File Title
1 Autism care improved, diagnosis time shortened by new MU program
2 Researchers find what could be brain's trigger for binge behavior
3 Bisexual college students most vulnerable to sexual assault
4 New evidence shows Affordable Care Act is working in Texas
5 US Army camera captures explosives in fine detail
6 Readmissions after complex cancer operations vary with institution type and patient cohort
7 Female smokers more likely to kick the habit by 'timing' their quit date with their menstrual cycle
8 Researchers suggest whole-person perspective is needed to assess obesity
9 The brain needs to 'clean itself up' so that it can 'sort itself out'
10 Looking to beat the heat and save money?
11 New class of protein could treat cancer and other diseases, Georgia State researchers find
12 Ecologists advise an increase in prescribed grassland burning to maintain ecosystem
13 Tobacco smoke makes germs more resilient
14 Study paves way for new therapies in fight against calcium disorders
15 Grandmother, what bad eyes you have!
16 Is endurance training bad for you?
17 Researchers create first 3-D mathematical model of uterine contractions
18 Why are blacks at higher risk for cognitive impairment?
19 Fiddler crabs' 'Morse code' attracts Mrs. Right
20 New blood test for the detection of bovine TB
21 A new 'Einstein ring' is discovered
22 Sharing biodiversity data: Best tools and practices via the EU-funded project EU BON
23 The mysterious sexual life of the most primitive dragonfly
24 Sparrows with unfaithful 'wives' care less for their young
25 Stick insects produce bacterial enzymes themselves
26 Europe sees constant increase in gonorrhoea infections
27 Statistics predict France and Germany as UEFA EURO favorites
28 Antipsychotic prescribing trends in youths with autism and intellectual disability
29 Theft behind Planet 9 in our solar system
30 Community interventions needed to close epilepsy treatment gap can be cost-effective
31 Measuring the Milky Way: 1 massive problem, 1 new solution
32 It pays to increase energy consumption
33 Vicious circle of platelets: Alzheimer's disease patients may benefit from anti-platelet therapy
34 A jolt from the blue: Rays provide power for an electric generator
35 Implanted neuroprosthesis improves walking ability in stroke patient
36 Maternal inflammation boosts serotonin and impairs fetal brain development in mice
37 Mapping neural networks to strengthen circadian rhythms
38 Researchers show nature conserves its most vital DNA by multitasking
39 To strengthen an opinion, simply say it is based on morality
40 Calcium signals balance the body's response to infection against potential for self-attack
41 Large global range of prices for hepatitis C medicines raises concerns about affordability
42 ADHD medication linked to slightly increased risk of heart rhythm problems
43 Women with migraines have higher risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality
44 Flatworms left in sunlight spur investigations into rare metabolic disorders
45 Studying life on the rocks
46 Calculating the mechanics of a rough sphere
47 Researchers find new signs of stress damage in the brain, plus hope for prevention
48 US may be greatly undercounting pediatric concussions
49 Primary care is point of entry for many kids with concussions
50 New findings linking abnormalities in circadian rhythms to neurochemical to changes in specific neurotransmitters
51 Honeybees pick up 'astonishing' number of pesticides via non-crop plants
52 Financial relationships between biomedical companies and organizations
53 Brain structure that tracks negative events backfires in depression
54 Improving cell transplantation after spinal cord injury: When, where and how?
55 Hunting for the brain's opioid addiction switch
56 High blood pressure linked to short-, long-term exposure to some air pollutants
57 Children's digestive health across Europe in crisis
58 Leaky blood-brain barrier linked to Alzheimer's disease
59 Better combustion for power generation
60 Scientists find brain area responsible for learning from immediate experience
61 When it comes to claws, right-handed attracts the girls
62 Psoriasis and smoking: Links and risks published by Dove Medical Press
63 When it comes to developing stem cell treatments, seeing is half the battle
64 Researchers show the transmission of the genetic disorder HD in normal animals
65 Growing perfect crystals by filling the gaps
66 Back to the future: Space-age exploration for pre-historic bones
67 Hydropower dams worldwide cause continued species extinction
68 Synthesis of hydrogen: Enzymes assemble themselves in the test tube
69 Bee populations expanded during global warming after the last Ice Age
70 50th publication in RIO Journal: Report of the first FORCE11 Scholarly Commons workshop
71 Gels go drugs
72 Clouds and climate in the pre-industrial age
73 New Cretaceous fossils shed light on the early evolution of ants
74 Institute of Biophysics research clarifies light-harvesting process in plants
75 Seeing 'living' nanofibers in real time
76 Weed stems ripe for biofuel
77 Identification of the action mechanism of a protein impacting neural circuit development
78 Fish courtship pheromone uses the brain's smell pathway
79 The brain clock that keeps memories ticking
80 Heme, a poisonous nutrient, tracked by 'Green Lantern' sensor
81 Rice and mung beans as archaeological sources
82 Deep, old water explains why Antarctic Ocean hasn't warmed
83 Dancing hairs alert bees to floral electric fields
84 USF researchers find spatial scale changes ecological processes driving disease
85 Next-generation gene sequencing helps diagnose rare diseases in newborns
86 Study finds one third of children have higher levels of cardiometabolic risk factors due to family history
87 Effects of maternal smoking continue long after birth
88 'Dirty Blizzard' sent 2010 Gulf oil spill pollution to seafloor
89 Mouse study links heart regeneration to telomere length
90 A combined approach to treating metastatic melanoma
91 Remains of rice and mung beans help solve a Madagascan mystery
92 Increased marrying, and mating, by education level not affecting genetic make-up
93 Narcotic painkillers prolong pain in rats, says CU-Boulder study
94 New UN treatment targets for HIV/AIDS would be 'expensive but worth every penny'
95 90/90/90 HIV initiative would yield 'extraordinary returns' in South Africa
96 Google searches for 'chickenpox' reveal big impact of vaccinations
97 Research explains the role of the gene BRCA1 in DNA repair
98 Using solid-state materials with gold nanoantennas for more durable solar cells
99 Child's play: Australia's newest roboticists see eye-to-eye with R2-D2
100 Identifying how Merkel cell polyomavirus infection can cause a lethal carcinoma
101 Premature babies may grow up to have weaker bones
102 Quiet please in the intensive care unit!
103 Study shows patients require less painkilling medication after breast-cancer surgery if they have opiate-free anesthesia
104 Wind turbines on Galapagos replace millions of liters of diesel since 2007, meet 30 percent of energy needs
105 Ever-changing moods may be toxic to the brain of bipolar patients
106 Teenage brain on social media
107 Fast, stretchy circuits could yield new wave of wearable electronics
108 A new breakthrough in the synthesis of chiral 3,6-Dihydro-2H-pyrans
109 Organism responsible for paralytic shellfish poisoning may affect fisheries
110 3-D model reveals how invisible waves move materials within aquatic ecosystems