File Title
1 Study seeks to reduce pediatric HIV infection rates in Africa
2 Small peptides attack ovarian cancer on 2 fronts, research shows
3 Vanderbilt researchers identify potential antibody treatment for H7 avian flu
4 Nations ranked on their vulnerability to cyberattacks
5 Kansas State University researcher finds integrated approach critical to teen health
6 'Big data' drills down into metabolic details
7 New staffing model reveals unintended consequences in public mental health clinics
8 Scientist at MDI Biological Laboratory identifies mechanism to regenerate heart tissue
9 Changes in heart activity may signal epilepsy
10 Self-harming youngsters put at risk by 'cycle of shame'
11 Early childhood offers opportunity to head off metabolic syndrome, obesity
12 Cheap, simple tests could improve Alzheimer's disease management at the bedside
13 Modern corn hybrids more resilient to nitrogen stress, crowded planting conditions
14 Imaging advance may bring earlier disease detection
15 Widespread use of meldonium among elite athletes, research shows
16 Is educational neuroscience a waste of money?
17 Study finds more social insects have weaker immune response, highlights role of hygiene
18 The turbot: The first vertebrate to be sequenced in Spain
19 Research identifies first step in design of new anti-cancer drugs
20 Eyeing climate change, satellites provide missing information
21 Real-life aliens extremely efficient at turning their hosts into new parasites
22 Smart clothing of the future will automatically adjust itself
23 The gut: Performing into old age
24 VTT: Bilberries to increase our dietary fiber intake
25 Victims of violence stop breastfeeding sooner
26 Researchers at the University of Bonn boost fat-burning
27 Vision restored in rabbits following stem cell transplantation
28 The updated crystalline sponge method
29 Spotted Gar genome links humans to vertebrate ancestry
30 Ferrite boosting photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
31 New insights into the evaporation patterns of coffee stains
32 How to make porous materials dry faster
33 Gene protects against toxic byproducts of photosynthesis, helping plants to 'breathe'
34 Introducing the five new 'Drowned Apostles'
35 The tortoise and the hare of spinal neural circuits
36 We've got your number: Tracing the source of invasive Japanese beetles
37 Colorado River flows reduced by warmer spring temperatures
38 Gamers don't notice the ads when they're busy killing
39 Study: Meditation and ballet associated with wisdom
40 Quebeckers' sexual tastes and interests: A new study debunks preconceived notions
41 Greenhouse gas 'bookkeeping' turned on its head
42 The Lancet: Low cost, 25 min TB-test could help reduce tuberculosis death rate among patients with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa
43 Maternal bacterial infections trigger abnormal proliferation of neurons in fetal brain
44 Protected Majorana states for quantum information
45 Virtual time machine of Earth's geology now in the cloud
46 Can mindful eating help lower risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease?
47 Stress pushes cells to die when gatekeeper of calcium use in mitochondria is dysfunctional
48 Incidence, risk factors for intracranial bleeding in older adults newly prescribed warfarin
49 Model developed to help predict risk of in-hospital death after TAVR
50 The benefits of food processing
51 How have gender stereotypes changed in the last 30 years?
52 Suffering warthogs seek out nit-picking mongooses for relief
53 Compounds restore antibiotics' efficacy against MRSA
54 'Dose-dense' chemo for premenopausal breast cancer patients improves survival
55 Screening with tomosynthesis or ultrasound detects more cancers in dense breasts
56 Overfishing devastates spawning aggregations
57 New treatment regimen cuts severity of drug-resistant malaria in pregnancy
58 'Ultra-processed' foods make up more than half of all calories in US diet
59 Full dose radiotherapy to whole breast may not be needed in early breast cancer
60 Sharpest view ever of dusty disc around aging star
61 Sea-level rise too big to be pumped away
62 Decline of crocodile ancestors was good news for early marine turtles
63 Dingo skull resistant to change from cross breeding with dogs, research shows
64 Artemisinin combination therapy prevents malaria in pregnancy
65 Stem cells regenerate human lens after cataract surgery, restoring vision
66 Combining two imaging technologies may better identify dangerous coronary plaques
67 Chinese exercises may improve cardiovascular health
68 Depression, high blood pressure, other chronic conditions may be common at MS diagnosis
69 A step toward reducing brain damage after stroke
70 Understanding the dynamics of crowd behavior
71 Physical activity encouraged more in boys than in girls
72 Bats in Asia found to have resistance to white-nose syndrome fungus
73 Arctic-nesting birds may struggle with climate change
74 Tiny hummingbirds' incredible migration
75 Get sleep sorted by age 5 to help children settle at school
76 Nothing to sneeze at--battling mucus to beat cancer
77 Gut microbes linked to deadly intestinal disease in preemies
78 New insights into the functional organization of the somatosensory cortex
79 25 percent of Texans say they don't understand basic health insurance terms
80 Mix and match MOF
81 Tiny fossils tell a long(ish) story
82 Scientists discover a natural adhesive with biomedical applications
83 NASA's first wide-field soft X-ray camera is a gift that keeps giving
84 New study: Disparity in student loan debt between blacks and whites
85 NIST's Internet Time Service serves the world
86 NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft in thermal vacuum testing
87 Voters prefer to be represented by extortioners
88 Some assembly required to boost robot ratings
89 APLU task force supports tech transfer for tenure & promotion in academia
90 Chew on this: Study of ancient teeth bites theory of early primate disappearance
91 How an artificial protein rescues dying cells
92 NAI conference spotlights the innovation process
93 New therapy could treat poor blood circulation caused by peripheral artery disease
94 Antidepressants linked to tooth implant failure, new study finds
95 Dust grains could be remnants of stellar explosions billions of years ago
96 UBC study: Welfare recipients seen as immoral for buying ethical products
97 Mount Sinai researchers report insights into blood stem cells from engineered stem cells
98 Chapman University researcher examines body satisfaction in national study of men
99 A gut check for PCOS-related obesity
100 Trouble sleeping? The size of your tongue and tonsils could be why
101 Risk of being involved in an avalanche less for smaller groups of recreationists
102 Brain activity of nematodes seeking food offers new view on sleep
103 Loyola study finds women suffer more neck pain than men
104 Skin cancer teams up with Sonic the Hedgehog
105 Electricity, heating most climate-friendly uses for natural gas
106 Eastern US forests more vulnerable to drought than before 1800s
107 Domestic violence during pregnancy doubles risk of preterm birth and low birth weight
108 Green tea and iron, bad combination
109 First case of acute myelitis in a patient infected with Zika virus
110 Do gun restrictions help reduce gun deaths?