File Title
1 Infants with strong sucking skills are more likely to gain additional weight
2 Discovery of cellular counting mechanism used for size control in algae with links to cancer genetics
3 BC scientists engineer immune cells to protect organs from transplant rejection
4 New cause of exceptional Greenland melt revealed
5 Massive deforestation found in Brazil's Cerrado
6 NYU Tandon researcher synthesizes hybrid molecule that delivers a blow to malignant cells
7 In mildly obese patients, sleeve-it surgery may increase weight loss and glycemic control
8 Use of peripheral nerve blocks associated with improved joint replacement outcomes
9 Anti-Mullerian hormone may predict rate of trans-menopausal bone loss
10 Transgender veterans have high rates of mental health problems
11 Seeing cell to cell differences for first time explains symptoms of rare genetic disorders
12 For rechargeable batteries that crush the competition, crush this material
13 Number of science and engineering graduate students up in 2014
14 Older overweight and obese adults with diabetes benefit from better diet and exercise
15 Noted experts speak out about the issues surrounding child poverty in the US
16 Confronting diseases in Africa
17 How to control chlamydia
18 Light helps develop programmable materials
19 Attention deficit after kids' critical illness linked to plasticizers in medical tubes
20 HIV-positive children and adolescents: Added benefit of rilpivirine not proven
21 Ruthenium nanoframes open the doors to better catalysts
22 BPA changes fetal development of the mammary gland, can raise breast cancer risk
23 Ice Age Antarctic Ocean gives clue to 'missing' atmospheric carbon dioxide
24 Asthma is associated with polycystic ovary syndrome and excess weight
25 Some sunscreen ingredients may disrupt sperm cell function
26 Chemical in antibacterial soap may disrupt mix of organisms in digestive tract
27 Brain processes social information at high priority
28 New toolkit can improve primary healthcare for people with developmental disabilities
29 Nepali textile find suggests Silk Road extended further south than previously thought
30 Call them spare tires or love handles--belly fat is bad
31 Vaccine adjuvant protects against post-burn infection
32 Scientists divide magnetic vortices into collectivists and individualists
33 Study raises online golf tutorials to above par
34 New plasma source favorable for hydrogen negative ion beam is developed
35 New insights in blood vessel formation
36 Heart rate variability predicts epileptic seizure
37 New test can predict death in patients with serious liver disease
38 Low-cost and lightweight
39 Monetary incentives for healthy behavior can pay off, says CU-Boulder study
40 Artificial molecules
41 More Latinas screened for breast cancer after 'Promotora' visits
42 Anti-mullerian hormone may predict rate of trans-menopausal bone loss
43 Engineered ovary implant restores fertility in mice
44 Endocrine Society encourages clinicians to avoid prescribing compounded hormones
45 Autism diagnosis taking too long, experts say
46 The Lancet: People who live in activity-friendly neighbourhoods take up to 90 minutes more exercise per week
47 Professional burnout associated with physicians limiting practice
48 Lifting the veil on sex: Can males be less expensive?
49 Global study finds neighborhood design helps put best foot forward for health
50 New study links coffee consumption to decreased risk of colorectal cancer
51 Is there a link between oral health and the rate of cognitive decline?
52 Obesity can be predicted as early as 6 months of age, says study
53 Brain changes seen in veterans with PTSD after mindfulness training
54 New method proposed to detect bacterial infection in preterm infants
55 Growing skin in the lab
56 Ancient Southwest marked by repeated periods of boom and bust
57 Sports-related brain injuries: 12 new articles in April issue of Neurosurgical Focus
58 X-rays reveal how a solar cell gets its silver stripes
59 Scientists discover how gypsum forms--and how it might tell us more about water on Mars
60 Ancient DNA shows European wipe-out of early Americans
61 Engineered monomeric streptavidin
62 Rise of the ridiculously resilient ridge: California drought patterns becoming more common
63 Dancing on ice
64 Size matters: NASA measures raindrop sizes from space to understand storms
65 Natural killer cells help to drive inflammation and insulin resistance
66 'Conspicuous conservation' a factor in socially responsible product innovation
67 Helping young adult cancer survivors adopt a healthy lifestyle
68 Histone deacetylase inhibitors enhance immunotherapy in lung cancer models, say Moffitt researchers
69 Novel vaccine strategy produces rapid and long-term protection against Chikungunya virus
70 Hubble's journey to the center of our galaxy
71 New use for X-rays: A radar gun for unruly atoms
72 Pharmacy on demand
73 US autism rate unchanged in new CDC report
74 Investigators identify new pneumonia epidemic in Beijing
75 Brain appears to have different mechanisms for reconciling sight and sound
76 Protease-activated receptors differentially regulate endothelial nitric oxide synthase
77 TGen and Mayo Clinic scientists issue report in Cell on advances in basal cell carcinoma
78 Cardioprotective effects of lysyl oxidase inhibition
79 Agriculture expansion could reduce rainfall in Brazil's Cerrado
80 Landscape evolution and hazards
81 Improved patient outcomes linked to specific health IT resources in hospitals
82 Proteins associated with schizophrenia hang around longer than previously thought
83 Infections of the heart with common viruses
84 RolyPOLY-- a unique flexible shelter produced by robotic winding of carbon fibers
85 Prostate-specific antigen screening publications influence biopsy rates and associated
86 Argonne continues to pave way for improved battery performance testing
87 Proving the genetic code's flexibility
88 Heat and light get larger at the nanoscale
89 New tumbleweed species rapidly expanding range
90 Born to run? Study suggests love of exercise starts in the womb
91 Less than 1 percent of millions of Google e-cigarette searches focused on quitting smoking
92 MSU tackles mystery of protein folding
93 Key regulatory role for mysterious olfaction molecule OMP
94 New study implicates unusual class of circular RNAs in cancer
95 Brain cancer: Two essential amino acids might hold key to better outcomes
96 Journal issue charts global course for healthy aging
97 Black, Latino families urged to emphasize college graduation rates in enrollment decisions
98 Better cancer care for Indigenous Canadians with arts and dialogue in a new proposal
99 The right stuff? Hospital readmission penalties approaching for nursing home patients
100 Kansas State University engineer builds paperlike battery electrode with glass-ceramic
101 New recommendations link better sleep to improved concussion outcomes
102 Study finds addiction associated with poor awareness of others
103 Flat boron is a superconductor
104 Study shows best way to reduce energy consumption
105 ALMA's most detailed image of a protoplanetary disc
106 Journey to the center of our galaxy
107 Lead in soil another known factor in Flint
108 Brain study reveals how long-term memories are erased
109 For young adults, sleep problems predict later pain problems
110 Illuminating the inner 'machines' that give bacteria an energy boost