File Title
1 Territorial Woodpeckers Interpret Enemy's Drumming to Coordinate Defense Strategy, Study Says
2 Global Warming Hiatus Isn't Real, New Data Suggests
3 Ice Age Siberian Cave Lion Cubs Could Be Cloned by South Korean Scientists [PHOTO]
4 New Species? NOAA Discovers White Octupus Candidate for New Species
5 Star Trek Technology Is Closer than We Think: German Scientists Teleport Classical Information for First Time Ever
6 Ocean Currents Might Be the Clean Energy Source We Need to Sustain the Future: Study
7 Gregor Mendel Had No Idea How Complex Genetics Really Are
8 China's Carbon Emissions May Have Peaked Already, Study Finds
9 New LOFAR Technique Tracks Alien Cosmic Particles and Discovers Their Origins
10 Termite Swarms May Soon Dramatically Increase Damage to South Florida Structures
11 SpaceX Launches Satellite into Orbit but Fails to Land on Drone Ship
12 Meteorite Reveals Evidence of Unstable Heavy Element During Formation of Our Solar System
13 New 'Invisibility Cloak' Created with Flexible Skin that Traps Radar Waves
14 Marine Corps Plan to Relocate 1,185 Tortoises from Mojave Desert
15 Why Mercury Is So Dark: New Study Reveals Planet's Long-Standing Mystery
16 Scientists Prepare ExoMars for Red Planet, Hope to Find Signs of Life
17 Stranded Sea Turtle Makes Dramatic Comeback Thanks to Seattle Aquarium
18 Wild Sea Otter Gives Birth at Monterey Bay Aquarium [VIDEO]
19 Climate Change May Impact Agriculture Far More than Previous Studies Suggested
20 Ultrasound Imaging Reveals Bahama Sanctuary for Pregnant Tiger Sharks
21 How an AI Twitterbot's Tweets Compare to the Real Trump's: They're Not Spot On
22 Team Simulates Universe's Expansion in Order to Shed Light on Its Evolution
23 Chimp at Oregon Zoo Masters GoPro Camera and Records Day [VIDEO]
24 Australian River Crayfish Plummet Due to Habitat Loss
25 Twitter Hashtags Can Contribute to Real World Change, Study Finds
26 Archaeological Dig in Israel Finds 2,600-Year-Old Seal that Belonged to a Woman
27 How Fast Is a Supervolcano's Rivers of Hot Ash and Gas? New Study Finds Out
28 Silicon Photonics 'Holy Grail' Within Reach, Study Says
29 Ancient Shipwrecks and Tree Rings Key to Understanding Hurricanes
30 Plasma Turbulence Mystery Solved by Multi-Scale Simulations: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
31 Africa's Food Supply Needs Immediate Protection from Climate Change: Study
32 NASA Probe Reveals Mysterious Mountain on Dwarf Planet Ceres
33 US Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Delisting Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
34 Pluto: NASA's New Horizons Images Show Possible Clouds in Dwarf Planet's Atmosphere
35 Climate Change Increases Extreme Rainfall in Even the Driest Areas of the World
36 Origami Inspires Smaller Surgical Tools, Making Surgery Less Invasive [VIDEO]
37 Global Warming Is Affecting Even Soil Fungi that Support Plant Growth
38 Growing 3-D Heart, Liver Organ Tissues Outside Human Body
39 Stunning Auroras May Be Tracked by New Citizen Science-Inspired 'Aurorasaurus' [VIDEO]
40 Solar Eclipses and Superstition: When Demons Eat the Sun
41 Wild Warthogs Seek Grooming Services of Banded Mongooses
42 Climate Change Caused Extinction of Dolphin-Like Reptiles that Roamed Oceans for 150 Million Years
43 Solar Eclipse 2016: Where You Can See Tonight's Eclipse
44 From Fins to Legs: A Simple Evolutionary Leap
45 Mowing Less Could Help Protect Pollinator Species
46 The History of Ancient Viruses that Existed 30 Million Years Ago Is Uncovered
47 Bluefin Tuna May Have Secret Spawning Ground--Does It Increase Survival?
48 Shark Babies Tough It Out in Future Acidic Waters
49 New Bionic Finger May Allow Amputees to Feel Smoothness and Roughness
50 Sea Level Rise May Threaten a Much Larger Number of People than Originally Estimated
51 Confidence Stunts Intelligence, Study Reveals
52 Japanese Songbirds Use Syntax to Communicate like Humans
53 Scientists Reveal How Boneless Hydra Tears Skin Apart to Open Mouth
54 Scientists Take Mask Off of Zorro: New Latin American Fish Species Reveals True Identity
