File Title
1 Cancer-causing gene triggered by alcohol may increase breast cancer risk
2 New SARS-like virus is poised to infect humans
3 Drexel research helps bacteria-powered microrobots plot a course
4 Drug combination shuts down cancer stem cells and tumor growth in aggressive lung cancer
5 Marshall School of Pharmacy publishes in national journal on veterinary pharmacy course
6 Excessive fat in legs of children with spina bifida suggests risk for metabolic disorders
7 Need your thyroid removed? Seek a surgeon with 25+ cases a year
8 UC team's small discovery holds big promise for cancer nanotechnology
9 Anticancer drug restores hearing in some patients with neurofibromatosis
10 Climate change redistributes global water resources
11 Learning to program cellular memory
12 Love trumps budget in sentimental buys
13 A new view of age-related macular degeneration: Fuel-starved light receptors
14 NASA measures US south heavy rainfall from space
15 Pigeon foot feather genes identified
16 UT Southwestern researchers' work shines light on how to improve cancer immunotherapy
17 Starving eye cells contribute to blindness in elders
18 Death-related thoughts discourage consumers from purchasing annuities
19 Nature versus nurture
20 Parent-infant learning programs need to be tailored for at-risk families
21 Aviation and volcanic ash: Don't build your model on sand!
22 Freedom of religion, civic rights were important components of a 'Muslim nation'
23 Experimentation and largest-ever quantum simulation of a disordered system explain quantum many-particle problem
24 CCNY research team in molecular breakthrough
25 Largest genomic study on kidney cancer brings hope for more effective treatments
26 1 in 4 seniors have superbugs on their hands after a hospital stay, new research finds
27 Cyborg cardiac patch may treat the diseased heart
28 Scientists create painless patch of insulin-producing beta cells to control diabetes
29 You are what your parents ate!
30 Warming ocean water undercuts Antarctic ice shelves
31 Researchers develop new lens for terahertz radiation
32 Inbreeding impacts on mothering ability, red deer study shows
33 The role of organic transporters in pharmacokinetics and nephrotoxicity of newer antiviral therapies
34 Global shift in farmed fish feed may impact nutritional benefits ascribed to seafood
35 Hydrocarbon storage, fracking and lightning risk
36 UT Austin engineers design next-generation non-reciprocal antenna
37 Shock compression research shows hexagonal diamond could serve as meteor impact marker
38 Which neuron is more mature? Single cell transcriptome knows!
39 Degrading underground ice could reshape Arctic landscape
40 Which neuron is more mature? Single cell transcriptome knows!
41 MIT develops nontoxic way of generating portable power
42 Medical students, burnout and alcohol
43 New imaging technique may give physicians clearer picture of stroke damage
44 Bacterial biofilms in hospital water pipes may show pathogenic properties
45 Now researchers can follow the hectic life inside a cell
46 Theoretical physics discovery to set the research field buzzing
47 Researchers refute traditional measures of inducing pain in exercise experiments
48 SDU researchers present a new model for what dark matter might be
49 Gravity glasses offer a view of the Earth's interior
50 Sylentis reports positive Phase II results with SYL1001 in treating ocular pain
51 New drug hope for mesothelioma
52 Inventory of moths
53 Report highlights huge problems faced by parents of children with autism
54 More than bugs: Spiders also like to eat vegetarian
55 Researchers identify when Parkinson's proteins become toxic to brain cells
56 Settlement history determines regional development
57 Broccoli ingredient has positive influence on drug efficacy
58 Bee flower choices altered by exposure to pesticides
59 PolyU develops novel nano biosensor for rapid detection of flu virus
60 Genetic cause of neurological disease identified
61 Cellular protein plays important role in aggressive childhood cancer
62 Report: Despite economic gains, rural Chinese children continue to lag urban counterparts
63 Degrading ice wedges reshape Arctic landscape
64 Could a pure maple syrup extract be tapped for better brain health?
65 Chemical may be new tool for depression therapy
66 ASU researcher says now is the time to prioritize endangered species
67 In today's advertising environment, cleverness can backfire
68 Bee flower choices altered by exposure to pesticides
69 Tunable windows for privacy, camouflage
70 Fish and insects guide design for future contact lenses
71 New drug combination shows promise against childhood brain cancer
72 Simple mechanism may have allowed primitive cells to maintain internal conditions
73 Leukemia study reveals role of RNA binding protein in driving cancer
74 St. Jude research will guide development of new anti-influenza drugs
75 Population health program decreases heart disease risk factors across an entire community
76 Literature review finds Canadians in jails and prisons have poor health
77 HIV drug could stop skin cancer becoming drug-resistant
78 Robot learning companion offers custom-tailored tutoring
79 Top researchers advocate united actions to fight Alzheimer's disease
80 Research will help policymakers plan for sea level rise
81 New research suggests first-line anti-staph drug oxacillin safer than nafcillin
82 Light illuminates the way for bio-bots
83 New study finds no increased risk in providing flu vaccine to surgical patients
84 Fertilizer applied to fields today will pollute water for decades
85 New method detects multiple diseases via DNA released from dying cells into blood
86 Obesity is risk factor for rare type of stroke in women using oral contraceptives
87 Multidrug-resistant organisms on patients' hands in post-acute care facilities
88 Condom use among high school girls using long-acting contraception
89 What does your smartphone say when you tell it you were raped?
90 'Difficult' patients increase doctors' misdiagnosis risk regardless of case complexity
91 Sweet 'quantum dots' light the way for new HIV and Ebola treatment
92 If you want to quit smoking, do it now
93 Injectable nanoparticle generator could radically transform metastatic cancer treatment
94 Stenting of narrow pulmonary artery benefits patients with congenital heart disease
95 No dramatic shifts in BMI for overweight girls a year after receiving fitness assessment
96 Newly found species reveals how T. rex became king of dinosaurs
97 Carbon from land played a role during last deglaciation
98 Advanced magnetic resonance imaging technology to track cells in the body
99 New agent overcomes drug resistance in HER2-positive breast cancer preclinical study shows
100 How the brain detects short sounds
101 New research suggests first-line anti-staph drug oxacillin safer than nafcillin
102 Include 'added sugars' in overhaul of Canada's food labels
103 Many cancer survivors experience financial burdens
104 A how-to guide to prescribing exercise for chronic health conditions
105 Genetically inherited high cholesterol twice as common as believed
106 Hidden in plain sight: Well-known drug could yield new treatment for herpes viruses
107 Decrypting a collagen's role in schizophrenia
108 'Cold turkey' wins for successful smoking cessation
109 ROBO1 helps cells put up stiff resistance
110 Where we live affects our bias against mixed-race individuals, psychology study finds