File Title
1 Maryland's 2011 alcohol sales tax reduced alcohol sales, study suggests
2 Building Immunity: Team recreates a T-cell receptor signaling pathway
3 Kidney stone patients hospitalized on the weekend may get delayed treatment
4 Whites receive more state funding for autism services than other racial/ethnic groups
5 Common brain cell shapes the nervous system in unexpected ways
6 Humanoid robotics and computer avatars could help treat social disorders
7 Being married may help prolong survival in cancer patients
8 Paper tape can help prevent foot blisters, study shows
9 New study shows how age, sex affect social activity
10 Breakthrough toothpaste ingredient hardens your teeth while you sleep
11 Violent video games eventually lose their ability to produce guilt in gamers
12 Three-way battles in the quantum world
13 Shining new light on diabetes treatment
14 Topology explains queer electrical current boost in non-magnetic metal
15 Photochemical metallization allows the manufacture of touchscreens in a single step
16 New tool refines exoplanet search
17 New method to estimate more accurate distances between planetary nebulae and the Earth
18 From IT to black holes: Nano-control of light pioneers new paths
19 Gravitational wave search provides insights into galaxy evolution and mergers
20 Application of novel alignment-free sequence descriptors in Zika virus characterization
21 World record for fastest optical communications for data centers
22 Turning cities into innovation engines
23 Quantum dots enhance light-to-current conversion in layered semiconductors
24 Researchers find key to zinc rich plants to combat malnutrition
25 Top predators play an important role in human-dominated ecosystems
26 Can more fiber restore microbiome diversity?
27 A better way to keep shrimp juicy, tasty
28 Hi-tech opens up Earth's secrets
29 How an ancient civilization conserved water
30 When life returned after a volcanic mass extinction
31 Dynamic model helps understand healthy lakes to heal sick ones
32 What really happened on Easter Island?
33 Origin of life: An artificial comet holds the missing piece
34 Primate evolution in the fast lane
35 Modern men lack Y chromosome genes from Neanderthals
36 Hepatitis B and C could be eliminated as public health problems in US
37 Smokers may have a tougher time finding a job, earn less money
38 Millions of maternal and child lives could be saved every year for less than $5 a person
39 Hiv agencies yield insights on improving services
40 Key advance: Neuroscientists get a new look into how we read
41 Children's interactions more complex than predicted
42 Americans and Canadians favor practical wisdom
43 Quality time rather than study time improves teens' educational aspirations
44 Supervisors, coworkers tolerate unethical behavior when production is good, study finds
45 Terahertz technology reaches industrial maturity
46 New scrolling technique accelerates skim reading
47 CEO personality traits play role in incentive pay, compensation
48 Smoking while pregnant changes baby's DNA, mounting evidence shows
49 Human sacrifice may have helped build and sustain social class systems
50 Ancient 'Kite Runner' carried its young attached to its body by threads
51 Pig hearts kept alive in baboons for more than two years, research offers hope for human transplants
52 Supernovae may have played a role in Earth's evolution
53 South America's prehistoric people spread in two waves like 'invasive species'
54 Monster black hole discovered in an unlikely galaxy may be common
55 No trace of Neanderthal DNA on Y chromosome of modern men
56 Earth's spin axis shifted by melting ice sheets and changes of water on land
57 Hawking backs interstellar travel project
58 Sea-level rise factors unravelled
59 Planets stripped bare by host stars
60 Major Tim Peake 'catches the Dragon'
61 'Superhero DNA' keeps diseases at bay
62 Zika virus 'scarier than thought' says US
63 Tiger numbers show increase for first time in a century
64 Planet Nine's profile fleshed out
65 'Longest-ever' captured python dies in Malaysia
66 Complex sugars cooked up from 'comet ice'
67 Can 'pay as you glow' solve Malawi's power crisis?
68 DNA points to Neanderthal breeding barrier
69 Wombat-cuddler contest promotes Tasmania
70 Bizarre fossil hauled its offspring around 'like kites'
71 Ariane 6 project 'in good shape'
72 The world's largest rats are the size of small dogs
73 Facebook's next big thing: Bots for Messenger
74 US considers 'breathalysers for phones'
75 HTC 10 smartphone combats shaky selfies
76 Uber shared data on 12 million people with US regulators
77 Germany train crash: Controller 'distracted by computer game'
78 Security snapshot reveals massive personal data loss
79 Yahoo: Why would Daily Mail or anyone else buy net firm?
80 Petya ransomware encryption system cracked
81 Blackberry to launch two Android phones
82 Philippines elections hack 'leaks voter data'
83 O2-Three merger threatens long-term damage, says CMA
84 The ransomware that knows where you live
85 Hello, I am BBCTechbot. How can I help?
86 How monitoring behaviour could unmask the fraudsters
87 How old banks are learning from a new breed of tech start-ups
88 Oculus Rift: How will virtual reality change watching and playing sport?
89 Angela Wrightson murder: How the media fought to report the case
90 UK hits broadband target...maybe
91 Facebook's next big thing: Bots for Messenger
92 Do academies get better results?
93 Council aims to have all Edinburgh pupils 'back by next week'
94 UC Berkeley students sue university over sexual harassment
95 Inquiry into former Coventry children's home abuse
96 French action urged over Calais asylum-seeker children
97 Ministers didn't listen over baseline tests, unions say
98 Youngsters not at university 'overlooked,' say Lords
99 Shakespeare First Folio discovered on Scottish island
100 Baseline tests dropped as progress measure
101 Labour will not means test tuition fee grants, says Carwyn Jones
102 Too many school libraries 'face cuts or closure'
103 Zika virus 'scarier than thought' says US
104 'Superhero DNA' keeps diseases at bay
105 Yellow fever spreads to DR Congo, kills 21
106 Huge leap to mass produced platelets
107 Clampdown on cosmetic surgery cowboys
108 Chinese medicine plant secrets probed
109 Uganda's radiotherapy machine for cancer treatment breaks
110 Lithium study helps scientists unlock aging puzzle
111 Deadly diabetes in 'unrelenting march'
112 What will President Obama's cancer 'moonshot' achieve?
113 Why are Northern Ireland's abortion laws different to the rest of the UK?
114 Can you stop a paedophile before they've abused a child?