File Title
1 Genetic opposites attract when chimpanzees choose a mate
2 Why better choices depend on 'libertarian paternalism'
3 Report recommends new framework for estimating the social cost of carbon
4 Do dogs of all ages respond equally to dog-directed speech?
5 Cheery robots may make creepy companions, but could be intelligent assistants
6 'Pedal bin machine' of gut bacteria revealed
7 DNA duplicator small enough to hold in your hand
8 Catching CRISPR in action
9 CWRU directly measures how perovskite solar films efficiently convert light to power
10 New therapeutic target against persistent viral infections
11 Study finds superhero culture magnifies aggressive, not defending behaviors
12 Many insured under the Affordable Care Act miss opportunities for financial assistance
13 Most valuable colleagues: What the NBA can teach us about worker productivity
14 A new type of monitoring provides information about the life of bacteria in microdroplets
15 Farthest stars in Milky Way might be ripped from another galaxy
16 Our galaxy's black hole is spewing out planet-size 'spitballs'
17 Contrary to decades of hype, curcumin alone is unlikely to boost health
18 New study examines the health benefits of blue corn
19 A surprise advance in the treatment of adult cancers
20 Strep spreads by harnessing immune defenses of those infected
21 This week from AGU: People aren't the only beneficiaries of power plant carbon standards
22 Customers who receive genetic health data not alarmed by results, find information useful
23 A novel cancer immunotherapy shows early promise in preclinical studies
24 Gun violence in PG-13 movies continues to climb past R-rated films
25 Tumor-seeking salmonella treats brain tumors
26 Changes to hospital electronic health records could improve care of patients on warfarin
27 Study describes new method to remove nickel from contaminated seawater
28 Bronchial carcinoma: Added benefit of crizotinib not proven
29 How your cozy fleece could be polluting the ocean
30 UAV performs first ever perched landing using machine learning algorithms
31 Testing breast milk for cannabinoids
32 'Weak measurement' with strong results
33 Looking for life in all the right places--with the right tool
34 Eucalypts spotlight biosecurity failures
35 Researchers find a potential target for anti-Alzheimer's treatments
36 Remembering where to get high
37 'Gene-silencing' technique is a game-changer for crop protection
38 First look inside nanoscale catalysts shows 'defects' are useful
39 Stock market fails to predict product performance
40 Incentive pay schemes can affect employee well-being
41 Psychology: Playful people are at an advantage
42 Can the 'greening' be greener?
43 How to inflate a hardened concrete shell with a weight of 80 tons
44 A sudden drop in outdoor temperature increases the risk of respiratory infections
45 New Colombian plant discovered by Kew scientist honors Colombian president
46 A biosensor is able to detect tumors at early stages
47 Grasslands hold potential for increased food production
48 Role of protein engineering techniques in synthetic biology
49 Antidepressant use increases hip fracture risk among elderly
50 Researchers use nature's weaving formula to engineer advanced functional materials
51 Chemistry on the edge
52 Updated classification system captures many more people at risk for heart attack
53 Pumping iron is good for the heart, UBC researchers show
54 Why Lyme disease is common in the north, rare in the south
55 For men with prostate cancer, emotional distress may lead to more aggressive treatment
56 First study to show chair yoga as effective alternative treatment for osteoarthritis
57 MD Anderson and nation's cancer centers jointly endorse updated HPV vaccine recommendations
58 More older Americans using cannabis, underscoring need for research
59 New laser based on unusual physics phenomenon could improve telecommunications, computing
60 NIH scientists repair gene defect in stem cells from patients with rare immunodeficiency
61 Recreating conditions inside stars with compact lasers
62 The promise and peril of emerging reproductive technologies
63 Yoga may have health benefits for people with chronic non-specific lower back pain
64 Struggle to escape distant galaxies creates giant halos of scattered photons
65 The Lancet: Study unveils how stress may increase risk of heart disease and stroke
66 New genes identified that regulate the spread of cancers
67 Important bio-chemical produced on a large scale by E. coli
68 Researchers discover 'marvel microbes' explaining how cells became complex
69 Release of water shakes Pacific Plate at depth
70 Tree-bark thickness indicates fire-resistance in a hotter future
71 Study first to connect stress-associated brain activity with cardiovascular risk
72 NIST physicists 'squeeze' light to cool microscopic drum below quantum limit
73 Diabetes impairs activity of bone stem cells in mice, inhibits fracture repair
74 Scientists pave the way for enhanced detection and treatment of vascular graft infections
75 Scientists discover world's largest tropical peatland in remote Congo swamps
76 CRISPR gene editing takes on rare immunodeficiency disorder
77 Rural dementia--we need to talk
78 New guideline on how to map brain prior to epilepsy surgery
79 Nutritional quality of kids' menus at chain restaurants not improving
80 Paper examines potential--for better or worse--of 'in vitro gametogenesis'
81 Paleontologists classify mysterious ancient cone-shaped sea creatures
82 Cost, technology issues are barriers to real-time cancer patient symptom reporting
83 Using E. coli to detect hormone disruptors in the environment
84 Termite queens' efficient antioxidant system may enable long life
85 Baboon vocalizations contain five vowel-like sounds comparable to those of human speech
86 Connectivity is key for preserving isolated sage-grouse populations
87 Giving investors a say on CEO pay limits excesses
88 A glimpse into the workings of the baby brain
89 Tucatinib (ONT-380) progressing in pivotal trial against HER2+ breast cancer
90 Killing time: Study sheds light on phages and precision cell destruction
91 Air pollution and lack of physical activity pose competing threats to children in China
92 Close to half of adults and one quarter of kids in the US regularly consume artificial sweeteners
93 Essential quality control system in cells identifies and destroys faulty genetic material
94 New technology will cut plug-in hybrid fuel consumption by one third
95 Drug shown to aid injured adult brains may exacerbate cognitive problems in children
96 Dual-purpose biofuel crops could extend production, increase profits
97 UAB investigators find repeat cesarean deliveries less cost-effective in low-risk women
98 UTA researcher shows computer users are overconfident when dealing with junk emails
99 Next-generation optics offer the widest real-time views of vast regions of the sun
100 University of Guelph researchers identify monarch butterfly birthplaces to help conserve species
101 University of South Carolina researchers discover new subtype of cervical cancer
102 Play, cognitive skills in kindergarten predict extracurricular activities in middle school
103 Mass. General-led team identifies gene mutations behind lack of a nose
104 Play an instrument? You probably react faster, too
105 Landmark study defines normal ranges for testosterone levels
106 Pretty in pink: Some algae like it cold
107 Meet Canada's 'poop lady'
108 Researchers reveal connection between female estrogen cycle and cocaine addiction
109 Socioeconomic status and prior pregnancy affect women's treatment choices when suffering miscarriage
110 For viral predators of bacteria, sensitivity can be contagious