File Title
1 DNA dominos on a chip
2 Slowly pulling proteins apart reveals unexpected path to stability
3 Report: People buy most of their junk food at the supermarket
4 1967 solar storm nearly took US to brink of war
5 Study finds Medicaid expansion did not increase emergency department use
6 Deer evolution: Ancient DNA reveals novel relationships
7 General support for science doesn't always correlate with attitudes toward specific issues
8 Use of pulsed electric fields may reduce scar formation after burns, other injuries
9 System helps protect privacy in genomic databases
10 Research evaluates 18-month neurobehavioral outcomes in single-family room NICU
11 Study: Some black teens may feel pulled between health and hair
12 How do the bugs in your gut affect neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases?
13 Neutrinos, ever bizarre, enjoy the spotlight
14 NREL assesses strategies needed for light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas reduction
15 Diet designed to lower blood pressure also reduces risk of kidney disease
16 NREL technique leads to improved perovskite solar cells
17 'Fixing' blood vessel cells to diagnose blood clotting disorders
18 African-American surgical patients benefit in universally insured health system
19 In search of neurobiological factors for schizophrenia
20 Talking back: Countering terrorist narratives may reduce recruitment
21 Research reveals patient can have more than one breast cancer, points at treatments
22 Scientists count microscopic particles without microscope
23 Mimicking luxury goods
24 Researchers ID key drivers of heart complications in sickle cell anemia
25 How to make fish less fishy (video)
26 Researchers have developed a new class of artificial proteins
27 Heat release of later-age concrete and the concrete strength development
28 New method opens up the possibility of customizing breast milk for premature children
29 Cement design should take into account the water confined in the smallest pores
30 The 6 steps to extinction
31 Adaptive pathways: EMA still leaves open questions unanswered
32 TMS differences between brain activity of people who dream and people who do not dream
33 Financial worries linked to mental health issues among university students
34 Developmental psychology: Little strategists
35 Structural features of quercetin derivatives by using pharmaco-phore modeling approach
36 New findings and research methods leading to elucidation of fertilization mechanism
37 Double whammy for important Baltic seaweed
38 Rising water temperatures and acidification affect important plankton organism
39 Could suppression of G[alpha]q/11 signaling be a promising target for treating bone loss?
40 Positive teacher-student relationships boost good behavior in teenagers for up to 4 years
41 Origin of the turtle shell lies in digging
42 New breakthrough in understanding dystonia
43 Study may lead to better breast cancer drugs
44 UH researchers are pioneering tools for heart regeneration
45 Studies in humans and animals show link between GALNT2 gene and levels of HDL cholesterol
46 New model sheds light on secondary bacterial pneumonia
47 HIV is not a super-spreader of drug-resistant tuberculosis
48 New study shows breast tumors evolve in response to hormone therapy
49 USF researchers expect no major red tide outbreaks on Florida's west coast this year
50 US diabetic kidney disease rate unchanged
51 Psychologist's magic makes a non-existent object disappear
52 The long hunted sterile neutrino cannot be traced
53 'Game on for Pokemon Go,' says the BMJ pundit
54 Higher weekly activity levels linked to lower risk of 5 chronic diseases
55 Study provides details of possible link between Zika and severe joint condition at birth
56 Getting it 'just right' in the immune system
57 1,400 km of optical fiber connect optical clocks in France and Germany
58 Researchers immobilize underwater bubbles
59 Study pushes back the origin of HIV-related retroviruses to 60 million years ago
60 Cascade of events leading to prion disease described
61 Study shows rapid decline in male dog fertility, with potential environmental causes
62 Unsafe levels of toxic chemicals found in drinking water for 6 million Americans
63 Most patients taking warfarin long-term do not maintain stable INR values
64 Overall prevalence of diabetic kidney disease does not change significantly in US
65 Device reduces risk of brain injury after heart valve replacement
66 Evidence insufficient to make recommendation regarding screening for lipid disorders in children
67 'Yin and yang' switch lies at the heart of animal stem cells
68 Stem cells of worms and humans more similar than expected
69 Helper molecule reverses degeneration of muscle in mouse model of tissue aging, wasting
70 Sex hormones skew outcomes in clinical trials--here's how
71 Why is breast cancer common but heart cancer rare?
72 New research supports the removal of drug use as a restriction to hepatitis C treatment
73 Latin-American, Caribbean health systems need more investment as populations age
74 Promising new treatment for lupus on the horizon
75 Light and caffeine improve driver alertness: C study
76 How to engineer a stronger immune system
77 Researchers flag hundreds of new genes that could contribute to autism
78 UNH researchers uncover new insights on Great Lakes monuments
79 Illuminating sulfides' roles in the body
80 Undergraduates uncover mechanism tied to plant height
81 Human brain recordings provide highly sought insights into cause of Parkinson's disease
82 Needle biopsies for noninvasive breast cancer: Routine analysis wastes millions
83 TSRI scientists pinpoint Ebola's weak spots
84 Some psychotic disorders may be induced by drugs designed to combat effects of epilepsy
85 New model recreates early spread of Parkinson's disease in the brain
86 Researchers turn to policy to tackle health disparities in an age of personalized medicine
87 Towards a better screen
88 Watch a tiny space rocket work
89 Novel technology may prevent burn scars
90 Looking different than your parents can be an evolutionary advantage
91 Discovery could help treatments for sickle cell disease
92 GIS mapping aims to improve health care access for older adults
93 Nothing--and something--give concrete strength, toughness
94 A plant present in Brazil is capable of colonizing deforested areas
95 Rice University chemical engineers explore market for pure levoglucosan
96 Study finds racial disparity in emergency department opioid prescriptions
97 Dormant copies of HIV mostly defective, new study shows
98 Two classes of medications linked to similar results in peritoneal dialysis patients
99 Accounting for ozone
100 In sync: Simultaneous prescription refills boosts medication adherence, Penn study shows
101 Volunteering later in life can enhance mental health and wellbeing
102 Study finds brain connections key to reading
103 Prototype chip could help make quantum computing practical
104 Smarter self-assembly opens new pathways for nanotechnology
105 Playground zoning increases physical activity during recess
106 Assisted-living facilities limit older adults' rights to sexual freedom, study finds
107 College students who misuse stimulants more likely to have ADHD, substance-use disorder
108 HIV stigma influenced by perceptions of masculinity, study reveals
109 Targeting brain cells to alleviate neuropathic pain
110 Working and volunteering could reduce disablement in seniors, study finds