File Title
1 Green chemistry: Au naturel catalyst mimics nature to break tenacious carbon-hydrogen bond
2 Faster, cheaper methods to synthesize compounds used in drug discovery
3 Chance meeting leads to creation of antibiotic spider silk
4 3-D antibody arrays could help diagnose malaria and other diseases
5 Discovery of new crystal structure holds promise for optoelectronic devices
6 Scientist probes ways to turn cement's weakness to strength
7 Lab creates new class of hydrogen sulfide donor molecules
8 Scientists develop drug discovery approach to predict health impact of endocrine-disruptors
9 Carbon dioxide conversion process may be adapted for biofuel synthesis
10 A wolverine inspired material: Self-healing, transparent, highly stretchable material can be electrically activated
11 Carbanion analogs derived from naturally-occurring aldehydes
12 Light opens and closes windows in membranes
13 Visualizing gene expression with MRI
14 First movie of energy transfer in photosynthesis solves decades-old debate
15 Scientists crack the structure of HIV machinery
16 Hummingbirds see motion in an unexpected way
17 Females seeking a sex partner can tell whether males experienced stress during adolescence
18 How artificial intelligence techniques are aiding the hunt for new drugs
19 Domino effect--the loss of plant species triggers the extinction of animals
20 Eelgrass in Puget Sound is stable overall, but some local beaches suffering
21 Scientists learn how to ramp up microbes' ability to make memories
22 Researchers discover new mechanism for Type IV pili retraction in Vibrio cholerae
23 Murky Amazon waters cloud fish vision
24 Scientists expand toolbox to study cellular function
25 Routes of migratory birds follow today's peaks in resources
26 Big data shows how what we buy affects endangered species
27 Male pipefish pregnancy, it's complicated
28 Songbirds divorce, flee, fail to reproduce due to suburban sprawl
29 Will climate change leave tropical birds hung out to dry?
30 Biodiversity project in Azores delivers detailed abundance data for 286 arthropod species
31 Think chicken--think intelligent, caring and complex
32 Lizard learning ability not affected by home environment
33 Eavesdropping reveals hidden marine mammal populations in the ocean
34 New study finds evolution of brain and tooth size were not linked in humans
35 New software makes CRISPR-methodology easier
36 Race to save the cheetah as study reveals extinction threat
37 Using 'fire to fight fire' to combat disease could make it worse, tests show
38 New study shows cognitive decline may be influenced by interaction of genetics and...worms
39 Study could pave way for greater understanding of how plants and animals grow and develop
40 South American fossil tomatillos show nightshades evolved earlier than thought
41 What do Google search queries reveal about brand attitudes?
42 280 million-year-old fossil reveals origins of chimaeroid fishes
43 Hikers discover menorah and cross etched into cave walls in Israel
44 Mathematicians bring ocean to life for Disney's 'Moana'
45 How long did it take to hatch a dinosaur egg? Study says 3-6 months
46 The caves that prove Neanderthals were cannibals
47 Ancient Chaco Canyon population likely relied on imported food
48 Languages still a major barrier to global science, new research finds
49 Did cavemen use toothpicks?
50 Scans unveil secrets of world's oldest mummies
51 Hard-wired: The brain's circuitry for political belief
52 Using fat to help wounds heal without scars
53 Researcher turns 'SARS mask' into a virus killer
54 Cancers evade immunotherapy by 'discarding the evidence' of tumor-specific mutations
55 Vaginal microbes point toward early detection and screening for endometrial cancer
56 Immune cell therapy shows promising results for lymphoma patients
57 Research helps explain why androgen-deprivation therapy doesn't work for many prostate cancers
58 Study shows development of face recognition entails brain tissue growth
59 First complete interactome map of human receptor tyrosine kinases and phosphatases
60 Scientists find how cancer cells can shrug off physical constraints on growth and spread
61 Buzzing the vagus nerve just right to fight inflammatory disease
62 'Molecular volume control' may help combat tumours
63 Potential evidence of lung-specific Ebola infection found in recovering patient
64 Study shows different types of fibril formation correlating with Alzheimer's sub-types
65 Animal study shows harmful effects of secondhand smoke even before pregnancy
66 New apps designed to reduce depression and anxiety as easily as checking your phone
67 Exercise, even in small amounts, benefits both physical and psychological well-being
68 Mediterranean diet linked to reduced brain shrinkage in old age
69 Genetics play a significant role in immunity, new research finds
70 Mouse model points to potential new treatment for Alzheimer's disease
71 Living close to major roads linked to small increase in dementia risk
72 Discovery improves use of umbilical cord blood as cancer therapy
73 Immunotherapy team harnesses cellular systems to fight diseases
74 Artificial 'voice box' implant helps cancer patient speak
75 New technique uses immune cells to deliver anti-cancer drugs
76 Immune system reboots during sleep
77 Plant-based diets score big for healthy weight loss
78 Mediterranean diet may have lasting effects on brain health
79 Preterm infants fare well in early language development
80 Medication adherence a problem in atrial fibrillation patients
81 Study sheds light on esophageal cancer, offers insight into increasingly common disease
82 Worms have teenage ambivalence, too
83 Scientists use light to control the logic networks of a cell
84 Mediterranean diet may have lasting effects on brain health
85 Unpublished research calls into question efficacy of common morning sickness drug
86 Light can switch on topological materials
87 Scientists learn how to ramp up microbes' ability to make memories
88 Icy ridges found on Pluto
89 Theory provides roadmap in quest for quark soup 'critical point'
90 South American fossil tomatillos show nightshades evolved earlier than thought
91 Are tiny grazers the new hope for Caribbean reefs?
92 Climate change could trigger strong sea level rise
93 Hummingbirds see motion in an unexpected way
94 Anemia protects African children against malaria
95 New apps designed to reduce depression, anxiety as easily as checking your phone
96 New technique uses immune cells to deliver anti-cancer drugs
97 Researchers use light to launch drugs from red blood cells
98 Fewer see e-cigarettes as less harmful than cigarettes
99 Pain relief without the high
100 Scientists take step toward mapping how the brain stores memories
101 Understanding the causes of neurological abnormalities that result from premature birth
102 E-cigarette flavours pose unknown harm risk
103 Researchers uncover mechanism for cancer-killing properties of pepper plant
104 Vision symptoms following concussion limit a child's ability to return to the classroom
105 Liquid nicotine for electronic cigarettes is toxic for kids
106 Nanotechnology enables new insights into chemical reactions
107 A flexible transistor that conforms to skin
108 Germanium's semiconducting, optical properties probed under pressure
109 First look at new, extremely rare galaxy
110 Hidden secrets of Orion's clouds