55 Dust Grains from Ancient Stellar Explosions Could Reveal Mysteries of Our Galaxy
56 Vantablack: Darkest Material on Earth Just Got Even Darker [VIDEOS]
57 Gray Seal Pups in U.K. Are 'World's First' Twins Born in the Wild
58 Dead Whale Washes Ashore at California's Silver Strand State Beach; NOAA Scientists Investigating Death
59 Dingoes Maintain Distinct Skull Shape Despite Cross Breeding with Dogs, Study Finds
60 Total Solar Eclipse Sweeps Across Indonesia, Observed by Millions of Skywatchers
61 Outer Space Is 'Next Resource Frontier,' CEO of Asteroid Mining Company Says
62 Division of Labor: Specialization More Dangerous than Efficient for Ants
63 Social Insects, like Bees and Ants, May Have Weaker Immune Systems
64 SpaceX Rocket Engines Might Push Russia Out of the Game
65 Swallowtail Butterfly Has Record Number of Vision Cells
66 Extinction of Ancient Crocodile Ancestors May Have Been Good for Marine Turtles, Study Says
67 NASA Testing Novel Heat Shield Technology for Mars Mission
68 White-Nose Syndrome Mystery: Bats in Asia Resistant to Disease-Causing Fungus
69 What Drove Early Primates to Extinction: Food Competition Theory Bites the Dust
70 Satellites Offer Missing Information About Manmade Climate Change
71 SeaWorld's Killer Whale Tilikum Suffers from Incurable Lung Infection
72 MOF 'Mix and Match' Leads to Novel Method of Oxygen Purification
73 Theranos Continues to Run Blood Tests Despite Quality Discrepancy, Says No Patients Were Harmed
74 Jeff Bezos' Company Blue Origins Aims for Human Test Space Flights by 2017
75 First Ever Microwhip Scorpion from Mesozoic Period Discovered Frozen in Amber
76 El Nino: Colorado River Flows Reduced by Warmer Temperatures
77 Radical Forest Changes Projected for Next 50 Years
78 Nitrogen Pollution Linked to Endangered Species Decline
79 NASA's Fireball Program Determined to Predict Where Asteroids Will Hit Earth
80 InSight Mars Lander Not Cancelled: When Will It Set Off?
81 ESA's Rosetta Spacecraft Discovers that Type of Ice Can Reveal Age of Comets
82 How Your Body Predicts Your Salary: Tall Men, Thin Women Make More Money
83 Five New 'Drowned Apostles' Found Off Australian Coast
84 Sliced Meat Paved Way for Human Evolution, Study Finds
85 Dusty Disc Around Dying, Aging Star Captured in Sharpest View Yet
86 Genetically Modified Limes Have Surprising, Purple Interior
87 'Artificial Trees' May Draw Renewable Energy from Earth Movement: New Finding
88 Alaska Airlines Reroutes Flight So Passengers Can See Total Solar Eclipse
89 NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Celebrates 10 Years of Discovery [VIDEO]
90 Mysterious Dark Matter Satellites Trigger Starbursts in Dwarf Galaxies, Study Finds
91 Eating Meat and Processing Food Led to Radical Human Evolution: Harvard Study
92 Climate Change: Global Food Production a Key Factor in Greenhouse Emissions, New Study Says
93 Arctic Nesting Songbirds May Face New Challenges in Climate Change
94 Army Ants Can Evolve to Regain Their Sight After Loosing It to Evolution
95 Early Human Ancestors' Habitat Made It a Struggle to Survive Admidst Competition
96 Algae Could Be New Green Source of Biofuel, Study Says
97 Stephen Hawking: Brexit a 'Disaster' for Science in UK
98 Mars' Magnetic Field Was Thrown into Chaos by Close Comet Flyby
99 Massive Ice Shelf in Danger of Breaking Away from Antarctica
100 NASA Is Setting Space Modules on Fire: Why? [VIDEO]
101 New, Tiny Frog Species Found Among India Wastelands
102 Agricultural Mite's Sequenced Genome Reveals Amazing Complexity
103 Earth Experienced Record Annual Carbon Dioxide Growth in 2015
104 Wealthy African Americans Aren't Protected from Increased Likelihood of Incarceration in United States
105 Louisiana Black Bears Removed from U.S. Endangered Species List
106 Colonists Ate New York City's Coastal Hurricane Buffer
107 ALMA Discovers Mysterious Origins of Infrared Light from Space
108 Supermassive Black Hole's Rotation Rate Clocked for First Time
109 Fish with Smaller Brains Have Stronger Immune Systems, Study Finds
110 New Plastic-Eating Bacteria Could One Day Solve Pollution Problems