File Title
1 New precision medicine tool helps optimize cancer treatment
2 Gene activity predicts progression of autoimmune disease, researchers find
3 Devastating elephantiasis disease facing elimination
4 Positive multiple sclerosis clinical trial suggests 'unprecedented' effects in relapsing form of the disease
5 Thinking with our hands can help find new ways of solving problems
6 Could more effective goals be the key to treating depression?
7 Kids think stereotypes reflect how world should be
8 The way you move: Tumor cells move differently than normal ones
9 Sunlight offers surprise benefit: It energizes infection fighting T cells
10 Case for sexual transmission of Zika virus strengthened
11 Impaired behavior in pregnant and lactating mice
12 One step closer to reality: Devices that convert heat into electricity
13 New modeling approach for droplet evaporation
14 Live cell imaging using a smartphone
15 New ultrasound technique is first to image inside live cells
16 Temperature drives biodiversity
17 Global climate target could net additional six million tons of fish annually
18 Mass insect migrations in UK skies
19 From a fleet of shining beetles to sharks and an alarming bird virus, spanning 5 continents and 3 oceans, these discoveries add to Earth's tree of life
20 Genes Nardilysin, OGDHL linked to human neurological conditions
21 Burning more fat, less glucose could lead to diabetes, mouse models indicate
22 Genetic cause identified for previously unrecognized developmental disorder
23 Blocking type I interferon may help combat the virus that causes AIDS
24 Toeing the line: Study finds brain cells that signal path of travel
25 The trick against haploinsufficiencies: Getting the 'single' gene to work for 2
26 Losing sleep over discrimination? 'everyday discrimination' may contribute to sleep problems
27 Research discredits theory that e-cigarettes make tobacco use socially acceptable
28 Heart-related deaths spike at Christmas
29 Training to become a scuba diver? Start at the dentist
30 Examining toddler temperament around the globe
31 Advertisers depict unsafe sleeping environments for infants, study shows
32 Sensor sensation: novel sensor capable of measuring both charge, mass of biomolecules
33 Bionic pancreas system successfully controls blood sugar without risk of hypoglycemia
34 Mysteries of Father Christmas/Santa Claus 'solved' by relativity theory
35 Competitive sport ranking evolution over time is used to predict the future evolution of rankings
36 Collaborative team report on first precision study of antihydrogen
37 Feeding the ravenous black hole at the center of our galaxy
38 Searching a sea of 'noise' to find exoplanets, using only data as a guide
39 Hubble chases a small stellar galaxy in the Hunting Dog
40 New website advances effort to reduce harmful impact of news hoaxes in society
41 Quantum membranes for ultraprecise mechanical measurements
42 Electron-photon small-talk could have big impact on quantum computing
43 Astronauts to get help from snake robots
44 Genome will serve as a resource for jujube breeders working on improved cultivars
45 Process cells use to destroy damaged organelles now identified
46 New tag revolutionizes whale research, and makes them partners in science
47 The magical reindeer nose
48 Scientists identify a new approach to recycle greenhouse gas
49 Two felid cousins responded in the past very differently to climate change
50 New England forest edges absorb more carbon but suffer more heat stress
51 Computer models find ancient solutions to modern climate problems
52 Biologists follow 'fossilizable' clues to pinpoint when mammal, bird and dinosaur ancestors became athletes
53 Researchers find paw of Dutch bear
54 Arctic Inuit, Native American cold adaptations may originate from extinct hominids
55 Biology and neutrons collide to unlock secrets of fish ear bones
56 Final trial results confirm Ebola vaccine provides high protection against disease
57 Violence spreads like a disease among adolescents, study finds
58 Racial and ethnic disparities central to poor outcomes following juvenile detention
59 Chemistry research breakthrough that could improve nuclear waste recycling technologies
60 Internet use in class tied to lower test scores
61 Heart attack risk doubled for people with less education
62 STEM Enrichment activities have no impact on exam results
63 Gesturing can boost children's creative thinking
64 Researchers study the effect of security tips for users of technology; study focused on radiation-reducing behavior during mobile phone conversations
65 Long-term consequences of workplace bullying on sickness absence
66 Knowing one's place in a social hierarchy
67 A new method creates invisible optical watermarks to protect images, videos and books from counterfeit distribution
68 For those suffering depression or anxiety, using cannabis for relief may not be the long-term answer
69 Autism breakthrough: One protein's sweeping influence on development of autism revealed
70 Nutrition linked to brain health and intelligence in older adults
71 Frequent sauna bathing may protect men against dementia, Finnish study suggests
72 New finding provides more clues about water habitability
73 Solar twin could hold clues to planetary formation
74 Supercluster of galaxies near Milky Way
75 Astronomers release largest digital survey of the visible universe
76 When horses are in trouble they ask humans for help
77 Satellites help discover a jet stream in the Earth's core
78 Causal links between cannabis, schizophrenia: New evidence
79 Exciting new creatures discovered on ocean floor
80 Artificial leaf as mini-factory for drugs
81 Addictive cravings still detectable after death
82 Scientists build bacteria-powered battery on single sheet of paper
83 'Glue' that makes plant cell walls strong could hold the key to wooden skyscrapers
84 Tool makes it easier to design robots that can bend, twist
85 Giant cell blob can learn and teach, study shows
86 Male bumblebees leave home without looking back
87 Starfish larvae create complex water whorls to eat and run
88 Hubble Image of the Week--NGC 4388
89 Hubble Reveals Dusty Filaments in NGC 4696
90 'NoBody'-- a Microprotein on a Mission
91 UVES Instrument Views Fingerprint of the Early Universe
92 Cassini Spacecraft Makes First Ring-Grazing Plunge
93 NASA Runs First-Ever Test of New "Propulsor" Jet Engine Tech
94 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Reveals First Images from New Orbit
95 New Study Shows Dark Matter May Be Smoother than Expected
96 Common Mechanism May Be Responsible for the Spread of Alzheimer's and CTE
97 Distant Galaxy September 0346-52 Churning Out Stars at Remarkable Rate
98 Kepler Reveals Solar-Like Oscillations in Other Stars
99 Juno Mission Prepares for Jupiter Flyby
100 Hubble Takes a Closer Look at Spiral Galaxy IC 5201
101 Hubble Reveals a Black Hole Ripping Apart a Passing Star
102 Antarctic Site Dome a Promises to Open a New Window on the Cosmos
103 Yale Study Shows Risk Avoidance in Older Adults is Related to Brain Anatomy, Not Age
104 NASA's New Global View of CO2, Critical Step for Carbon-Cycle Science
105 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Captures New Image of Jupiter
106 New Method Could Accelerate Graphene Production
107 FDA-Approved Drug Treats a Rare Cardiac Disease
108 Statistical Analysis Shows Unexpected Interaction Between Dark Matter and Ordinary Matter