File Title
1 Ancient dolphin-like ichthyosaurs may have been wiped out by climate change
2 Australasian swallowtail butterfly holds record number of vision cells in its eyes
3 Skulls indicate dingoes 'probably aren't going to disappear' through cross-breeding
4 Fat under the collarbone may help protect against type 2 diabetes
5 Newly discovered plastic-eating bacterium can break down PET
6 What happens in our brains when we hallucinate?
7 Rare 'fairy circles' discovered near Newman in Western Australia
8 T-rex's tiny ancestor could hold clue to predator's dominance, scientists say
9 Southern right whale study quantifies impact of whaling in New Zealand's waters
10 Pregnant T rex discovery sheds light on evolution of egg-laying
11 Fishy origin of bizarre fossil 'monster'
12 Green groups condemn Budget's oil tax breaks
13 Islamic art inspires stretchy, switchable materials
14 Dog owners warned about new tick disease
15 Ancient DNA identifies 'early Neanderthals'
16 Physics of ribbon curling unravelled
17 Google's AI wins final Go challenge
18 Climate change deal: 'Zero carbon' laws promised by government
19 Dinosaur find resolves T. rex mystery
20 Mars TGO probe despatched on methane investigation
21 New forensic science service planned
22 Europe's rarest seabird 'faces extinction'
23 Wellcome Book Prize 2016 shortlist revealed
24 In search of Syria's pigeon smugglers
25 Who was Caroline Herschel?
26 Snake walk: The physics of slithering
27 When your veins fill with ice
28 Is Fukushima's exclusion zone doing more harm than radiation?
29 Budget 2016: Driverless lorries get UK trials
30 PlayStation VR is cheaper than Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
31 Small drone risks to aircraft 'minimal'
32 BBC, MSN hit by malicious ad attack
33 Apple: 'US Founders would be appalled'
34 Celebgate hack: Man to plead guilty to nude photos theft
35 Could hackers turn the lights out?
36 Google calls on US to shake-up self-driving car laws
37 Xbox announces cross-platform play
38 Chinese hackers turn to ransomware
39 The gifs that keep on giving
40 The fitness apps giving gyms a class in flexibility
41 No Man's Sky creator: Blockbuster games 'predictable'
42 Show, don't tell: How video is swamping the internet
43 How Minecraft undermined my digital defences
44 Energy report: A spammers' charter?
45 Navigating the Internet of Things--by tractor
46 Google car crash 'not a surprise'--US transport secretary
47 Budget sets out academies plan and longer school day
48 Historian Lord Asa Briggs dies, aged 94
49 Sixth-form college teachers walk out
50 Every school to become an academy, ministers to announce
51 Primary teachers headbutted as rise in pupil attacks
52 Nigeria's 'eight-year-old teachers' draw salaries
53 Childcare fees for under-threes 'may rise'
54 Mental health badge launched for Girl Guides
55 Post-16 education 'must improve' says charity
56 Sixth-form college teachers' strike can go ahead, says High Court
57 Palestinian refugee camp teacher wins $1 million global prize
58 Education system 'toughest to reform'--Tony Blair
59 Why our school bans energy drinks
60 Liam Neeson makes surprise school visit to Slemish College in Ballymena
61 China opens a new university every week
62 Tuition fees: Is England more expensive than US?
63 Can mindfulness improve pupils' concentration?
64 Academies--accelerating ahead?
65 43% 'resume smoking after giving birth'
66 E-cigarette law fails after 'cheap date' jibe at Plaid Cymru
67 Parents say meningitis B vaccine 'is cost-effective'
68 Not enough doctors for 7-day NHS, says Royal College head
69 'Cold turkey' best way to quit smoking, study shows
70 Smoking in cars with children: Police 'cannot' enforce ban
71 Man's surgery wait death 'avoidable,' says ombudsman
72 Ambulance chairman in NHS 111 calls row resigns
73 Junk food ads face online ban in UK
74 Doctors urge chancellor to increase social care funding
75 Post-traumatic stress detector dog Boo wins Crufts prize
76 The girl with bleeding eyes and ears--and no diagnosis
77 Sugar tax: How it will work?
78 Eye risk from 'overstretched NHS'
79 Using drones to save lives in Malawi
80 Is fermented food a recipe for good gut health?
81 The 20 best science images of the year?
82 How ripple effect of doctor row could be toxic
83 Mind the NHS financial 'black hole'
84 Fossilised leaves are forced to tell their story
85 Work in a big team? You're doing less than you think
86 ExoMars set to sniff out life on the Red Planet
87 What shipwrecks tell us about 500-year-old hurricanes
88 Mercury's dark secret: an ancient carbon-rich crust
89 On-chip laser that could have your computer working at the speed of light
90 Bionic fingertip lets amputee feel texture
91 What killed off the vicious ichthyosaur?
92 To change a violin's tone, fiddle with its varnish
93 Always getting sick? Blame your big brain
94 Turtles born out of mass croc extinction
95 Particles bouncing off Solar System edge give clues of magnetic fields beyond
96 How tools overcame the chore of chewing
97 Phantom life in space--how to figure out if we're being tricked
98 World Go champ beaten twice by AI--can he redeem himself?
99 Could aging stars spawn a new generation of planets?
100 Rare gene variant found turns 'good' cholesterol bad
101 Nature fights back with plastic-eating bacteria
102 Bonobos focus on images of grooming, sex
103 Global warming levels masked by aerosols: study
104 Can you inherit a weight problem?
105 One small step for bio-bots
106 Missing link that led T-rex to the top of the food chain
107 ExoMars blasts off to seek life on the Red Planet
108 First liquid fuel rocket launched 90 years ago
109 Red flashing black hole bit off more than it could chew
110 Warning system for rogue waves
111 Snapping shrimps silenced as seas acidify: study