File Title
1 Cuttlefish do not bluff in battle
2 Confronted with sepsis, key immune mechanism breaks, Indiana University scientists find
3 Websites with history can be just as conversational as chatting with a person
4 INRS professor's team unveils new Leishmania virulence strategies
5 Physicist offers leading theory about mysterious Large Hadron Collider excess
6 Severity of kyphosis and decline in lung function: The Framingham study
7 PR officials should utilize Twitter, social media during crises to gauge public response
8 First clinical guidelines in Canada for pain following spinal cord injury
9 Protein ZMYND8 tied to suppression of prostate cancer tumor metastasis
10 Sampling method used for new breast cancer tests may lead to underestimation of risk
11 Two proteins safeguard skin stem cells
12 'Pain paradox' discovery provides route to new pain control drugs
13 Tooth wear sheds light on the feeding habits of ancient elephant relatives
14 Russian scientists discover how certain proteins may help fight chlamydia
15 Beating the heat a challenge at the nanoscale
16 Prostate cancer breakthrough could lead to new diagnostic tests and treatments
17 Photopharmacology and optogenetics: Lighting the way for second messengers
18 Discovery of a novel gene for hereditary colon cancer
19 Discovery of biomarkers for the prognosis of chronic kidney disease
20 New rare species of whale identified
21 Introduction of screening could significantly reduce lung cancer deaths
22 Unlocking the languages of autistic children in families
23 Scientists call for increased federal investment in sustainable agriculture
24 Recovery of dopamine function emerges with recovery from smoking
25 Early detection of leukemia patients' resistance to therapy
26 Original cell type does not affect iPS cell differentiation to blood
27 Research reveals restorative justice reduces recidivism
28 Keep a lid on it: Utah State University geologists probe geological carbon storage
29 The intravenous swim team
30 Pneumonia discovery may offer way to boost body's defenses
31 Open-source drug discovery a success
32 Cancer on a Paleo-diet? Ask someone who lived 1.7 million years ago
33 The Lancet Psychiatry: Locked door policy in mental health hospitals is no better than open doors at preventing patient suicide or unauthorized absence, says study
34 Two Oxford research discoveries offer hope for managing ovarian cancer
35 Monsoon intensity enhanced by heat captured by desert dust
36 Researchers discover gene variant associated with esophageal cancer
37 Conception timed with periods of low mosquito activity could reduce Zika virus infection
38 A step closer to understanding the 'switch' that triggers flowering in plants
39 The impact of private sector contracts on NHS provision and treatment inequalities
40 Smartphone exercises for a better mood
41 Longer survival likely to be reason for increased numbers with diabetes, rather than increased incidence
42 Use of Internet in medical research may hinder recruitment of minorities, poor
43 New genetic syndrome tied to defects in protein transport
44 Even mild vision impairment has influence on quality of life
45 Do patients use online communications following a new breast cancer diagnosis?
46 Social media linked to more satisfaction with breast cancer treatment decisions
47 Novel drug therapy kills pancreatic cancer cells by reducing levels of antioxidants
48 CO2 can be stored underground for 10 times the length needed to avoid climatic impact
49 Indian pedestrian, motorcycle deaths likely much higher than government data suggest
50 Likely to be many more pedestrian and motorcycle deaths in India than officially stated
51 Blood pressure hormone promotes obesity
52 Valley fever diagnosis often missed
53 Allaying fears
54 Largest ever study reveals globally protected areas benefit broad range of species
55 Scientists warn about health of English bulldog
56 Conservation scientists help fish catch a break in Pohnpei
57 Songbirds' epic migrations connected to a small cluster of genes
58 Rapid evolution helps plants disperse in disrupted environments
59 No dream: Electric brain stimulation during sleep can boost memory
60 Twisted optics: Seeing light from a new angle
61 Tomatoes resist a parasitic vine by detecting its peptide
62 Stanford study identifies brain areas altered during hypnotic trances
63 In France, hiring biases slightly favor women in male-dominated STEM fields
64 New research adds evidence on potential treatments targeting amyloid beta in Alzheimer's
65 Apollo astronauts experiencing higher rates of cardiovascular-related deaths
66 Study finds couples' division of paid and unpaid labor linked to risk of divorce
67 New material could advance superconductivity
68 ACMG releases updated position statement on noninvasive prenatal screening for detection of fetal aneuploidy
69 Breakthrough solar cell captures CO2 and sunlight, produces burnable fuel
70 Urinary markers may indicate kidney injury in preterm infants
71 With too little to eat, 'massive number' of reef sharks depend on delivery
72 Effects of past tropical deforestation will be felt for years to come
73 Butterflies use differences in leaf shape to distinguish between plants
74 Toward an effective TB vaccine: Analysis of the immune response to a promising candidate
75 Newborns with borderline thyroid function at higher risk of poor neurodevelopmental outcomes
76 Highly sensitive and effective tool measures how your cells grow and divide
77 Zika virus challenges for neuropsychiatry recently published by Dove Medical Press
78 When the going gets tough, the tough get growing
79 Selfie righteous: New tool corrects angles and distances in portraits
80 Street Norco looks like the real thing but really, really isn't
81 Los Angeles mountain lions hunt closer to human settlements than expected
82 Carbon-financed cookstove fails to deliver hoped-for benefits in the field
83 Study suggests new drug candidate could treat both type 2 diabetes and bone loss
84 Forests, species on 4 continents threatened by palm oil expansion
85 International efforts needed to save world's largest mammals, scientists say
86 Avoiding stumbles, from spacewalks to sidewalks
87 Indicators of Parkinson's disease risk found in unexpected places
88 New model may help solve the mystery of how lithium stabilizes moods
89 Videos reveal birds, bats and bugs near Ivanpah solar project power towers
90 Diabetes prevention programs beneficial in improving cardio-metabolic profiles
91 Survey of 31 years of video games shows a decline in sexualized female characters
92 Randomized penumbra 3-D trial of next generation stent retriever meets primary endpoints
93 Cod and climate
94 Gene therapy for metabolic liver diseases shows promise in pigs
95 How sole-source LEDs impact growth of Brassica microgreens
96 International Tree Nut Council study finds link between nut intake and inflammatory biomarkers
97 The brain's super-sensitivity to curbs
98 The preventive destruction
99 White dwarf lashes red dwarf with mystery ray
100 Even thinking about marriage gets young people to straighten up
101 Scientists change properties of zeolites to improve hemodialysis
102 Photos capture challenges for teens with autism, show animals as resource
103 Randomized penumbra 3-D trial of next generation stent retriever meets primary endpoints
104 Transformations to granular zircon revealed: Meteor Crater, Arizona
105 Water resilience that flows
106 Maintaining a healthy heart through bile acids
107 Updated testing guidelines make more women eligible for herceptin, yet benefit uncertain
108 SLU research finds link between carbohydrate consumption and adropin
109 The August 2016 issue of Lithosphere is now online
110 Princeton-UCLA study finds gray wolves should remain protected