File Title
1 First validated canine behavioral genetics findings of nine fear and aggression traits in dogs
2 New PET scan tracer allows first imaging of the epigenetics of the human brain
3 Children can benefit when adoptive and biological parents share adoption stories
4 Case workers need more holistic approach to identifying chronic child neglect
5 Study: Recording selfies while brushing teeth can improve oral health care skills
6 Going the distance: Babies reach farther with adults around
7 Immune analysis of on-treatment longitudinal biopsies predicts response to melanoma immunotherapy
8 This week from AGU: Denver's ozone problem, earlier snowmelt, and 3 research spotlights
9 Total number of neurons--not enlarged prefrontal region--hallmark of human brain
10 Engineering a better biofuel
11 User-friendly language for programming efficient simulations
12 New analysis shows threats to 8,000 Red List species
13 Researchers find sex worker outreach linked with better health outcomes
14 With droughts and downpours, climate change feeds Chesapeake Bay algal blooms
15 Methane-filled canyons line Titan's surface, study finds
16 Trajectory of functional recovery after postoperative delirium
17 Researchers find that Android apps can secretly track users' whereabouts
18 How climate change will hurt humanity's closest cousins
19 New map details threat of Zika across Europe, US
20 Crude oil causes heart and skull deformities in haddock
21 Detecting a new doping trend among Olympic athletes
22 'Cultural learners' in the cradle
23 Frankfurter fraud: Finding out what's in your hot dog
24 Improved knowledge of shelf life of food
25 New algorithm for optimized stability of planar-rod objects
26 Toward clothes that fix their own rips (video)
27 Study reveals association between physical function and neurological disease
28 US maternal mortality rates higher than reported, BU study finds
29 Diagnoses: When are several opinions better than 1?
30 Specialized life forms abound at Arctic methane seeps
31 How incivility spreads in the workplace
32 Marine citizen science: Room for growth
33 Discovery of a time-resolved supernova signal in Earth's microfossils
34 Hospitalization risks for patients with diabetes and solid-organ malignancy
35 Simplified approach to drug development with Upsalite
36 Loophole for cancer cells
37 Plenty of light during daytime reduces the effect of blue light screens on night sleep
38 Nivolumab in renal cell cancer: Indication of added benefit
39 Ospemifene in vulvovaginal atrophy: Added benefit not proven
40 Sensational grave find in Cypriote Bronze Age city
41 Tailored probes for atomic force microscopes
42 Probing RNA function with 10,000 mutants
43 Neuron unites 2 theoretical models on motion detection
44 New method helps stabilize materials with elusive magnetism
45 In search of a golden age
46 Unraveling the jaw-dropping goblin shark
47 Two become one: How to turn green light blue
48 Human selection pressure on novel peptide aided domestication of Asian rice
49 Prevalence of traumatic dental injuries in patients attending University of Alberta Emergency Clinic
50 'Aggressive drunk' gene may protect carriers from obesity and associated risks
51 A spoonful of fat makes the medicine go down
52 Oral immunotherapy is safe, effective for peanut-allergic preschoolers, study suggests
53 Galapagos Islands face first-ever bird extinction
54 UBC research aims to help Canadian flax farmers
55 NIH-funded study supports surgery as treatment for myasthenia gravis
56 Stress bites! USF researchers study mosquito/bird interactions
57 Partisan media can influence viewers to reject facts
58 Rare genetic variations may solve mystery of porphyria severity in some patients
59 Breastfeeding twice as likely after home births than hospital births
60 New gene linked to inherited lung disease via disrupted telomerase
61 Discovery of key component of HIV virus yields new drug target
62 Frozen embryos more effective than fresh in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
63 Cancer drug for mums-to-be may curb baby girls' future fertility
64 Fusobacteria use a special sugar-binding protein to bind to colon tumors
65 Dear future US president: A wish list from a physician-scientist
66 Low risk of developing persistent opioid use after major surgery
67 Is depression in parents, grandparents linked to grandchildren's depression?
68 Increased risk suicide death associated with hospitalization for infection
69 Stanford researchers devise method for bone marrow transplants without using chemotherapy
70 Reducing the harms of alcohol through weaker beer
71 Tighter air pollution standards may save thousands of lives, greatly improve public health
72 The healthiest eaters are the most culturally 'fit'
73 Textbook story of how humans populated America is 'biologically unviable,' study finds
74 Effects of chemotherapy on developing ovaries in female fetuses
75 Stellar lab in Sagittarius
76 Treating at the earliest sign of MS may offer long-term benefit
77 New meta-analysis shows engineered hard shorelines are a threat to ecosystems
78 Thymectomy benefits myasthenia gravis patients without chest tumor
79 Tracing the evolution of bird reproduction
80 Gene signature in healthy brains pinpoints the origins of Alzheimer's disease
81 Climate change already accelerating sea level rise, study finds
82 New hope for shock patients in intensive care
83 A surprising way laundry adds flame retardants to surface waters
84 Neurodevelopmental model of Williams syndrome offers insight into human social brain
85 Morphological analysis of a light-controlling organ suggests two new deep-sea fish species
86 Isotopic analysis of teeth may identify starvation in victims of the Great Irish Famine
87 How mouth microbes may worsen colorectal cancer
88 Warmer climate could lower dengue risk
89 Stowaway frogs being stopped by border security
90 Boron carrier for targeted tumor therapy
91 Combining biologic and phototherapy treatments for moderate-to-severe psoriasis
92 UMD researchers develop tool to counter public health IT challenges
93 Reduced activity of an important enzyme identified among suicidal patients
94 Researchers successfully test modified stun gun with heart monitoring capability
95 UH Cancer Center researchers develop algorithm to find precise cancer treatments
96 Plastic manufacturing chemical BPS harms egg cells, study suggests
97 Simulating complex catalysts key to making cheap, powerful fuel cells
98 Many more species at risk from Southeast Asia tree plantations, study finds
99 Killer T cells recognize cancer in pre-clinical tumors, but are silenced as tumor develops
100 Jaw-dropping research explains mouth formation during embryonic development
101 Obesity on the rise in adults with a history of cancer
102 Study highlights serious security threat to many internet users
103 1 in 5 are discharged from hospital with unstable vital signs
104 Outdated assessment of treatment response makes good cancer drugs look bad
105 LISA best strategy to prevent chronic lung disease in preterm infants
106 Bleed like hell
107 New Piltdown hoax analysis points to work of 'lone forger'
108 Heredity explains African-American paradox, University of North Texas researcher says
109 Eat Mediterranean: Your brain will reap the benefit
110 Why are New England's wild blue mussels disappearing?