File Title
1 The emergence of a new dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia
2 Targeting legumain as a novel therapeutic strategy in cancers
3 New consensus on neuromodulation therapy by International Neuromodulation Society experts
4 A closer look at the eye
5 For the first time, researchers identify key proteins that may make Zika so deadly
6 How long did it take to hatch a dinosaur egg? FSU research says 3-6 months
7 Alcohol abuse increases risk of heart conditions as much as other risk factors
8 New study finds evolution of brain and tooth size were not linked in humans
9 Research on dinosaur embryos reveals that eggs took 3 to 6 months to hatch
10 Parental obesity linked to delays in child development, NIH study suggests
11 American College of Physicians updates recommendations for treatment of type 2 diabetes
12 Fossil fuel formation: Key to atmosphere's oxygen?
13 Researchers urge caution around psilocybin use
14 Using 'fire to fight fire' to combat disease could make it worse, tests show
15 Gene therapy for liver disease advancing with the help of adeno-associated viral vectors
16 University of Oregon lab creates new class of hydrogen sulfide donor molecules
17 Ancient DNA can both diminish and defend modern minds
18 The answer is blowing in the wind
19 Endometrial cancer mutations are detectable in uterine lavage fluid before cancer diagnosis
20 Many smokers with serious mental illness want to kick habit
21 Round or 'shaped' breast implants? Even plastic surgeons can't tell the difference
22 Scripps Florida scientists uncover new way to defeat therapy-resistant prostate cancer
23 Varmint hunters' ammo selection influences lead exposure in avian scavengers
24 Psychiatric conditions linked to increased risk of long-term opioid use
25 Anti-aging therapies targeting senescent cells: Facts and fiction
26 Ancient Chaco Canyon population likely relied on imported food, finds CU study
27 Scientists opened a new chapter in the study of malaria mosquitoes
28 Genes and the environment equally affect language-related brain activity
29 Hubble gazes at a cosmic megamaser
30 Flood threats changing across US
31 Scientists engineer gene pathway to grow brain organoids with surface folding
32 Gene therapy to prevent vision loss: Studies in primates needed to optimize human trials
33 Biomarker tests in breast cancer: Decision on chemotherapy remains difficult
34 Most doctors ignore one of the most potent ways to improve health, Penn experts say
35 Possible treatment targets found for pre-malignant bone marrow disorders
36 Omega-3 supplements can prevent childhood asthma
37 A parallel hybrid controller based on the backstepping method
38 Coping with arthritis: What you do isn't associated with how much information you want
39 Diamonds are technologists' best friends
40 Millions of tons of food could be saved with better logistics
41 Scripps Florida scientists develop drug discovery approach to predict health impact of endocrine-disruptors
42 Iron deficiency anemia associated with hearing loss
43 Image-based modeling
44 Responsive filtration membranes by polymer self-assembly
45 Researchers produced nitrogen doped bimodal cellular structure activated carbon
46 Researchers fabricate high performance Cu(OH)2 supercapacitor electrodes
47 Penn experts call for expansion of molecular imaging in precision cancer care
48 Off-switch for CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system discovered
49 Racial disparities exist in children's access to kidney transplantation
50 Breast and cervical cancer screening rates are low in women with advanced kidney disease
51 Aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer: Advantages over tamoxifen in early-stage disease
52 Gut microorganisms affect our physiology
53 New tool shines light on protein condensation in living cells
54 The rhythm that makes memories permanent
55 Languages still a major barrier to global science, new research finds
56 Your microbiota's previous dining experiences may make new diets less effective
57 Inactivity in obese mice linked to a decreased motivation to move
58 Can paint strokes help identify Alzheimer's?
59 Fenofibrate may reduce heart disease risk in some patients with type 2 diabetes
60 Economics of forest biomass raise hurdles for rural development
61 Report: New treatment for glioblastoma multiforme developed by NFCR scientists
62 Study unmasks the genetic complexity of cancer cells within the same tumor
63 Predicting and preventing violence against criminal justice officials
64 New Neiman Health Policy Institute reports examine MACRA's impact on radiologists
65 Rate of death, heart attack after noncardiac surgery decreases, although risk of stroke increases
66 State, regional differences in melanoma rates 2003 vs. 2013
67 This week from AGU: Random temperature fluctuations may have made Earth habitable
68 'Latest spoke in the wheel' drives brain-mapping advances, reports Neurophotonics journal
69 Investigation into new molecules that could potentially treat Alzheimer's
70 Strip tillage, rowcovers for organic cucurbit production
71 Management practices recommended for specialty cider apples
72 Lotus stir-fry scores high in consumer panels
73 New pharmacon allows testicular tumors to shrink
74 New pharmacon allows testicular tumors to shrink
75 Miniscule amounts of impurities in vacuum greatly affecting OLED lifetime
76 Secrets of human protein interactions unveiled by massive sequencing and coevolution
77 Quasi noise-free digital holography
78 The late effects of stress: New insights into how the brain responds to trauma
79 Magnetic stem cells for gene engineering
80 Early-phase trial demonstrates shrinkage in pediatric neural tumors
81 Low levels of manganese in welding fumes linked to neurological problems
82 For welders, Parkinson-like symptoms get worse with exposure
83 Study provides evidence on movement of potato famine pathogen
84 Cycling in bed is safe for ICU patients: Hamilton study
85 Traffic noise reduces birds' response to alarm calls
86 Divide and conquer pattern searching
87 Lack of standards for infant cereals threatens child nutrition in lower-income countries
88 Diabetes, heart disease, and back pain dominate US health care spending
89 Bat calls contain wealth of discernible information
90 This is your brain on alcohol (video)
91 High-intensity light promotes anthocyanin accumulation in rough bluegrass
92 Cool-season vegetable rotation effective, sustainable practice
93 Campus composting programs effective in educating students
94 Investigations of the skyrmion Hall effect reveal surprising results
95 Novel insights into neuronal activity-dependent gene expression by CREB
96 Treating cancer with drugs for diabetes and hypertension
97 Out of gas and low on sperm?
98 Stability without junctions
99 A cloud-screening scheme for the Chinese Carbon Dioxide Observation Satellite (TanSat)
100 The high cost of home care for special-needs children
101 Control algorithms could keep sensor-laden balloons afloat in hurricanes for a week
102 Endometrial cancer driver mutations detectable in uterine lavage fluid
103 Shift in some teens' use and perceptions of marijuana after recreational marijuana is legalized
104 National study documents value of family-provided medical care for children
105 Study finds hospital ICU overused
106 'Friendship Bench' program proves effective at alleviating mental illness symptoms
107 Homeless sleep less, more likely to have insomnia; sleep improvements needed
108 How much money is spent on health care for kids, where does it go?
109 Did teen perception, use of marijuana change after recreational use legalized?
110 Animal biology, human health dominate 2016 EurekAlert! trending news list