File Title
1 Common epilepsies share genetic overlap with rare types
2 A chemical-biological strategy for microRNA target identification
3 High-resolution pH imaging elucidates energy mechanisms in creating bacterial flagella
4 Changing atmospheric conditions may contribute to stronger ocean waves in Antarctica
5 New technology enables 5-D imaging in live animals, humans
6 Reef fish that conquer fear of sharks may help control excess algae
7 Profitable coral reef fisheries require light fishing
8 In letters to Trump & Congress, AGS highlights programs essential to older adults
9 Annual report examines state of college student mental heath
10 Alternative payment model boosts quality of care for low-income patients
11 Sex, race and financial factors affect rates of jaw surgery for sleep apnea
12 Being rude to your child's doctor could lead to worse care
13 Type 2 diabetes shows marked increase in pediatric population
14 Crybaby: The vitamins in your tears
15 Swimming for science
16 Study looks at strategies used by African-American women facing intimate partner violence
17 UTHealth study outlines framework for identifying disease risk in genome sequence
18 Study: Vulnerable young women of color most likely to need abortion financial assistance
19 Ocean acidification to hit West Coast Dungeness crab fishery, new assessment shows
20 Health effects of marijuana and cannabis-derived products presented in new report
21 Research evaluates treatment options for pelvic organ prolapse
22 'Mysterious' non-protein-coding RNAs play important roles in gene expression
23 Scientists reveal non-addictive pathway to pain relief
24 Sanford neurosurgeon's pediatric stroke case published in national journal
25 Decreasing cocaine use leads to regression of coronary artery disease
26 Researchers reveal that not all violent acts are equal
27 Iowa State engineer helps journal highlight how pyrolysis can advance the bioeconomy
28 'Shrew'-d study: Arctic shrews, parasites indicate climate change effect on ecosystems
29 Exercise...It does a body good: 20 minutes can act as anti-inflammatory
30 Does recent randomized prostate cancer trial provide insights on best treatment?
31 Target freshers to halt spread of meningitis, say researchers
32 Awareness of biases is key to better health care decisions, says GSA
33 Building London's Houses of Parliament helped create clean-air laws
34 Study: Depression in pregnancy, low birth weight tied to biomarker
35 3-D printing could transform future membrane technology
36 Offenders' deadly thoughts may hold answer to reducing crime
37 University of Miami doctors publish study of first locally acquired Zika transmission
38 UTA study shows exercise, diet could offset effects of malaria
39 Sleep health program reduces firefighter disability and injury
40 Why are Australia's shrublands like 'knee-high tropical rainforests'?
41 In teens, strong friendships may mitigate depression associated with excessive video gaming
42 India was by no means as isolated as we thought
43 T cells join the fight against Zika
44 IUPUI study: Training computers to differentiate between people with the same name
45 Researchers find link between concussions and Alzheimer's disease
46 Conservation practices may leave African indigenous populations behind
47 A sugary drinks tax has wider economic as well as health benefits
48 This bay in Scandinavia has world record in carbon storing
49 Initiative encourages international sharing of data to combat infectious disease outbreaks
50 New research explores the effect of winter dormancy on cold-blooded cognition
51 Malaria infection depends on number of parasites, not number of mosquito bites
52 Family Medicine and Community Health journal volume 4, issue number 4 publishes
53 Inhibition of EZH2 might be new therapy of multiple myeloma
54 Laser metronome achieves record synchronization
55 Viruses in the genome important for our brain
56 Twenty-five frogs added to the amphibian fauna of Mount Oku, Cameroon
57 Modeling magma to find copper
58 New drug in development shows improved survival for patients with advanced metastat
59 How well do we understand the relation between incorrect chromosome number & cancer?
60 There's no one-size-fits-all solution to climate change
61 New study in Neurosurgery finds overlapping surgery is safe and efficient
62 New research sheds light on why older mothers more likely to face birth complications
63 TSRI scientists discover master regulator of cellular aging
64 New urine test can quickly detect whether a person has a healthy diet
65 Seeing vape pen in use boosts desire to smoke among young adults
66 Benefits of renting a home may be underrated
67 Tiny plants with huge potential
68 Some cells need a 'haircut' before duplicating
69 Melanoma mutation likes fat for fuel
70 Microbes rule in 'knee-high tropical rainforests'
71 Markers for prostate cancer death can identify men in need of more aggressive treatment
72 Maternal blood pressure before pregnancy may be related to babies' sex
73 Fish lightly to keep snapper on the reef
74 Two-thirds of packaged foods and drinks in Canada have added sugars
75 Researchers create mosquito resistant to dengue virus
76 Mapping movements of alien bird species
77 Wearable biosensors can flag illness, Lyme disease, risk for diabetes; low airplane oxygen
78 Mother-daughter conflict between killer whales can explain the evolution of menopause
79 Schizophrenia could directly increase risk of diabetes
80 Here be ruby seadragons! New species seen in the wild for the first time
81 Women with high-risk congenital heart disease can have successful pregnancies
82 Keys to hunting behavior tucked deep into vertebrate brain
83 Biologists discover how viruses hijack cell's machinery
84 How soil bacteria and fungi drive plant diversity
85 Macaques, like humans, know how well they can recall memories
86 How navigational goals are represented in the bat brain
87 Researchers capture first glimpse of ruby seadragons in the wild
88 Bacteria recruit other species with long-range electrical signals
89 Oral iron drug found safe and effective for treating anemia in kidney disease patients
90 Manchester scientists tie the tightest knot ever achieved
91 Mutations responsible for cleft palate and related birth defects identified
92 Malaria transmission may increase when more parasites are transferred via mosquito bite
93 Online dating booming but how much does education matter?
94 Gastric acid suppressants linked to hospitalization
95 The moon is older than scientists thought, UCLA-led research team reports
96 Affordable water in the US: A burgeoning crisis
97 UTSW scientists identify protein central to immune response against tuberculosis bacteria
98 Instagram documents rising hookah use
99 Dengue and Zika virus family uses an unexpected approach to hijack human cell machinery
100 Study explains how western diet leads to overeating and obesity
101 Penn vet research identifies new target for taming Ebola
102 Study finds vaccination is the most cost-effective way to reduce rabies deaths in India
103 Deciphering the beetle exoskeleton with nanomechanics
104 Ohio State joins national call for HPV vaccination as a means of preventing cancer
105 Pressures from grazers hastens ecosystem collapse from drought
106 Moffitt researchers develop novel treatment to prevent graft-versus-host-disease
107 Bacterial protein structure could aid development of new antibiotics
108 Researchers use stem cells to regenerate the external layer of a human heart
109 Should biomedical graduate schools ignore the GRE?
110 Northeast US temperatures are decades ahead of global average