File Title
1 Carnegie Mellon, Stanford researchers devise method to safely share password data
2 What do Canadians in every riding believe about climate change?
3 Prediction: High death rates from unnatural causes for male lions in Cecil the Lion's park
4 Worm study may resolve discrepancies in research on aging
5 Squirm with purpose: FSU research shows fidgeting is helpful for ADHD patients
6 New research reveals surprising social networks of sharks
7 Consuming omega-3 during pregnancy enhances fetal iron metabolism
8 Researchers pinpoint potential enzyme for T-cell leukemia treatment
9 New evidence confirms human activities drive global warming
10 Significant new study shows importance of help for childhood sexual abuse victims
11 Couples' lifestyle choices impact on obesity risk, study finds
12 Quantum experiments designed by machines
13 Research warns about the sleep disturbances in patients with cancer
14 Breakthrough improves method for synthesizing cyanohydrins as pharmaceutical precursors
15 Quantum processes control accurately to several attoseconds
16 Perception: Brain integrates features directly to patterns
17 Chemically storing solar power
18 Using sugar to detect malignant tumors
19 Supply of GPs and detection of hypertension in England associated with premature mortality rates
20 Tough social issues provide a challenge for companies and researchers
21 Individual macromolecule motion in a crowded living cell
22 How do children feel about their lives?
23 Successful real-time observation of atomic motion with sub-nanometer resolution
24 Benefits of taking the natural pigment astaxanthin
25 Accelerating genome analysis
26 Reef sharks prefer bite-size meals
27 TSRI researchers uncover potential target for treating autoimmune disease
28 Modified laser cutter prints 3-D objects from powder
29 Crafting a better T cell for immunotherapy
30 UA College of Pharmacy faculty member develops inhalers to treat lung diseases
31 Reef sharks prefer bite-size meals
32 TSRI researchers uncover potential target for treating autoimmune disease
33 UA College of Pharmacy faculty member develops inhalers to treat lung diseases
34 Experiencing financial stress may lead to physical pain
35 Quantum phase transition underpins superconductivity in copper oxides
36 Researchers trace peanut crop back to its Bolivian roots
37 A portable device for rapid and highly sensitive diagnostics
38 UEA scientists pave way for new generation of superbug drugs
39 Newly discovered HIV genome modification may put a twist on vaccine and drug design
40 Home health care, post-acute care in a facility infrequent for hospitalized kids
41 Charlie Sheen's HIV disclosure may reinvigorate awareness, prevention of HIV
42 The Charlie Sheen effect on HIV prevention
43 MGHfC review articles examine early-life risk factors, interventions for childhood obesity
44 Fewer heart problems in people who drink moderately and often
45 Weight and height during adolescence may impact future risk of developing Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
46 Atmospheric sulfate particles reduced, but as acidic as ever
47 A new way of fighting bacteria?
48 New tool helps model forest traits and evolution
49 New model may improve population management of species facing local extinction
50 How climate change may be impacting the world's tropical forests
51 New bacterial pump could be used to remove cesium from the environment by light
52 New genetic cause of gastric and prostate cancer identified
53 Taste sensors in fly legs control feeding
54 Altai Neanderthal shows gene flow from early modern humans
55 Most precise measurement of reactor antineutrino spectrum reveals intriguing surprise
56 Galaxy trailed by stunning plume of gas
57 Japanese earthenware time capsules contain 4,300-year-old cockroach egg case impressions
58 New species couldn't hop, but outlived its fanged kangaroo contemporaries
59 Gaps in reporting leave turtles vulnerable
60 E. coli survives predatory bacteria by playing hide and seek
61 Paper skin sensors for environmental monitoring
62 Patients with no schooling benefit least from blood thinning medications
63 First European advice launched for deadly acute heart failure
64 New material to enhance battery life
65 Scientists have found a way to cheapen a search for effective pesticides
66 Study: Patients benefit from one-on-one education prior to joint replacement surgery
67 Uninsured children most at risk for insufficient health care experiences
68 Montana State University microbiologists advance CRISPR research
69 Breakthrough in dynamically variable negative stiffness structures
70 Moving electrons around loops with light: A quantum device based on geometry
71 Ancient lone star lizard lounged in lush, tropical Texas
72 Study examines Teach for America's impact on costs, hiring at 5 school systems
73 Data overload from personal tracking devices: A waste or an opportunity?
74 Are big-city transportation systems too complex for human minds?
75 Researchers discover new Ebola-fighting antibodies in blood of outbreak survivor
76 New research reveals sound of deep-water animal migration
77 New mathematical model explains variability in mutation rates across the human genome
78 Does sexual aggression alter the female brain?
79 Dartmouth researchers invent 'magic wand' to improve healthcare, cybersecurity
80 UGA researchers make link between genetics, aging
81 'Ice age blob' of warm ocean water discovered south of Greenland
82 Common problem for older adults: Losing the 5 key senses
83 Best to sleep on it: Brain activity patterns during sleep consolidate memory
84 Researchers work to decipher genetic data in hunt for new prostate cancer treatments
85 Some hospice patients experience care transitions near life's end
86 Gene therapy: T cells target mutations to fight solid tumors
87 Exposure to air pollution increases the risk of obesity
88 TSRI and JCVI scientists find popular stem cell techniques safe
89 Eye movement affected in former childhood cancer patients
90 Bernini's 'Animas' were originally meant to be mythological sculptures
91 Topological insulators: Magnetism is not causing loss of conductivity
92 Researchers make progress in genomic classification of bladder cancers
93 Biochemical alteration responsible for brain tumor resistance identified
94 Tumor heterogeneity resolved: A new technology isolates pure tumor cells from FFPE samples
95 Scientists discover secret to promising new cancer drug
96 3-D protein map offers new malaria vaccine hope
97 Antibody provide a more exact Alzheimer's diagnosis radioactive tracers
98 Better survival of implanted cells improves healing of bone fractures
99 Shape-shifting engineered nanoparticles for delivering cancer drugs to tumors
100 Bath salts difficult to detect in biological samples, SHSU study finds
101 New device may speed up DNA insertion into bacteria
102 The 'ugliest fossil reptiles' who roamed China
103 How a waste product of exercise protects neurons from trauma damage
104 Doctor calls on Australian government to lift threat of imprisonment from doctors
105 Stretchable nano-devices towards smart contact lenses
106 Smart skin made of recyclable materials may transform medicine and robotics
107 Researchers find link between death of tumor-support cells and cancer metastasis
108 60 years after pioneering survey, Wisconsin prairies are changing rapidly
109 Blood test could transform tuberculosis diagnosis, treatment in developing countries
110 Researchers demonstrate 'quantum surrealism'