File Title
1 New free web service for deep study of cell functions
2 At the cradle of oxygen: Brand-new detector to reveal the interiors of stars
3 Inflammation of the placenta interferes with fetal development
4 Study: Attitudes toward women key in higher rates of sexual assault by athletes
5 New review investigates the health benefit of contact with the natural environment
6 Discovering how cyanobacteria form patterns for nitrogen fixation
7 Reading between the genes
8 Quantum satellite device tests technology for global quantum network
9 Cell insights shed light on how muscle-wasting disease takes hold
10 Scientists reconstruct the history of asteroid collisions
11 Finding the real treasure of the Incas: Two new frog species from an unexplored region
12 Singing in the rain: A new species of rain frog from Manu National Park, Amazonian Peru
13 Olfactory receptor discovered in pigment cells of the skin
14 Topical skin creams effective to treat superficial basal cell carcinoma: New study
15 The rules of the game for children with ADHD
16 Cancer cells become more aggressive from fat storage
17 Unusual combo reduces health risk from atypical antipsychotic
18 Scientific breakthrough in sports nutrition to change the game for endurance athletes
19 Study of almost 49,000 obese patients shows that mortality is much lower in those who have obesity surgery compared with those who don't
20 Commercial weight-loss programs: Evidence of benefits for diabetics still too scarce
21 Study of UK diabetic patients suggests obesity surgery could save National Health Service almost 100,000 pounds per patient
22 Patient trial confirms Wearable Artificial Kidney proof of concept
23 'Bitter brake' activates gut hormones and suppresses food intake
24 Current apps on weight management have not been certified by health authorities and there are no published data on their effectiveness
25 Scientists gain supervolcano insights from Wyoming granite
26 International trial changing standard of care for advanced breast cancer
27 Men who have sex with men in small cities less likely to be tested for HIV
28 Two-drug immunotherapy deemed safe for lung cancer patients, Moffitt study shows
29 Novel compound shows promise against breast cancer
30 Scientists find surprising magnetic excitations in a metallic compound
31 How to organize a cell: Novel insight from a fungus
32 Study reveals incarceration's hidden wounds for African-American men
33 Scientists discover oldest plant root stem cells
34 CNIO scientists have created mice with hyper-long telomeres without altering the genes
35 Gut microbes' metabolite dampens proliferation of intestinal stem cells
36 Declining dopamine may explain why older people take fewer risks
37 Frailty among young bone marrow transplant survivors increases risk of death
38 Florida drug database and 'Pill Mill' reg curbed state's top opioid prescribers
39 Scripps Florida scientists discover a new protein crucial to normal forgetting
40 Meta-lens works in the visible spectrum, sees smaller than a wavelength of light
41 Bionic leaf turns sunlight into liquid fuel
42 Repurposing an old drug to treat cystic fibrosis airway disease
43 Renal dopamine signaling prevents kidney injury and improves blood pressure in mice
44 Detecting an early biomarker for pancreatic cancer in blood
45 Study provides new clues to leukemia resurgence after chemotherapy
46 Pulmonary artery stiffening is an early driver of pulmonary hypertension
47 Swirling ammonia lies below Jupiter's thick clouds
48 Did ancient wolves befriend humans twice?
49 A CRISPR system for editing RNA
50 Microplastics alter hatching, growth and feeding of European perch
51 Mice on wheels show scientists how exercise benefits their brains
52 Cancer survivors: A growing population
53 Prodding leukemia cells with nanoprobes could provide cancer clues
54 We've got tapeworms and scabies! And reproducible research
55 Novel immunotherapy approach shows promise in blood cancers
56 Researchers convert cirrhosis-causing cells to healthy liver cells in mice
57 Microplastic particles threaten fish larvae
58 High-throughput, sensitive approach helps reveal what's 'real' in genome-wide association data
59 Moonlighting enzyme protects against degenerative brain disease
60 A new energy source within the cells
61 Genetic variant may help predict risk of kidney damage after heart surgery
62 Researchers unlock new CRISPR system for targeting RNA
63 Rare eye disease that struck Oliver Sacks gives rise to new cancer treatment strategy
64 Stem cells shown safe, beneficial for chronic stroke patients, clinical trial finds
65 IU-led brain study suggests new ways to protect against neurodegeneration
66 Lack of diagnosis creates added risks for those with dementia
67 New radio map of Jupiter reveals what's beneath colorful clouds
68 Dogs were domesticated not once, but different parts of the world
69 Scientists identify mutation that causes muffs and beards to grow on chickens
70 How southeastern Mayan people overcame the catastrophic eruption of Ilopango?
71 Health concerns about global baby formula boom
72 Gender gap discovered in science exam performance
73 TGen studies global fungal threat; finds six new species associated with bat evolution
74 Fasting induces a miRNA-mediated subcutaneous to visceral fat switch
75 Spotlight on fair wages
76 Brainwaves could be the next health vital sign
77 Spinning electrons yield positrons for research
78 Evolution painted onto butterfly wings
79 Purdue team finds convection could produce Pluto's polygons
80 NASA satellite finds unreported sources of toxic air pollution
81 How green and cool roofs could impact urban climate
82 Deployed US military service members more likely to suffer noncombat bone and joint injuries
83 Shift work unwinds body clocks, leading to more severe strokes
84 Software turns webcams into eye-trackers
85 Study finds minimal risk for serious infection with 'in bone' prosthesis
86 Research examines the social benefits of getting into someone else's head
87 Flu-like symptoms in pregnant woman could affect baby
88 Cooperation emerges when groups are small and memories are long, Penn study finds
89 Buck researchers identify new 'druggable' target for sporadic Parkinson's disease
90 New insights into muscular dystrophy point to potential treatment avenues
91 Team identifies gene involved with fracture healing
92 Nurses cite language barriers to educating parents about 'shaken baby syndrome'
93 Hydraulic fracturing chemical spills on agricultural land need scrutiny
94 Slowing of landslide flows reflects California's drying climate
95 USGS assesses carbon potential of Alaska lands
96 Water yields from southern Appalachian watersheds in decline since the 1970s
97 In all US regions, broad support for increasing legal age of tobacco sales
98 Innovative surgical practices using tissue-based regenerative therapies may be tightly regulated
99 Study highlights 'emotional labor' of college student-athletes
100 'Jumping gene' took peppered moths to the dark side
101 New approach to nuclear structure, freely available
102 Imaging biomarker distinguishes prostate cancer tumor grade
103 Ultra-sensitive, vibration-tolerant gas sensor makes field applications more practical
104 A vision for revamping neuroscience education
105 Mount Sinai researchers report clinical utility of personalized medicine program for cancer patients
106 Pot-smokers harm gums; other physical effects slight
107 New muscular dystrophy drug target identified
108 New smartphone app makes it easy to find--and enroll in--clinical trials
109 Novel mouse model sheds new light on autism spectrum disorder
110 Wildfire on warming planet requires adaptive capacity at local, national, international scales