authored a Peer-Reviewed Physics Paper?
39 ALERT: Stress, Diet During Christmas Linked to Increased Deaths from Heart Attack
40 Want to Try Scuba Diving? You Should Visit Your Dentist First, Study Suggests
41 This Protein Could Help in Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases
42 The World's Smallest Diamonds are Used to Make Wires Just Three Atoms Wide
43 Potterheads Rejoice: 'Harry Potter' Books Reduce Prejudice, Study Finds
44 Dark Matter Down Under? Scientists are Looking for Mysterious Matter in Australian Gold Mine
45 Caffeine Overload: Man Charged with DUI for Too Much Coffee
46 Consuming Fish Oil Supplement During Pregnancy Linked to Reduced Risk of Asthma in Children
47 3 Critically Endangered Hawaiian Crows Found Dead Weeks After Reintroduced into the Wild
48 1,000 Times Thinner than Human Hair! Scientists Create Thinnest Electrical Wire
49 Leap Second: Last Day of 2016 Will Have Its Extra Second
50 Program Preps to Send Alien Messages Despite Warnings; Could Trigger Invasion, Experts Say
51 AMAZING! Arizona Twins Born in Different Years
52 Obesity and Laziness: Scientists Explain Biological Causes of Inactivity in Obese Individuals
53 WARNING: Too Much Alcohol Could Increase the Risk of Fatal Heart Conditions
54 Researchers Develop New Non-Invasive Technique to Diagnose, Treat Eye Diseases
55 Who You Calling Bird-Brained? Chickens Smarter, More Self-Aware than Previously Thought
56 ALERT: Cleaning Your Ears Might Actually Do More Damage than Good
57 Surprise! 'Sherlock' Star Benedict Cumberbatch is Related to 'Sherlock Holmes' Author, Experts Reveal
58 ALERT: Breast Cancer Survivors Should Avoid Grilled Meat as much as Possible, Here's Why
59 Astronomers Explore the Earliest Days of Black Hole Using Deepest X-Ray Image of Observable Universe Ever Obtained
60 Climate Change Is Here; There Is No Turning Back; New Damage Caused by Humanity Is Discovered
61 Australian Wallaby Was Successfully Brought Back from the Verge of Extinction
62 There Are Pollinators Just like Bees in the Oceans, Scientists Say
63 Health Alert: The Deadly Flesh-Eating Parasites Return in the US Again After Decades
64 The Blue Clouds Spotted Hovering Earlier than Usual Over Antarctic
65 Mummified Legs Belonged to Queen Nefertari, Scientists Confirmed
66 Mysterious Creatures Show Up on California Beach; Are They Alien Eggs?
67 End of the World: 10 Feet Rise in Sea Levels to Submerge New York When Antarctic Ice Shelf Breaks Off?
68 Blue Clouds Appear Over Antarctica: What Are They?
69 Ancient Wind God Temple Unearthed Beneath the Supermarket
70 Polar Bear Population Is Threatened and It Is Not Because of Climate Change
71 Can Indoor Plants Really Curb Air Pollution?
72 Three Deer Found in a Burmese Python's Belly
73 The Cool Discovery of Digital Sundial After Thousands of Years
74 Rare Pictures of a Moonbow Captured by a Dog Walker in Dartmoor, Plymouth
75 Jesus' Tomb Uncovered: Did Scientists Finally Discover the Historical Basis of Christ's Death and Resurrection?
76 Bird Flies Through Laser Light, Wears Goggles, Provides Information on Flight Research
77 Is Climate Change Responsible for the Series of Avalanches? Geoscientist Found a Link
78 Climate Change Is Real: Antarctica Heated Up 2 to 3 Times More than Planet's Average
79 Rare Natural Phenomenon Used by Aliens Hiding Presence on Earth? Weather Expert Baffled by the So-Called Fog Dome
80 Government Won't Permit Oil Pipeline Under Missouri River
81 Antarctica: A Chunk of Polar Ice the Size of India Vanishes in Record Heat
82 Dakota Access Pipeline Stoppage: Purely Political?
83 Al Gore Discusses Climate Crisis
84 Massive Rift Found in Antarctica's Larsen Ice Shelf
85 Magnitude 8 Earthquake to Hit Nepal Again? Is this 'The Big One' Asian Countries Are Preparing For?
86 World's Very First Polluted River Discovered
87 Clam Study Explains Oceanic Climate Change History
88 Climate Change May Bring More Extreme Rainfall in the US, Study Warns
89 End of the World: 20-Feet Rise in Sea Levels Caused by Melting Greenland Ice Sheet? Great Flood Will Happen Again?
90 Earth's Spin Is Slowing Down: Why Is It Happening?
91 Cosmic Dust from Space Found on the Rooftops of Cities for the First Time
92 Thousands of Snow Geese Die After Landing on Toxic Pit in Montana
93 Severe Precipitation Expected to Worsen if Global Warming Continues
94 Polar Bear Numbers Could Decline by Over 30% as the Arctic Sea Ice Melts
95 Explosion Over Siberian Town Not from Meteor? Russian Astronomers Confirm No Meteors Detected
96 Polar Ice Caps Melt Really Fast in Arctic and Antarctic Regions; Lowest Sea Ice Area Ever Recorded in 2016
97 Shark and Stingray Species at Risk
98 Greenland's History Could Help People Survive Climate Change
99 Climate Change News: 'Feedback' Found Worsening of Greenhouse Emission; It Is Not from Humans this Time
100 Why Are the Days Seem Slower Lately?
101 'Before the Flood': Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals Truth About Climate Change, Talks with Trump
102 Paris Makes All Public Transport Free to Fight Air Pollution that Hovers Over the City for 10 Years
103 Biblical 'Pillar of Cloud' Appeared Over Israel-Syria Border Following ISIS Attack
104 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Aftermath Reveals Mind-Boggling Facts
105 World's Invasive Pests: Venomous Red Fire Ants Threaten Australia's Biggest Cities
106 Mystery Solved: Feather Preserved in Amber Is Actually Dinosaur Tail
107 Utah's Great Salt Lake Running Out of Water
108 Giraffe Faces a 'Silent Extinction' Study Shows
109 China Slams Donald Trump's Climate Change Hoax; More on Business and Political Opportunities, Research Shows
110 NASA's New Satellite Mission Will Study How Earth 'Breathes' in Space