File Title
1 The neighborhood effect: Sicker patients draw on shared resources
2 Antibiotic resistance just became more complex
3 Realistic training for extreme flight conditions
4 Genome study reveals 'gray zone' of animals transitioning from 1 species to 2--PLOS
5 Jawing away: Bahama pupfish study identifies candidate genes driving food-niches
6 Preventing too much immunity
7 Calcium aids chromosome condensation prior to cell division
8 Sugar element of keratan sulfate halts the progress of emphysema
9 Scientists develop novel assay to decode functional elements of genome
10 Dental implants with antibacterial activity
11 Russian physicists measure the loss of dark matter since the birth of the universe
12 Mechanisms in reversible infantile liver failure illuminated
13 Shoulder pain linked to increased heart disease risk
14 Naturally occurring mechanism of cancer drug-resistance may itself be a treatment target
15 Experimental therapy for Prader-Willi syndrome shows promise in mice
16 Biology's 'breadboard'
17 Research reveals the importance of long non-coding RNA regulating cellular processes
18 Researchers map how the brain processes faces from sight to recognition
19 Sprinting towards extinction? Cheetah numbers crash globally
20 Scientists discover new mechanism of how brain networks form
21 Is there such a thing as an emotional hangover? NYU researchers find that there is
22 Researchers use world's smallest diamonds to make wires 3 atoms wide
23 Potential drug appears to ease effects of Prader-Willi syndrome
24 Novel drug may help repair failing hearts
25 Synthetic stem cells could offer therapeutic benefits, reduced risks
26 Engineers create programmable silk-based materials with embedded, pre-designed functions
27 Ash dieback: Insect threat to fungus-resistant trees
28 Ash tree genome aids fight against disease
29 Single protein may hold secret to treating Parkinson's disease and more
30 Scientists develop method to warn of toxic algae blooms before they develop
31 Nanodiscs deliver personalized cancer therapy to immune system
32 Study: Hospital readmission rates decrease after passage of ACA financial penalties
33 Hospital readmission rates decrease after federal law levies financial penalties
34 Could disease 'tolerance' genes give new life to UK ash trees?
35 Fat fuels the road to cancer cell spread
36 New PCR primer database to combat RNA viral epidemics
37 How light pulses can create channels that conduct electricity with no resistance in atomically thin semiconductors
38 New nanoparticle discovery may eliminate cold storage for some tests
39 Nano-chimneys can cool circuits
40 Nanowire 'inks' enable paper-based printable electronics
41 Germanium's semiconducting and optical properties probed under pressure
42 Using polymers to control the organizational behavior of nanoparticles
43 First experimental proof of a 70 year old physics theory
44 Worms dine on nanoparticles to help test biological force sensor technology
45 Nano system operates with interacting electrons, but no electric current
46 Researchers use world's smallest diamonds to make wires three atoms wide (Update)
47 Nanodiscs deliver personalized cancer therapy to immune system
48 New microscope chemically identifies micron-sized particles
49 Cryogenic test probes Einstein's equivalence principle, general relativity, and spacetime 'foam'
50 Theory provides roadmap in quest for quark soup 'critical point'
51 Feature issue on nonlinear optics provides insight into field's latest ideas
52 New sensor integrates inflammatory bowel disease detection into colonoscopy procedure
53 Scientists discover a molecular motor has a 'gear' for directional switching
54 Multiple copies of the Standard Model could solve the hierarchy problem
55 Electrons 'puddle' under high magnetic fields, study reveals
56 Quantum simulation technique yields topological soliton state in SSH model
57 Researchers create a tiny laser using nanoparticles
58 How to 3-D print your own sonic tractor beam
59 Random access memory on a low energy diet: Researchers develop basis for a novel memory chip
60 Investigations of the skyrmion Hall effect reveal surprising results (Update)
61 New atom interferometer could measure inertial forces with record-setting accuracy
62 Engineers create programmable silk-based materials with embedded, pre-designed functions
63 Still no violation of Lorentz symmetry, despite strongest test yet
64 Biologist disputes conclusions of recent papers on biological magnetism
65 System of flat optical lenses that can be easily mass-produced and integrated with image sensors
66 Tapping into long-lived sound waves in glass
67 Devices that convert heat into electricity one step closer to reality
68 Researchers achieve ultimate resolution limit in fluorescence microscopy
69 The mystery of part-time pulsars
70 Observations cast new light on cosmic microwave background
71 Research identifies icy ridges on Pluto
72 Fast radio burst tied to distant dwarf galaxy, and perhaps magnetar
73 Dozens of new ultra-diffuse galaxies discovered in Abell 2744
74 Research reinforces role of supernovae in clocking the universe
75 Hidden secrets of Orion's clouds
76 Researchers get first look at new, extremely rare galaxy
77 3-D images reveal features of Martian polar ice caps
78 Astronauts' No. 1 New Year's resolution: Ace spacewalks
79 Astronomers detect a strong outburst of an embedded young stellar object
80 SpaceX ready to launch again after explosion
81 Image: Interstellar filaments in Polaris
82 Pulsations detected in a hot, helium-atmosphere white dwarf
83 NEOWISE mission spies one comet, maybe two
84 Hubble gazes at a cosmic megamaser
85 Image: Saturn's north pole basking in light
86 Mars Odyssey orbiter recovering from precautionary pause in activity
87 Concentric rings found in the debris disk of a young nearby star
88 2016--the year in space and astronomy
89 Physicists measure the loss of dark matter since the birth of the universe
90 China plans to land probes on far side of moon, Mars by 2020
91 Scientists plan to send greetings to other worlds
92 Astronomers observe rise and fall of the dust shell of nova V339 Delphini
93 LG kicks off gadget gala with 'wallpaper' thin TV
94 Sea sponges offer clues to how human-made structures can resist buckling
95 Lenovo launches 'home assistant' with Amazon Alexa
96 Scientists turn memory chips into processors to speed up computing tasks
97 A closer look at the eye: Researchers develop new retinal imaging technique
98 Surging Bitcoin breaks through $1,000 barrier
99 Tech show looks beyond 'smart,' to new 'realities'
100 Humanoid robot Pepper is amusing, but is it practical?
101 Twitter unveils 360-degree live video
102 Alexa a witness to murder? Prosecutors seek Amazon Echo data
103 The lie-detecting security kiosk of the future
104 Avatar-style S. Korean manned robot takes first baby steps
105 Smartphone-obsessed Finns rank tops in screen time
106 Website charts Santa's journey around the globe
107 Myanmar farmers reap rewards from 3D printing
108 Road paved with solar panels powers French town
109 Assessing the amount, quality, and risk of microplastic contaminants in aquatic ecosystems
110 Nanotechnology enables new insights into chemical reactions